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In the school of Christ, only the humble learn.

RUTH 1, Verses 1-5

Not long ago were reading in the Book of Judges. We mentioned that it was a very dark day for Israel. They had just come into the promised land. Because they did not drive out the people in it, they soon mixed in with them. These enemies soon overcame the Israelites. In your mind, put the Book of Ruth into the very early part of the Book of Judges, because that is when it took place. The story we're starting today is like bright sunshine suddenly bursting into a very dark and clouded day. One young woman, a stranger, acts in faith, and comes into the richest blessing an Old Testament person could have... to become the very ancestor of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus!

Through man, the worst comes out of the best... the first worship led to the first murder - Genesis 4. But through Christ the best comes out of the worst... "where sin abounded, grace did much more abound" Romans 5:20. This book is a beautiful example of the latter.

Ruth 1:1 A man - an Israelite - finds himself with a decision to make... to stay in Israel where a serious famine has come... or to go elsewhere. He could learn from Deuteronomy 8:7-20 that God was speaking to His people, that there was disobedience. To have stayed, and obeyed God, would have been to trust Him. He disobeys and goes to Moab. A wicked place surely. He chose the worst. He probably reasoned... "I must take care of myself, my wife, my two boys".

Ruth 1:2-5 What disaster comes to this family. The father dies first. If the wife, Naomi had been sensitive to God's action in taking away her husband she would have returned to Israel at once. But no, she stays. Next, her two boys marry Moabite girls, which was absolutely forbidden (read Nehemiah 13:1). She doesn't stop them. One son dies. She still has forgotten God's Word. Another son dies. At last she is stirred. She hears something. In the ten years, only one of the family of four is left - Gal. 6:7.


If the holiest man that ever lived were to fill our vision, it would only hinder, not help us. CHRIST HIMSELF is our one great Example.

RUTH 1, Verses 6-22

Ruth 1:6 Naomi (her name means "pleasantness") decides to go back to the land of Israel.

Ruth 1:7 She and her two daughters-in-law (three widows) start back... a good beginning.

Ruth 1:8-9 But instead of encouraging them to keep on with her, here is what she says! This shows us that Naomi still thought it all right to stay in that wicked land. (A careless believer does not see any harm in staying in worldly things. Believers lose their discernment when they get out of daily communion with the Lord.)

Ruth 1:11-13 What arguments she uses!

Ruth 1:14 A moment of decision for two girls. (Are you in a similar condition? Follow Ruth's decision!) Orpah disappears into oblivion forever.

Ruth 1:15-17 What a contrast.

Ruth 1:18 (Are we steadfastly minded? See Acts 2:42).

Ruth 1:19-22 Naomi's life of disobedience has so changed her appearance that the people hardly recognize her. (We have far more responsibility to obey than Naomi ever had for we have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us - 1 Cor. 6:20). So for the believer, we can say that chapter 1 is "deciding to follow Christ".


A most serious heresy is that which though standing for a truth, forms a party around itself. Titus 3:10. But the Holy Spirit seeks to unite all believers, and build up God's household.


We believers could say that this chapter is like "Meeting with Christ".

Ruth 2:1 We are immediately introduced to a man... Boaz. His name means "strength". He is a picture of Christ. He is rich, and also a relative of Naomi's dead husband. Boaz didn't lose out by staying in Israel during the famine. Our blessed Lord became a Man in order that He might be one of us... a Kinsman... our Redeemer - Phil. 2:7.

Ruth 2:2-17 A picture of us (Ruth) being found by the Lord Jesus (Boaz).

Ruth 2:8 But when he has found Ruth, the first thing he tells her is not go to into any other field. (The Lord Jesus warns us believers too, not to mix with the world. When close to Him, we are protected, happy and blessed).

Ruth 2:14 She goes IN for communion with Boaz. She goes OUT for service.

Ruth 2:17 She obeys and reaps a good harvest (about 10 days food for an individual).

Ruth 2:18 Love always gives.

Ruth 2:19-23 Obedience to God's Word always brings blessing, unity and joy.


The Corinthians forgot all about the flesh, being so occupied with the power of the Spirit.


The key to this chapter is "rest", so for us it is a picture of our finding rest in Christ.

Ruth 3:1-15 Obedience and submission are two great pillars on which this rest depends. Ruth displays both in this chapter. There is no suggestion of immorality here. Boaz and all others in the city knew that Ruth was a virtuous woman. He wants a woman of worth for his wife. (In Scripture we learn that believers are to be the bride of Christ. Eph. 5:25-32. We are to keep ourselves unspotted from the world and pure for Him).

Ruth 3:16-18 Apply them to yourself as a believer.


When truth is presented, unless the will surrenders to it, anger is produced.


Ruth 4:1-12 Boaz was obviously an upright man. According to Scripture (Leviticus 25:25-28) he knew that the closest relative to Ruth's dead husband had the responsibility to buy back (redeem) the land formerly owned by him. So Boaz meets this closer relative in the city. Ruth is a picture of Israel, which will come into great blessing in the future millennium. However, we may also see her as a picture of a lost sinner. The close relative can be a picture of "the law", which could never redeem. But the law has to have its opportunity, which it did, though it could never do the work. Christ alone can redeem us from sin. Boaz is free to take Ruth to be his wife.

Ruth 4:13-22 Later a son is born. He becomes the ancestor of great King David. But from Matt. chapter 1, we can trace this line to a greater than David, and thereby learn that this is more than an earthly love story, for it leads us on to the birth of the Son of Man, the Lord Jesus. In David the nation of Israel rejoiced, but in Him who was great David's greater Son, all the nations of the earth will rejoice. (In the millennium).


by Norman Berry - 1911-2001
Published by Mario Persona

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