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Take time to praise Him. If we do not take up His praise, God will raise up someone else.


To describe the Psalms we could say some are ... (1) the voice of the Lord Jesus, written l,000 years before the events took place! (2) Or like the voice of the little group of believing Jews, (the remnant) during the tribulation, or (3) mostly the words of King David. Each word is inspired by God Himself. Also this Book of Psalms could be like a hymn book for the believing Remnant, during the tribulation. It is so much about their trials, joys, sorrows and coming glory.

Psalm 1

The book opens with "blessed" or "happy". God wants us to be happy. He has made every provision for our happiness. Notice three words, "walketh", "standeth" and "sitteth"... If we walk with someone, it might seem to us to be of very little importance... a passing friendship, so we might think it does not matter if they are "ungodly". But the next step is "standeth" - that is, we are still more in their company and are beginning to feel at home with them - though they are "sinners". And last comes, "sitting" - now we might feel right at home, for we sit down with them, even though they are "scornful". If we love the Lord Jesus, and His Word, we shall not want to walk or stand or sit in the company of those who do not love Him. We separate from them but we do not isolate ourselves, for we must witness to them.

Ps 1:2 Are we reading our chapter each day and thinking about it daily and at night too? Read your chapter with God.

Ps 1:3 A tree planted here is getting its moisture from the river. If we keep close to the Lord, and read His Word, we shall grow, even though we may find very few Christian friends to help and encourage us.

Ps 1:4 "The ungodly" may seem to prosper, but they will have to meet God some day. The Lord Jesus walked totally in the truth of this wonderful Psalm. But keep reminding yourself...the Lord Jesus lived on earth 1,000 years after these words were written! He perfectly fulfilled them.


True energy always shows itself in cheerful abounding obedience.

Psalm 2

In this Psalm, we see terrible hatred and opposition foretold for the Lord Jesus. The world does not want anyone who lives for the glory of God. They hate the light, for they want to live in their sins.

Ps 2:2 Many unite to show their hatred, exactly like today.

Ps 2:7-9 Though written 1,000 years before the Lord Jesus came to earth, notice how similar the words are to Matthew 3:17, Acts 13:33 and Hebrews 1:5. God sees the hatred of the heart of man, and He tells us that His Son, the Lord Jesus, in a yet future day is going to be honoured, and those who despise Him will be punished. The Lord is going to reign over this world, and His enemies are going to be "dashed in pieces". Holy and fierce judgment is going to fall on those who have rejected Christ.

Ps 2:12 If they do not repent, they will "perish". But blessed are all they that put their trust in Him.


Slanderers are the devil's bellows to blow up the fire of strife.

Psalm 3

Notice the heading of this Psalm; (these are inspired). God could just as easily have given David these words when all was quiet and happy, but He gave them to him when he was really in trouble. Take a few minutes and turn to another example of difficult days producing more praise and worship to God than days of great blessing. 2 Samuel 22:2-51 (50 verses). Praise after his troubles. Chapter 23:1-7 (7 verses) after success and blessing. Do you get the point in your life?

Ps 3:5 Although David was in real trouble, he awakens happy and fearless. The night is passing and the morning has come.


It is hard for them that trust in riches to enter into the kingdom of God. It is not the having, but the trusting.

Psalm 4

Ps 4:1 Middle part can be translated "In pressure thou hast enlarged me". Encouraging to us when the Lord puts us through trials.

Ps 4:3 Here we read about the "godly". You remember the way in which the Lord will reign after He has called us home to Himself. All those who have rejected the gospel will be punished, with no further chance for them to receive the gospel. But God will work in the hearts of some of His own people, the Jews, and will tell them that their promised King is coming out of heaven to reign. Some will believe this wonderful message, and will wait for Him in faith, and will tell others about His coming. These are often referred to in the Psalms as "the godly" or sometimes even "the poor" or the "meek". Those who reject that message are called "the wicked" or "the ungodly". This will help us to understand these Psalms more easily.

Ps 4:7-8 We might think that plenty of money would make us happy, but there is a happiness that is far more wonderful than "when their corn and their wine increased". Those who please God can lie down and sleep in peace.


A father is a looking-glass which the boy often dresses himself by. Let the glass be clear and not spotted.

Psalm 5

Ps 5:2 David called God his King, and in the time that is coming, which we mentioned in yesterday's Psalm, the godly Jews of that day will also know Him as King.

Ps 5:3 It is a good thing to begin each day by speaking to the Lord.

Ps 5:10 This may surprise us a little. But let us remember again, this is the language of David, of the Old Testament, and also looks ahead to the time when the Lord will be ready to come forth to put down His enemies and to reign over the earth.

Ps 5:11-12 Do you rejoice? Perhaps you might say "when all things go well, then I rejoice". But here we read of how every believer may rejoice each day.


Blessed is he who has nothing to say, and refrains from giving wordy evidence of the fact.

Psalm 6

Perhaps we may be rather surprised at so much trouble and weeping. David had mighty faith, it is really wonderful to hear him crying to the Lord like this in his times of trouble.

Ps 6:6 It seems to be night time. And there will be a very dark time of suffering for those "godly" ones, when the "ungodly" prosper and persecute them. In this darkness and trial they cry to the Lord.


Those who are on the road to heaven will not be content to go there alone.

Psalm 7

Ps 7:1 David, when he was in trouble, not only calls on the Lord but he trusts in the Lord. And so it will be with the "godly" in time to come, when they have no strength of their own, and their enemies are so strong.

Ps 7:6 The Lord will not openly deliver His people for quite a while during their future time of "tribulation".

Ps 7:7 What wonderful words! This is what David looked forward to.

Ps 7:17 Notice how very often the last verse of the Psalm is one of victory.


God will always have a few who are true to Himself, and He goes on with the world because He will have this witness to Himself in it.

Psalm 8

The song of praise promised at the close of Psalm 7.

Ps 8:1 What a wonderful burst of praise this is! This is really the song of the "godly ones", who have been despised and who have heard the name of their Lord despised. But now, the wicked are gone, and the Lord reigns.

Ps 8:3-4 The Lord has made all creation - yet He finds His pleasure in His people.

Ps 8:5 This tells us of the Lord Jesus, who as a babe was made lower than the angels. But now He has gone up beyond angels again and is crowned with glory and honour. A glorified Man up above the stars.


He that goes to bed angry, has the devil for his roommate. The way to "be angry and sin not" is to be angry at nothing but sin.

Psalm 10

The cry of those who trust in the Lord during the coming day of tribulation on the earth. They are suffering and persecuted. Notice the many times the words "wicked" and "poor" are used. Look back to the outline of Psalm 4. "Ungodly" and the "wicked" are the same people.

Ps 10:3-11 What the unbelievers will be saying during that same time.

Ps 10:12 This poor suffering "remnant" loves the Lord and is waiting for His return.

Ps 10:14 The ungodly have said in verse 11 "he will never see it". But here the godly ones say "thou hast seen it". Those who know the Lord are sure that He is watching and that He will deliver them.

Ps 10:17 This word "humble" speaks of a few godly ones who are true to Him in the time of the coming "tribulation". They are confident that the Lord will remember them and deliver them. (Tomorrow, move on to Psalm 16).


Opposition to the truth is inevitable in a world where men's minds are alienated from God by sin.

Psalm 16

To understand this Psalm better, remember it is like the Lord as a Man speaking to God.

Ps 16:2-3 The Lord Himself, finds His delight in those whom He calls His saints. It specially refers to those who will trust in Him and wait for Him in a future day. He loves His saints! All believers are known as saints or holy ones.

Ps 16:5-8 The perfectly dependent Lord Jesus is described in these verses. He turns to the Lord His God, and trusts Him for everything and thanks Him for His faithfulness.

Ps 16:10 This refers to the then future resurrection of the Lord Jesus from the dead.

Ps 16:11 What happy confidence! The Lord Jesus prophetically looks forward to the joy, after His death and resurrection, of being at the right hand of God in glory. That is where He is now.


The new man loves to have the truth set before his soul.

Psalm 22

We shall group Psalm 22, 23 and 24. We could call them the cross, the crook (shepherd's rod) and the crown of glory. Or another way, Psalm 22, Yesterday; 23, Today; 24, forever. Or 22, the Good Shepherd; 23, the Great Shepherd; 24, The Chief Shepherd. The very language of the Lord Jesus as He suffered on the cross one thousand years later.

Ps 22:1 When He was bearing our sins on the cross, God turned His face from Him, because He is holy and hates sin.

Ps 22:4-5 He says that when Israel cried to God, He heard them. But when He cries, God does not answer! He is forsaken of God.

Ps 22:16-18 The exact way in which the Lord Jesus was treated one thousand years before it took place. The piercing of His blessed hands and feet - the parting of His garments.

Ps 22:21 Ends the words of the Lord's sufferings on the cross.

Ps 22:22 The work of the cross is finished. The Lord has borne all the judgment and now He is happy to "declare Thy name unto My brethren". In John 20, verse 17, we hear the Lord saying "I ascend unto My Father and your Father."
He wasn't meeting Satan at the cross (as many say) but meeting God and the judgment for sin. He did this as the Son of man. In His life He glorified His Father, but on the cross He glorified God as the sin-bearer.

Ps 22:22 Is a small mention of the Christian era - see John 20:17.

Ps 22:25 The "great congregation", refers to the millennium when Jews and Gentiles will follow the Lord Jesus in praise of Jehovah.


When God would test our faith in Him by some fiery trial, Satan ever seeks to lead us to question God's goodness.

Psalm 23

The best-known and loved of all the Psalms. But before we can enjoy the Lord Jesus as our Shepherd, He had to die for us, and that is why Psalm 22 with all its sufferings must come before Psalm 23, with all its peace and rest.

Ps 23:1-3 What peace and happiness! But notice that David says "He maketh me to lie down - He leadeth - He restoreth..." When things are smooth and pleasant, David enjoys talking about that wonderful and faithful Shepherd.

Ps 23:4 But David is talking to the Shepherd.

Ps 23:5 The valley is passed and his cup runs over! And so it will be with all those who belong to the Lord.

Ps 23:6 The wonderful promises. What a wonderful future! We look back to the sufferings of Psalm 22 and thank and praise the Lord for going through all that for the glory of God, and so that we might know Him now as our Shepherd, and look forward to dwelling with Him forever.


In every trial let us keep this in mind: "He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all" is working all things together for our good, the present severe trial included.

Psalm 24

"The earth is the Lord's". We should remember this. There is so much boasting about "Man and his world", but it is really the Lord's - He made it.

Ps 24:3 This world that the Lord made, has been ruined by sin and here two questions are asked - they can mean - who is worthy to reign over this world?

Ps 24:4 The answer to the question would show us that the Lord Himself is the only One who is worthy to reign. But also all those who have accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour are clean and pure in the sight of God.

Ps 24:7-8 We can see very clearly that it is the Lord Himself who reigns, and there is rejoicing when He reigns, for He will put down all His enemies. Let us notice then, that in Psalm 22 He suffers, in Psalm 23 He cares for us as our Shepherd, and in Psalm 24 He comes out of heaven, with us, to reign.


However great the difficulties around us, God knows the way out and He will lead us if we only wait patiently for Him.

Psalm 25

Ps 25:1 When you and I are living with a good conscience toward God, we can enjoy being close to the Lord, as this verse says. It doesn't say he lifts up his eyes, but his inward feelings, his soul. The soul is our inward feelings, our affections.

Ps 25:2 I won't be sorry or ashamed if I trust the Lord.

Ps 25:3 Then he thinks of others (a good thing to do.)He hopes they too will find this out for themselves. They won't ever be sorry that they trusted the Lord.

Ps 25:4 A change here. He longs to know the Lord more and more. It's good to be teachable.

Ps 25:5 Not only to know the ways of the Lord, but to live in them! A big difference.

Ps 25:6 He would rather remember what the Lord is, than to think about himself.

Ps 25:7 We believers today, know that since then, the Lord Jesus has come to earth and died for us, and so the verse for us Heb. 8:12.

Ps 25:8-13 He goes back to remembering what the Lord is.

Ps 25:14 The Lord will whisper to you what to do when you don't know; but it's only when we fear (have reverence for) the Lord.

Ps 25:15-end Remember that the Psalms don't give us the full revelation of what God has given the believer today. The next Psalm continues on with the same thoughts as today's Psalm. Remember too that the first application of the Psalms is to Israel.


The life lived in the light of the rapture means running the race looking unto Jesus. Heb. 12:2

Psalm 27

This Psalm is like the words of the "remnant" in the tribulation. But these people are so close to the Lord that their words are like the Lord's own words.

Ps 27:1-3 He is light first - and salvation, and strength. Anything more needed?

Ps 27:4 King David loved the Lord so much he wanted to dwell, or live in the house of the Lord. And he wanted it "all the days of my life" - not just occasionally. "To behold the beauty of the Lord". Do you notice the difference between this verse, "all the days of my life", and the last words of Psalm 23?

Ps 27:5 Sometimes it takes a time of trouble to make us feel our need of the presence of the Lord.

Ps 27:8 The Lord wants us to seek His face, or to keep close to Himself.

Ps 27:11 This is a very good prayer for all of us. We so often want our own way.

Ps 27:14 Not always easy to do. But the secret of strength!


What a solemn thing to have the truth and then fall. There is a special responsibility for those who have had the privileges.

Psalm 30

A very important point for you and me to learn, is in this Psalm; that the wonderful position every believer is in, is greater than the best circumstances a person could be in on this earth. We might think that when everything is quiet... a nice job, happy marriage, good health and so on, that that is true happiness. But Scripture reminds us in 1 Peter 3:14 that there is a happiness which is ours when we're in opposite circumstances... suffering. So we realize that the Lord has left us an example in His own life of sorrow. (1 Peter 2:21)

Ps 30:1-3 A soul who has everything out before the Lord and confesses it to Him, is conscious that he (she) has been lifted up out of the pit.

Ps 30:4-end Even after we have felt we are forgiven, we might be careless again and become depressed. Verse 10 shows us the Lord still hears. This will humble us, but He still hears when we confess to Him. (Read 1 John 3:20,21).


The wilderness proves what we are.

Psalm 32

Ps 32:1-2 The thankful words of one who has been forgiven. He doesn't pretend, because he realizes the Lord knows everything.

Ps 32:3-4 He remembers how terrible it was when the Lord first began to work in him.

Ps 32:5 It was a great day when he confessed all to the Lord. (This is our way of staying in communion with the Lord).

Ps 32:8 Notice the order of the three promises. Don't forget them. The horse and mule have no understanding of the mind of their master. The Lord doesn't want us to be like them. God wants to guide us gently and with love. But sometimes He has to bring real trouble or sorrow into our life because we are trying to have our own way.

Ps 32:11 Here the forgiven sinner encourages others to join with him in praising the Lord.


The ordered prayer leads to the ordered life.

Psalm 36

Ps 36:1-4 These describe the human heart. What depravity! No hiding anything. All is exposed. How awful it is! Your and my old nature.

Ps 36:5-end But...The Lord God v.5, His lovingkindness, His faithfulness; v.6 His righteousness, His judgments; v.7 again His lovingkindness; v.8 His pleasures; v.9 with Him is the fountain of life and His light; v.10 Again His lovingkindness and His righteousness.

Ps 36:12 The opposites... pride, the hand of the wicked, workers of iniquity cast down. How thankful we should be for having such a God!


A person is wise if he learns from his own mistakes, but he is happier if he learns from the mistakes of others.

Psalm 37

Ps 37:1 "Evildoers" and "workers of iniquity" seem to get along quite well! And perhaps those who live to please the Lord don't seem to get along so well - but "fret not thyself.... be not envious". Because they shall soon be cut down.

Ps 37:3-7 We need these things every day. This is written to God's earthly people, the godly Jews, in a future day.

Ps 37:3 "The land" means the promised land.

Ps 37:11 This will only take place here in this world after the Lord returns to reign; we shall be in heaven. "The wicked" (verse 14) are those who go on in their ungodly ways during the tribulation. The "meek", "righteous", and the "godly" (the remnant) are those who love the Lord, and are waiting for Him to come out of heaven to reign at that time.


The Lord deserves the best we have. Romans 12:1

Psalm 40

Often in this book of the Psalms, some are grouped together around one theme. These three are a picture about Christ's life on earth among His own people, Israel. Not only sharing in their sorrows, but in the end, paying for their sins on the cross, so that all who looked to Him, might be blessed with Him in the end. The last verse is like a prayer of the Lord Jesus as He was on the cross. He didn't ever do anything to save Himself from that dreadful cross. Throughout this Psalm, you will see a little of what He went through, and how He felt everything that was done to Him.

Ps 40:1 He does not use the word "Father", for it is only used in the New Testament. We can see that the Lord took His place right among His own People. May we take our place with Him in this wicked world, and realize we are following a rejected Man.


Unless you own Jesus as Lord you'll never find the true place of gathering.

Psalm 41

There were times in the life of David when his own friends turned against him. One of these was Shimei, and one of them was his own son Absalom. But there were some who were true to David and suffered with him.

Ps 41:1 "The poor" really means the despised followers of the Lord in a still future day. Those who will remain faithful in waiting for the Lord are called "poor", "weak", or "godly". Although this will be fulfilled after we are gone to heaven, yet it is true even now. For those who love the Lord are despised. He is happy to see those who confess His name.

Ps 41:5 Even today, there are many who hate that precious Name, and would like to see it blotted out. But we can honour that name in our hearts, our lips and our ways. We can be with those who are gathered to His precious Name. The One whom we love is despised, and if we wish to be popular in this world, we shall be unfaithful to Him.

Ps 41:9 David wrote this when one of his special friends had turned against him, and he felt it very much. At the same time, he valued those who stayed with him and were true to him.


If we imitate the world, we will get caught up in things that can only cheapen our spiritual life.

Psalm 42.

Ps 42:1-3 This is a picture of a believer who is searching for something... and he doesn't know what it is. He had the first joy of his salvation, but now, somehow, he doesn't have the joy any more. But he finds that even the searching is beginning to bring relief. What he is really searching for is God, Himself. And he finds that the searching is bringing the joy! And don't we find the same thing? The circumstances around us may be nice, but they don't satisfy. Only the Lord satisfies. So when the Lord sends us something which our old nature doesn't like, we discover that the Lord is trying to teach us that our new life only finds total satisfaction in Christ, and Christ alone. So we are learning from this Psalm is that when we put out of our life the things we know are not pleasing to Him, then real joy is given us by God, Himself


There is an index to what is found in the heart, which betrays more than any other what is within - the tongue.

Psalm 45

Remember that although these Psalms are referring to the actual things which happened to King David and others, they are beautiful, poetic pictures of the Lord Jesus when He returns to be King over the earth. This Psalm is an answer to the troubles and the prayers for help in the last 3 Psalms.

Ps 45:1-2 A lovely description of the beauty of the Lord.

Ps 45:3-5 In a future day, the Lord Jesus shall come out of heaven to put down His enemies and to reign over His own waiting people.

Ps 45:3-8 His enemies - the ungodly - will fear Him, but His own people the godly Jews will rejoice in His beauty here described.

Ps 45:9-12 "The queen" - this is Jerusalem, looked at as a queen. The Lord Jesus will come out of heaven with us, to bring blessing to this earth.

Ps 45:13 That is so important. We look on the outside but God looks on the heart. "Her clothing is of wrought gold" - that which is outside - that which others can see, but she is "all glorious within".


The life of faith is a little more than a series of falls and restorations, errors and corrections; displaying, on the one hand, the sad weakness of man, and on the other, the grace and power of God.

Psalm 46

This Psalm gives us one very important but simple point... "Be still and know that I am God."

Ps 46:10 So where do we start to learn this ? In v.1 Not many words, but what words! Read it over for at least five times, and see what happens to your confidence! A very accurate translation of this verse is, "God is our refuge and strength, a help in distresses, very readily found." (J.N.D. translation.) No matter what happens in our life, (even the mountains shaking), we can be still. Try Him for yourself !


A believer slips back into the world by stages. First comes friendship with the world, then being spotted by the world, loving the world and being conformed to the world. James 4:4, 1:27; 1 John 2:15-17; Romans 12:2.

Psalm 48

God has had only one main centre on this earth... Jerusalem, or Zion. So this Psalm is entirely about one point. We notice that it is not talking about what that city is today, but what it shall be in the future Millennium. In Ps. 44 we can read of what awful judgments are going to fall on that city (after we believers are caught away to heaven) in the tribulation.


Once God has been displaced, immorality follows.

Psalm 50

This Psalm explains a lot of the past days in Israel's history. Yes He did give them instruction as to what the people were to bring to God in the many, many sacrifices. There was nothing wrong with the sacrifices. What God is telling in this Psalm is that He is not complaining about the sacrifices, but about what the people were going on with, their bad practices, their wicked ways with each other, at the very time they were doing these sacrifices. You can see what God is saying to us today....we might give an outward appearance of being holy by attending a religious service and at the same time going on in sin.

Ps 50:23 tells us what HE has done... given the one sacrifice for sin, the Lord Jesus. Notice the last part of that verse... is our daily life in keeping with this sacrifice?


It is not for us to decide what God is and what He is not; we have a revelation in the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Psalm 51

Ps 51:1-4 Here is a very important lesson. King David had committed a dreadful sin (2 Sam. 11). Not only in committing adultery, but in causing the husband to be killed. In this Psalm David takes full responsibility for his sin. He throws himself at the Lord's feet. All sin is against God.

Ps 51:5 He goes back to the root of all sin. When the believer sins he (or she) must go to God quickly and confess it. 1 John 1:9 is important.

Ps 51:8-12 He longs to get back to the real joy of life... keeping close to the Lord.

Ps 51:13-15 He wants to be able to witness to others about the Lord.

Ps 51:16,17 We rest on the one sacrifice for our sins, the death of the Lord Jesus.

Ps 51:19 Then the Lord will rejoice too.


We are on very dangerous ground when we form a doctrine from the Old Testament without New Testament support.

Psalm 52 and 53

There is plenty of power seen everywhere today, advances in, science, industry and knowledge generally. If the believer is impressed and taken up with them then Psalm 53 is telling him that he has a few things to learn from GOD! May verses 8 and 9 in Ps. 52 be what we want.


Most of us are conditioned by our society to have a "wanting mind".

Psalm 54

The godly repentant ones are persecuted by the mocking ungodly ones, and they cry to the Lord, and trust in Him.

Ps 54:1 May that worthy name be more and more precious to us.

Ps 54:6 & 7 The result. We call on the name of the Lord when we're in trouble, and then we praise that worthy name.


Many of us are messing around with trivial pursuits, forgetting who is Lord.

Psalm 55

In the life of David, there were several of his friends who turned against him; the saddest of all was his own son Absalom. And in the life of the Lord, it was Judas who turned against Him and betrayed Him.

Ps 55:12-13 The Lord sorrowed greatly at the hatred in the heart of Judas. The Lord grieves over the unbelieving part of the nation of Israel. He loved them, and had done so much for them, and yet they hated and despised Him.

Ps 55:16 The Lord Jesus lived for the glory of God. We too, can call on God and find our happiness in Him, even though friends may turn against us.

Ps 55:17 Daniel did this, see Dan. 6:10.


Jesus had always been perfectly loved, but His obedience gave the Father another cause to love Him. (John 10:17)

Psalm 61

Has your heart ever been overwhelmed with the most awful conditions around you? Have you lost the joy in the Lord that you used to have? Does there seem to be no way out ? Read this Psalm 61. Turn to the Lord. Forget everything else. He will lead you to the ROCK; it is UNDER you, and His wing is OVER you.


What the light reveals, the blood cleanses (1 John 1:7-9)

Psalm 62

Ps 62:1,2 Here we are listening to a person who knows the Lord so well that he has full confidence in Him for everything in his life.

Ps 62:5,6 Notice that his faith is increasing . In V.2, he says he won't be greatly moved by problems, but in V. 6 he says he won't be moved at all!

Ps 62:8 Only when you are keeping close to the Lord with a good conscience, can you tell others effectively to trust Him.

Ps 62:11,12 He has total confidence in the goodness and fairness of God.


Joy is contagious! Joy under fire brings blessing to others.

Psalm 63 & 64

Ps 63:1 He seeks for God. His soul thirsts for Him; his flesh (body) longs for Him. From time to time we should remind ourselves that there are different lessons in these Psalms. Very often they are the language of the heart of Jesus while He was here on earth - written long before He was born. At times they are the feelings of David in his trials. But most of them can teach us lessons for our own problems today. Here, the Lord feels deeply the hatred of those who rejected Him. No doubt also the godly Jews will feel the same way in the time of the great tribulation yet to come to them. But in it all, there is confidence and trust in the Lord.

Notice in Ps. 63 verse 1, his soul thirsts; in verse 5, his soul is satisfied and in verse 8 his soul finds fellowship.

Ps 63:6 Contrast this verse with Eccl. 2:23.


When we excuse our wrongdoing as heredity or environment, we are blaming God's providence. This is what Adam did in Genesis 3:12. No man is driven to sin by the circumstances God has placed him in.

Psalm 66

Ps 66:1-4 The whole earth. It will yet be filled with the glory and the praise of the Lord. This is speaking of the millennium.

Ps 66:5-12 All Israel. "Come and see..." This beautiful Psalm calls upon every one to come and see what the Lord will do, and the glory that will be shown openly.

Ps 66:6 Their thoughts go back to the time when they were brought out of Egypt, and though they did a lot of complaining, they now are filled with praise as they look back on the goodness of the Lord, verse 12.

Ps 66:16-20 The individual. "Come and hear"... Yes, not only come and see - but come and hear. Let our voices be lifted up in praise and prayer and confidence, even though we may be surrounded by difficulties, for it is going to end in His presence with all its joy.


Many profess to know Him, but in lifestyle deny Him.

Psalm 67

Those believers in the "gospel of the kingdom" (to be preached after we have been taken to heaven) are brought into this wonderful blessing, and will be anxious that others may "come and see" 66:5; "come and hear" 66:l6; and "know" 67:2, and "praise" 67:3, "be glad and sing for joy" 67:4, and "God shall bless" 67:7. All believers shall see and enjoy the blessings of the Lord.


If you don't control your time, everything else will.

Psalm 68

In 1 Chronicles chapter l5, King David brings the ark up to Jerusalem, to set it on Mount Zion. You will see that there was to be singing as the ark was carried forward and up the hill. This Psalm gives us the words of the song which they sang long ago. But, amazing to realize, this same song shall be sung in a future day by the believing remnant of Jews.

Ps 68:15 They have come within sight of Mount Zion and they are filled with praise. This may be hard to understand. They describe what was happening in King David's day; but they also are telling what Israel can expect when the Lord Jesus returns to reign over the earth as King during the millennium (1,000 years).

Ps 68:19 They cannot take any glory to themselves, but bless the Lord for His daily blessings and for His goodness in restoring them to their land.


The test of every ministry is, "Does it occupy the heart with Christ?"

Psalm 69

We will now read three Psalms which speak of the Lord's sufferings, (not from God as in Psalm 22) but from people. Psalm 69, l02, 116. The cries of the Lord as He suffered from people.

Ps 69:5 Could there be any fault found in His holy life? Certainly not. But He bore our sins, and confessed them as His own.

Ps 69:20 There was no one to pity or to comfort Him in His terrible sorrow and suffering.

Ps 69:21 How remarkable that we should read words like these, written long before the Lord Jesus lived here, and so perfectly fulfilled a thousand years after they were written by King David.

Ps 69:22 There will be terrible punishment on those who hated and crucified the Lord and have never repented.

Ps 69:32-36 There will be blessing for the humble, and for those that love His name.


Some of us want God to be the frosting on the caking of life. But God, and the life He gives, is not the frosting - He is the foundation. He will not be less than that. Mark 10:17-22

Psalm 73

Perhaps we have all had the thoughts that are opened to us in this Psalm.

Ps 73:1 It is true that God is good to those who are of a clean heart. He loves to bless, but we sometimes hinder His blessings by our own careless ways.

Ps 73:2-16 The writer watches the ungodly to see how they get along. They are healthy and they prosper and don't even seem to have as many troubles as believers often have. This was so hard to understand. The more he looked around, the more puzzled he became. But he had not been looking in the right place.

Ps 73:17 But when he gets into the presence of the Lord, he gets the answer. The awful end of the wicked is so terrible that their little time of prosperity seems as nothing.

Ps 73:22 He admits he had been foolish to envy the wicked. But perhaps we have all done the same thing. Let us look up then, and remember that our future is to be in the glorious presence of the Lord Jesus, no matter what our present troubles may be.

Ps 73:25 The Lord will be the joy of our hearts in heaven - and it surely should be true of us now - for He is well able to fill our hearts with joy on the way home.

Ps 73:28 Let us then draw near to the Lord, and trust in Him then our testimony will follow.


In vain Satan seeks to cast down those who, resting on Christ's love, have Him as the cherished object of their soul.

Psalm 84

Ps 84:1 This wonderful verse tells of one who loves to be in the presence of the Lord. Is that true of you?

Ps 84:2 There was a time when David was driven out of Jerusalem, and it may have been at this time that he wrote this Psalm. He isn't longing to be in his palace, but in the courts of the Lord.

Ps 84:3 The sparrow; the least valuable bird, and the swallow; the most restless bird, but both of them found a place to lay their young. No matter how lowly or how restless we may feel - we can find a home in the presence of the Lord.

Ps 84:5-12 There is a valley to pass through. This is much the same as Psalm 23. It also speaks of the house of the Lord, and dwelling there for ever - but it also speaks of the valley on the way.

The house of the Lord is something that we look forward to at the end of the way, but there may be valleys of tears and troubles along the journey.

May the last eight words take hold of us, and may we experience what it means to trust Him.


A Bible that is falling apart is usually owned by someone who isn't.

Psalm 90

This Psalm begins the fourth book or section. It runs to the end of Psalm l06. It begins with a Psalm of Moses (He lived about 500 years before King David). The wonders, the mysteries of the first creation seem to be compared with the majesty and wonder of God, Himself. We could call this a "Time" Psalm. Watch for the words "Generations", "Everlasting", "years", "night", "morning", "evening", "days".

Ps 90:1-2 We can look around at creation - the sea - the mountains - and can rejoice to know that the God who loves and cares for us was before all these - from everlasting to everlasting! In verse 2 we see the stability and greatness of God; what a contrast to man's frailty and littleness! (v.5,6).

Ps 90:3-10 How weak and frail man is! He thinks himself very wise and important, and he boasts about what he can do. But after all, he just lives a few years and then he is gone, and where has he gone?

Ps 90:12 If we just remember how short our time is here, we shall apply our hearts to wisdom. What wisdom is this? It surely is not the wisdom that is taught at school, but the wisdom of accepting the Lord as our Saviour and of living to please Him.

Ps 90:14 Man's wisdom never brought him any happiness. But the consciousness of the Lord's care and mercy can make us glad all our days.

Ps 90:17 May we too desire that the beauty of the Lord be seen in us, and that our life may be such that those who watch us may see the "beauty of the Lord".


How many of us would serve Him if He offered nothing but Himself? No healing. No success. No prosperity. No worldly blessings. No miracles, signs or wonders.

Psalm 9l

This beautiful Psalm is about the Lord Jesus their Messiah who would not come to earth for yet a thousand years! He would be preserved by the "Almighty God" (of verse 1).

Ps 91:3-8 Shows us how God would preserve His beloved Son Who would become a Man. It seems to be a remarkable contrast to the story of Adam. Adam wanted to be like God and so tried to make himself wise and important. But the Lord Jesus, equal with God, speaks in this Psalm as a dependent Man. He trusted in God in all things, and this is an example for us. Yesterday we were reminded of how very weak and frail man is. Here we have an account of that blessed One who was without sin or failure of any kind. And yet, as a Man, He trusted perfectly in God.

Ps 91:11-12 The devil quoted these words to the Lord in the temptation in the wilderness. Matt. 4:6, the devil knew this verse were about the Lord, and so he tried to tempt the Lord to act apart from the will of God His Father. But the Lord would not do so. Let us then, learn the lesson of dependence from this Psalm.


The moment you do a thing because it is your own will, you have sinned. To do our own will because it is our own will is the very essence of rebellion against God.

Psalm 92

Ps 92:1 Praising the Lord is only possible when we are enjoying Him!

Ps 92:3 Do we praise the Lord with an instrument of 10 strings? Two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet, one tongue and one heart! Ten strings! Let's praise Him with all that we have.

Ps 92:5 We can see His work in creation, and we know His thoughts of love, for He has shown it all in giving the Lord Jesus.

Ps 92:6 There are many fools who deny that God made the world, and care nothing at all for His thoughts of love.

Ps 92:14 Isn't it grand to see those who are old, still happy in the Lord, and telling others of His love. No doubt this specially reminds us of God's people, the Jews, who in the coming days of their history will bless and praise the Lord.


Ordinarily a mountain will not slide into the sea at my command. But if that mountain stands between me and the accomplishment of God's will, then I can say, "Be removed", and it will. (Philipians 4:13)

Psalm 93

Here we read of majesty and glory and strength on this earth in a time which is still future. It is not so right now, but there is One Who is mightier than the waves and floods of man's rebellions, and He will set it all right. In the meantime, let those of us who know Him, and who enjoy His presence, remember that He wants us to act in holy separation - verse 5.


You must be separated from your sin, or you cannot be together with God.

Psalm 102

We learn more of the inner feelings of the Lord Jesus from the Old Testament than we do from the New Testament where the events actually took place!

Ps 102:1-11 We hear the Lord Himself in His deep grief as He is suffering for us on the cross.

Ps 102:12-22 God answers His cries and He is able to rejoice at the promise of life and a kingdom. It should make us praise the Lord ourselves, as we think of the suffering He went through, that we might have the joy of forgiveness, and of praising Him.

Up to verse 11, we have the sorrows of the Lord's life, when He came the first time. But from 12 to 17, He is comforted when He thinks of the result of His work.

Ps 102:18 It will bring blessing to Israel and all the nations in the future millennium.

Ps 102:23 The Messiah, V. 25 The Creator.

Ps 102:24 The price He paid to redeem us!


Our convictions are formed by our affections.

Psalm 104

Begins with the greatness of the Lord; closes with the glory of the Lord (v.31). God as the Creator is exalted. There are many today who think they are very wise, and yet they laugh at the idea that God created everything. What a surprise it will be to them when they meet the very One who made it all!

Ps 104:5 He laid the very foundations of the earth. As we read these verses slowly it makes us praise Him more and more. Look at the sky - the moon and the stars - and remember verse 19. Look at the hills and remember verse 13. Look at the trees and remember verse 16. Yes, wherever we look, we see the hand of the Lord, and we feel the same as the writer as we come to verse 24!

Ps 104:30 All things that exist came from the hand of God.

Ps 104:34 And this should make us think on the Lord. And it is not only sweet to us, but it is sweet to Him, for He knows what we are thinking about!


I would not give much for your religion unless it can be seen. Lamps do not talk, but they can be seen. [Spurgeon]

Psalm 105

The writer speaks of God's promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He remembers the goodness of God in blessing.

Ps 105:25 Tells about the time when God's people were slaves in Egypt. God allowed them to be hated and to be beaten - and yet He loved them.

Ps 105:26-37 God's wonderful deliverance of His people, but we can learn a lesson from this. Does the Lord send a time of trouble to you? Does He allow some to hate you? Remember He loves you and He is going to bring you into eternal blessing.

Ps 105:37 The people were wealthy and healthy.

Ps 105:38 The Egyptians were glad when the children of Israel departed. It is quite possible that the unsaved will be rather glad when the Lord calls us away. There will be nobody then to trouble their conscience, or to talk to them about the Lord. But it will be so short a time, and then the judgments will fall.

Ps 105:41 He looked after them in the wilderness, and gave them water from the Rock. He knows our needs too, and can refresh our thirsty hearts with the water of His Word.


Knowledge may make me a long talker, but grace will make me a good walker.

Psalm 106

Psalm 105 has shown us what God really is like toward His people. Over and over again He told of His faithfulness to them.

Ps 106:3-25 Today we look at the other side... at the way people act. They were glad when God had acted so kindly to them, but they soon turned back to their evil ways. So here we get a brief history of the people's thoughts and actions when they were delivered out of Egypt.

Ps 106:12 When they saw the wonderful miracle at the Red Sea, they even sang (Exodus 15).

Ps 106:13-25 It didn't take them long to forget. They go from bad to worse. These are all very sad verses, but what a picture of all of us in our natural state.

Ps 106:26-27 God steps in with punishment. Did that turn them from their disobedience? Verse 28 answers that question.

Ps 106:30-31 Another kindness of God. Moses, in verse 23 spoke to God on their behalf. Here another faithful man shows his courage.

Ps 106:32-43 Back they go again; this time turning to idols. V.35 shows us what mixing with worldly friends does to us (see 1 Cor. 15:33). They began by forgetting God's works (v.13); and ended by sacrificing to devils (v.37).

Ps 106:44-48 And yet God shows what HE is. Are you getting the message?


There is no victory if we compromise the Biblical standard.

Psalm 107

Today we start the 5th and final section of the Psalms. It is like a history written before it happened. It will help us to understand better if we keep in mind that this section is like Israel on their final march into the land and centre they had previously despised. And it is their entry into the millennial blessings and joys which they will have for one thousand years, with the Lord as their King and Jerusalem their centre.

Ps 107:2 "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so". Let us open our mouths and tell what the Lord has done for us. Read verse 6, 13, 19, 28. They are all about the same. And now verses 8, 15, 21 and 3l. Again they are the same. The Lord sent trouble to them from time to time, and in their troubles, they turned and cried to the Lord. He delivered them, and then came the call to praise Him!

Let us then learn the lesson from these few Psalms of praise. We can never forget the goodness and mercy of the Lord that picked us up and saved us. We can see His lovingkindness and His faithfulness in all the trials and troubles that He has allowed in the life of each of us. And the result of all this should be more and more praise to His worthy name.


Cultivating discipline in the physical realm will help you become disciplined in your spiritual life.

Psalm 110

A very beautiful Psalm. Notice the word "Lord".

Ps 110:1 The letters of the word are different. "The LORD said unto my Lord". The first word LORD means "Jehovah" - and the next word Lord is "Adonai" and refers to the Lord Jesus. Now this word is new to most of us and it means God for the Lord Jesus was God, as well as man. In Luke chapter 20, verses 41-44, you will see that the Jews didn't understand this at all.

Ps 110:2-3 In Psalm l09, the Lord speaks of Himself as "poor and needy". But what a place of honour is His! He has ascended, and receives such a high place. In Philippians chapter 2, verses 5- 11, the Lord Jesus went down, down so very low, to the shameful death of the cross. But He has now received such a wonderful place of honour, and He will yet reign over willing people, (the people on the earth, not us) and will put all His enemies down. And we shall be with Him to share it with Him. Let us not try to get the honour of this world now, but wait for the day when we shall share the honour that He has won.

Ps 110:7 This can refer to the Lord Jesus in His perfect dependence all the way along His lowly life here on earth. He was glad of the refreshment He received from God, but He never went out of the path of dependence. May we be refreshed in the same way and "lift up the head".


If I am going to reach souls for Christ, I must touch Him first myself.

Psalm 111

Ps 111:1-6 Our hearts should be filled with praise as we remember that the Lord Jesus, so despised and unwanted, now is in a place of honour and majesty.

Ps 111:7 It is good to remember that even the work of His hands, (that we see all around us) should make us praise Him. Five verses speak of the Works of the Lord.

Ps 111:10 How we need to remember this! The schools today teach man's wisdom, not the wisdom which comes from God through the Bible. Read verse 5 and 10 together. We aren't afraid of the Lord, but notice what the "fear" of Him produces.


The truth of God, if not submitted to, has a hardening effect upon the one who is familiar with it.

Psalm 112

Ps 112:1 Not only is the fear of the Lord the beginning of wisdom, but the person who walks in this fear is blessed of the Lord. The Lord Jesus Himself would do nothing that was not for the glory of God.

Ps 112:2-3 Always remember that the promises of rewards for obeying the Lord (in the Old Testament days) were riches and things, whereas today, for us, they are the enjoyment of our spiritual blessings in Christ.

Ps 112:7 Are we afraid of evil tidings (bad news)? If we are, it is because we are not completely trusting in the Lord. We may be trusting Him for salvation, but we should trust Him also every day of our lives, for He is caring for us.

Ps 112:9 Daily walking with the Lord does not make us selfish, but it does make us want to help others. Notice how long that person's righteousness lasts!


Faithfulness is only another word for obedience.

Psalm 113

Ps 113:1-2 Notice the "name of the Lord" is mentioned in the first three verses. Today there are so many names that men honour, and even call "churches" by different names. Is this what the Bible teaches?

Ps 113:7-8 Our position before and after we knew the Lord Jesus as our Saviour. God uses weak things so that it may be plain and clear that good and blessings come from His love and power. So let's remember that His heart and His hand are the sources and we enjoy our blessings through obedience, prayer and the reading of His Word.

Ps 113:9 We can put Sarah, Rachel, Hannah and Elizabeth into this verse.


An ounce of heart is worth a ton of knowledge. (1 Corinthians 8:1)

Psalm 114

Ps 114:1-6 Remind us of the children of Israel leaving the land of Egypt and going across to the land that flowed with "milk and honey". There were big deeds of power at that time.

Ps 114:7 But there is greater power to come! What an awful day it will be for those who are left behind at the coming of the Lord. The earth will feel His power in judgment (punishment) far worse than it was felt in the land of Egypt.


If you are not faithful where you are, you will not be faithful anywhere.

Psalm 116

Here we find the song of resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Don't forget... written 1,000 years before the cross of Christ had happened!

Ps 116:3 He went into death for you and me.

Ps 116:8 But He was raised again. We shall never know the awfulness to His holy soul of going into death and the grave for us. But we rejoice to know that He is now risen and we can join in His song of praise and victory.

Ps 116:15 What a wonderful verse! It is truly precious to Him, when one of His own saints (believers) is called Home into His presence. Have these verses of our blessed Lord's sufferings touched your heart?

Ps 116:18 His people... V.19 the place... Jerusalem.


Had the Lord been willing to enjoy heaven alone, He could have escaped the death of the cross. But it was His will that we should be with Him. Heaven will not be complete for Him until we are there to see His glory.

Psalm 125

Ps 125:1-2 If you have quiet confidence in the Lord, even if you have difficulties in your life, you are going to be thinking like these two verses...Do you believe that? Do you see that third word in the first verse? The Lord would be happy to show you what He is waiting to do for you if you ..... Him!

Ps 125:4 We sometimes say to our children "Be good now". Do you want the Lord to "do good" to you? What does the Lord expect us to be? Upright in heart. Do we need to ask Him to help us to be this? Read 2 Peter l:3,4.

Ps 125:5 This will be the end of those who turn to do their own will. But the Lord doesn't want to end the Psalm like that. The Psalm starts with "trust" and ends with "peace".


When we complain, lets remember it is an insult to God to gripe with the mouth He has created for praise.

Psalm 126

You may have noticed, at the chapter number a statement which reads "Song of degrees". The word "degrees" means "a going up". These 14 Psalms, from 120 to 134, are thought to be songs like steps up... from days of troubles, difficulties, captivity, all the way up to joy, rejoicing and singing praise to God in His house (or temple). It could be like Israel's long journey from Babylon, "the city of confusion" Isa. 24:10 to Jerusalem, the city of peace. Ps. 122:3-8. So you can also enjoy the thought that we are on our journey up to heaven, where the Lord Jesus is waiting for us.

Ps 126:3 Every believer can surely say this from the heart.

Ps 126:5 We can think of these verses as the Good Seed of the gospel, and the telling of it to others.

Ps 126:6 We can apply verse 5 to ourselves... "they", but this verse to the Lord... "He". The Lord Jesus wept as He looked on Jerusalem, for He knew that would refuse refused His love and mercy. But He shall come again bringing the fruit (us) with Him.


The person who really knows truth is only too conscious of how much he does not know.

Psalm 127

Here we are reminded that God alone gives the blessings. Everything that we try to do on our own is empty.

Ps 127:1 If men build buildings, some day they shall be dust and ashes and their honoured names forgotten. But there is a building which will last for ever - the church of God! This is made up of every true believer, each one a living stone - 1 Peter 2:5.


Forgiveness is more than remission of penalty. It is the restoration of fellowship.

Psalm 133

Ps 133:1 "Brethren, dwelling together in unity". Is it really possible? Yes, thank God, it is. If we all obeyed the Word of God, we all would be gathered together in the name of the Lord Jesus. What glory we would bring to Him! What happiness and unity for us. (Or are we like Prov. 6:19?) Read the first sentence again and quickly read the last clause of verse 3. Get it?


Unless we are living in communion with the Lord Jesus, the Scriptures will not yield to us their strength and nourishment.

Psalm 134

Ps 134:1 Here all the servants of the Lord are standing in the house of the Lord. What a lesson for us! It is a wonderful thing to be saved, and to have the Bible as a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. But what about the house of the Lord? Do we really want to be found there? That is where the Bible would lead us. If we read His Word prayerfully, and then obey it, we will learn more truth. The Lord Jesus is the truth and the Spirit of God will lead us into that one unity of the Holy Spirit (Read carefully Eph. 4:3).


If Jesus Christ were personally on earth, we would all like to be in His company. But if He is gone we shall surely like to be with those who express something of His character.

Psalm 140

A man who loves the Lord, and is surrounded by wicked and proud men. What shall he do? In verse 4 he says "keep me O Lord". In verse 6 he says "thou art my God". In verse 12 he says "I know that the Lord will maintain the cause of the afflicted". We think we can fight against the evil that is around us, but instead we can quietly trust in the Lord, who will soon deliver us from it all, completely and forever.


If your lifestyle contradicts the Word of God, you must either change your lifestyle, or the Word of God.

Psalm 141

Ps 141:3 When we hear that which is evil and wicked around us every day, we sometimes begin to talk that way ourselves. Let us ask the Lord to keep our lips.

Ps 141:5 There may be times when some friend will speak a faithful word to you, because he or she fears that you are getting careless. Don't be angry about this. The Lord has allowed it, and there is a lesson for you in it.


This time called life is far more sacred and special than any of us can ever imagine.

Psalm 149

Ps 149:4 "A new song" (see Rev. 5:9, this will be our song). It is His earthly, believing people that are being spoken of here. The Lord will use them to put down the wicked, and all the enemies of the Lord. But today, we can rejoice to know that we are His heavenly people. It is not our responsibility to cut off the wicked, but to tell them of God's offer of forgiveness; to wait for the Lord to call us away. Then He will judge the wicked who refused to accept Him.


The reward for obedient service is the capacity for greater service. (Matthew 25:21-23)

Psalm 150

All believers today have the joy and privilege of praising our blessed Lord in His sanctuary, and soon we shall praise Him up there in heaven, His firmament.


Nothing saps the Christian's vitality more than the rubbish of unholy alliances, unwholesome amusement, ungodly practices and suchlike. True separation from these will make our lives "vessels unto honor, sanctified and meet for the Master's use."


by Norman Berry - 1911-2001
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