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A life of faith is a life of surprises. Grace grows better in winter.


We are grouping five books together - Proverbs, James, Ecclesiastes, Jude and Job. All are for every reader today. They don't teach doctrine. Proverbs gives the believer instruction as to how he ought to conduct himself while on earth, but does not tell him the secret of the power to carry it out. This he receives from the Spirit of God through New Testament Scriptures. God gave a man - Solomon - more wisdom than any man - 1 Kings 4:29-31. He also had the money to experiment and prove all his wisdom. All the kings of the earth wanted to hear the wisdom of Solomon (2 Chronicles 9:22-23).

If you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your own Savior, Proverbs can be a great help to you in every day of your life. But, with all your blessings, you have responsibility. So, before starting on this book, read 1 John 5:18.

Prov 1:5 The importance and result of hearing.

Prov 1:7 There is no true knowledge apart from the fear of the Lord.

Prov 1:8-9 Obedience to parents is stressed over and over in the Bible. Parents and children need to remember that this is training for obedience to God. 2 Timothy 3:1-2 tells us that this very thing will be given up in the last days.

Prov 1:10-19 Two warnings. Bad company and wanting things not belonging to us. 2 Cor. 6:17 is the New Testament warning.

Prov 1:20-23 Wisdom in the first 8 chapters is like a person speaking. When you get to the 8th chapter, you will find Who that Person is.

Prov 1:24-33 Plenty of warning to those who do not obey.


God is not aiming first at our happiness but at our holiness.


Prov 2:1-5 Three "ifs" and a "then". How can we understand the fear of the Lord? The first 4 verses tell us. But notice that no careless person will find the secret.

Prov 2:6-9 When you and I obey the Lord then we get real help from the Lord. And we are protected from much evil in this way. Read John 7:7

Prov 2:10-15 Another result of believing is that we think correctly. Violence and greed are only some of the things we are kept from.

Prov 2:16-19 Immorality, is another evil from which we will be kept. Some believers think that a strong will can keep us from evil, but it is not so. Peter thought he could depend on himself never to deny the Lord; but his self confidence was not enough to keep him. Notice that verse 10 is where the sentence begins. For the thought is that all these evils are kept away from the one who looks to Wisdom (remember "Wisdom" is the Lord, and it only comes from Him). There is no love in this "strange woman" (v. 16) only lust and selfishness.


One ounce of faith is more precious than a pound of knowledge. It is not found in books unless first planted deep in the heart.

PROVERBS 3, Verses 1-12

Prov 3:1-4 The early chapters of Proverbs show us that the fear of the Lord is the only sure way to be preserved from evil. (For the believer, behavior is of the greatest importance. Not to get our blessings, but to enjoy them. Remember, the Lord Jesus had not yet come to earth when Proverbs was written).

Prov 3:5-8 When we trust in the Lord, we obey Him. And when we obey Him, we have confidence in Him. One is the fruit of the other. So here. How foolish to rely on our own thoughts.

Prov 3:7 Eve, in the garden, listened to this from Satan. And he has been deceiving people ever since.

Prov 3:9-10 These promises of prosperity were for Israel. (But we can transfer these to spiritual riches).

Prov 3:11-12 Quoted in Hebrews 12:5-6 as applying to us. Today's verses have warning against two results which can come when the Lord allows troubles to come to us. First - "despise not". Do not make light of them. Second - do not be weary. Do not get down or depressed by them.


Faith dwells near God.

PROVERBS 3, Verses 13-35

Prov 3:13-20 Here is the happy side. There is no happy life like the life of a person who walks with the Lord. Because He only can give joy. Solomon could tell us what God had promised him, if he put the Lord first (1 Kings 3:11-13). Everything Solomon had, came from God.

Prov 3:21-26 A believer easily becomes upset if he is not fully trusting the Lord. These verses give us assurance that when the believer does live with a good conscience toward God, a quiet confidence in the Lord comes over him. When something happens suddenly, he is steady.

Prov 3:27-30 Our hearts are deceitful as well as suspicious, so we need to be simple and honest in our dealings with others.

Prov 3:31 Don't envy those who do wicked things and seem to get away with them.

Prov 3:33-35 It is a very great wickedness to be mocking others who want to please the Lord.

Prov 3:35 The wise will understand, and they will inherit glory!


Moses felt no dashing of his hopes when he had to give up all claims to Egypt's throne (Heb. 11:26). But he felt keenly the refusal to let him go over into Canaan (Deut. 32:52).


Prov 4:1-13 God, Who created the world and man, surely should be listened to. He tells us to hear... like a father speaking tenderly to his children. Obedience to God is the secret of life.

Prov 4:14-19 Then the contrast... the unhappy life of the wicked. A wicked person is really one who does not obey God. A holy person is one who does. But the book of Proverbs does not reveal to us that only in, and through Christ could there be a holy life. Solomon knew nothing of what we now know and have in Christ.

Prov 4:20-27 The ear, the eyes, the heart are all to be tuned to hear, to see, and to learn. Notice the heart is to be guarded the most. Finally the feet and the hands are to be controlled.


God gives us faith to act... tests us... then honors.


Prov 5:1 "My" son, "my" wisdom, "my" understanding, all refer to God.

Prov 5:2-14 There is nothing nicer in life than affection, but self-indulgence produces sorrow and ruin. The conscience is more and more numbed by self-indulgence... the will is not broken. If we are to keep ourselves morally pure, we need to steer clear of temptation. Selfishness wants to get, love, wants to give. Human love depends on response from the object loved, divine love does not. Divine love brought the Son of God from heaven, knowing that no one would love Him or want Him. God has given us human love too, the family is the centre of it. Satan tries to undo God's work, and so we have "the strange woman", to spoil this centre of human love.

Prov 5:15-23 For the believer, marriage is a picture of Christ and His bride (every believer in Him). The home of every believer should be a little picture of this relationship. How careful therefore we should be that our home is holy. (Read such verses as 1 Peter 3:1-7 and Eph. 5:22-33). What a test for us! Do we pray together each day?

Prov 5:21 What a reminder! At the judgment seat of Christ He will show how much He valued our thoughts, words and actions.

Prov 5:22-23 A warning for anyone who is not saved who may be reading these verses.


God delights to answer faith; though He may take a way which, while meeting our need, discloses our weakness.


Prov 6:1-5 Making promises to friend or stranger is a dangerous thing, because mostly the promises cannot be kept. Only the Lord Jesus could keep His promises - Romans 4:21.

Prov 6:6-11 Laziness surely brings poverty. But there is a deeper lesson. Carelessness and neglect about salvation will bring eternal punishment in hell; Hebrews 2:3.

Prov 6:12-15 His calamity will come suddenly.

Prov 6:16-19 God hates these seven things. Satan is the source of them all. If you take time to think of verses elsewhere in the Bible which tell us this, you will discover how subtle Satan is. See 1 Tim. 3:6 and John 8:44.

Prov 6:20-35 God knows that the only thing which can keep us from falling into the traps of Satan, is His Word and obedience to it.

Prov 6:22 Three things which the Word does for us. It guides us, protects us, and talks with us.

Prov 6:23 The Word of God is a light and it corrects us.

Prov 6:24-35 The Word keeps us from immorality. But, as we have been learning in this book, the woman is a picture of subtlety (deceiving) and the man is a picture of violence. In no way is the believer in his Christian pathway more deceived than in religious evil. A little compromise leads to more evil. We see this in verses 28 and 29.


Faith must be put to the test, words aren't sufficient. So we're asked "lovest thou Me more...". Until tested, we don't know how little our faith is.


Remember, God has given us this chapter of 27 verses to warn young men and old against the wickedness of immorality. If a believer falls into this sin, he does it with his eyes wide open. He is not deceived if he willingly pays no attention to warnings.

Prov 7:6-27 A very clear description of the road down which many have walked to their final destruction.

Prov 7:26 Notice that even strong men are destroyed. Everyone has to be on his guard. We have two main thoughts in the first 9 chapters... on one side, the fear of the Lord, and on the other, the foolishness and results of doing our own will.


In faith there is no will.


Prov 8:1-11 Now a complete contrast with yesterday's chapter. The opposite to immorality we may think would be morality, but here we learn it is wisdom! And in later verses we'll learn what, or who, wisdom is! Remember that all these are not just wise sayings of men, but they are from God Himself. He has set up certain relationships on earth - husband and wife, parents and children.

When a person lets his will operate, he is refusing God and His wisdom. God calls it sin. It takes two general forms - violence and corruption. Turn to Genesis 6:11 for the two. God describes all the sin at that time under these two headings. Satan is represented as both - he is the lion and the serpent - violence and subtlety (deception).

Prov 8:11-21 Here "Wisdom" becomes more and more a person who is speaking these wonderful words. Read them carefully. What a contrast wisdom is to self-will!

Prov 8:22-31 "Wisdom" is Christ! His place was with His Father in heaven before there was any world. He describes the first creation.

Prov 8:30-31 Some of the most sublime secrets of all Scripture are revealed here.

Prov 8:32-36 Then Wisdom (the Lord Jesus), says in effect - "now you make all this your own". If we do, we will be richly blessed. It is one thing to hear the truth, it is quite another to put it into practice in our life. We really only have the truth we live. Holding the truth in our head and not in our life, will lead us astray eventually.


Nothing but faith can be absolutely certain.


There are invitations to come into different homes by two women.

Prov 9:1-12 The wise woman's house is solid, it is built on seven pillars of wisdom. It is orderly, it is furnished with meat and wine (strength and joy), the table is spread, the invitation goes out to everyone to come in, while pointing out to them the right way to live. Who ever goes into her house is wise. Wisdom, remember is Christ.

Prov 9:13-18 The other woman (Satan). What a contrast. Notice the end! It is happening today! With this chapter, the first section of the book ends.


Death, for the believer, is not as great a thing as his salvation.


From here to end of chapter 24 we have many short separate proverbs of Solomon. They tell of the path in which the wise walk.

We do not have subjects taken up, as before. Most verses have a "but" in the middle, and then show the contrast.

Prov 10:2 The history of the world has proved this true. Look into any home and you will see one or the other of these two statements proved. ("Righteousness" or "righteous" for the believer today means living obediently to the Scriptures).

Prov 10:5 Now is the time to gather precious sheaves. Demas in 2 Tim. 4:10 quit before the harvest.

Prov 10:15 The believer is the rich man, the unbeliever is the poor, foolish person.

Prov 10:22 Good verse to memorize and to prove true in our own life. God longs to have us experience all this.

Prov 10:27 Eternity is seen here. Believers shall live forever, unbelievers shall perish, but exist. See the wisdom of each statement and prove God's wisdom in giving us these verses.


"God is my Father, and I am His gift to His Son. Christ is my righteousness... my object in life... and my joy for eternity".

PROVERBS 11, Verses 1-18

We ask our children "Is it right or is it wrong to steal something in a store?" They know it is wrong. Yet there are many things in life which we believers sometimes are careless about. So God our Father takes a whole chapter to warn us of the dangers and sorrows which result from not distinguishing between right and wrong... between righteousness and doing what we want. God also points out the blessing and happiness which comes from listening to, and obeying Him.

Prov 11:7-8 Look at these verses in two ways, (1) as referring to lost people who perish in contrast to the believer who will be in heaven, happy with Christ forever. Then also (2) as applying to your life as a believer. Though you may have many troubles, you will be kept calm, peaceful and happy by God if you are obedient to His Word.

Prov 11:14 "Counsel" means "advice". A believer who loves and follows the Lord will be a good counselor for you and me.


If we're not getting on our knees and confessing we've been neglecting the Lord and going on with things we know are displeasing Him, then no human psychology is worth anything.

PROVERBS 11, Verses 19-31

Prov 11:19 What truth in this verse!

Prov 11:23-31 Each verse contains so much good advice, and is so easy to understand, that comment is not necessary. Always remember that we believers can apply these Proverbs two ways (A) as good advice for our daily living in this world. (B) Equally good for us when we make them spiritual lessons. For instance the 25th verse. The first interpretation is obvious, but applying it spiritually, we learn that a believer who delights to help others by encouraging them to look more to the Lord, is himself encouraged.


The greatest ability is dependability.


Who but God could have ever given Solomon the wisdom in these verses. Remember too that God is able to make them come true in your life. God is our Father and loves to bless His children. If you love instruction in the Word of God, you value the most important thing in your life. And God our Father loves to instruct us through His Word.

Prov 12:15 Every fool thinks he is right. All our thoughts need to be formed by the Word of God. Read these verses, think about them, arrange groups of words together.... love, good, righteous, virtuous, right, upright, satisfied, just, wise, peace, joy... All go together. Pick out the opposites. These tell their own story.


The Christian faith was made to flourish in hostile soil.


Prov 13:1 Each verse is rich in instruction. A wise person wants to be taught. The opposite is also true. A saved person has been wise, for he has been taught. The unsaved person refuses to listen and perishes. The world can teach us nothing of true wisdom.

Prov 13:2-3 The wise is a person who controls his tongue. Every mouth of the unsaved shall be stopped before God - Romans 3:19.

Prov 13:9 Those who live obediently have this experience... their heart will be happy, their testimony clear and bright.

Prov 13:13 To despise the Word of God is to bring shame on one's self. The unbeliever will prove this.

Prov 13:19 The soul rejoices when the heart gets its desire. Isn't that true of the believer! But the fool only wants to gratify the passions of the body. The three parts of a human being - body, soul and spirit.

Prov 13:22 A believer who loves the Lord and obeys Him leaves a rich inheritance behind him when he departs this world. In the days of the Old Testament it would have been material things. Today it will be in the things of the Lord.

Prov 13:24 It is not love to let a child do what he wants. The generation growing up now is showing the results of self-will going unchecked (so-called self-expression). The world is plunging into violence.


Many Christians mark their Bibles, but their Bibles never mark them!


Prov 14:1 Mothers who are reading these words will do well to take notice. Read of the difference between the mother of Moses in Exodus 2 and the mother of king Ahaziah in 2 Chronicles 22:2-3.

Prov 14:4 If a person wants a clean stable he must get rid of his cattle! But what a result! No food. If we patiently go on working, we shall have fruit for our labour.

Prov 14:7 If we keep company with foolish people (unbelievers are really foolish) we will be harmed. It is better not to socialize with them. To argue with them is a waste of time, and it defiles (dirties) us. Read Romans 16:17 - it is plain. Give them the gospel.

Prov 14:9 Do we laugh at sin? Does the T.V. have jokes about sin? What does God say a person is who mocks at sin?

Prov 14:12 An unsaved person naturally chooses his own way. This verse tells where that way ends. But Jesus says something far better about "the way" in John 14:5. (Our own thoughts never lead us to God).

Prov 14:14 Notice the words, "in heart". We start to backslide in heart before we do in action. Later, we become self-centred.

Prov 14:17 It is a bad sign if a believer gets angry quickly. The results too are bad, for that person often makes foolish decisions.

Prov 14:27 God has a purpose for giving us this verse so many times... He wants us to take notice of it. An obedient believer is a happy person, and his life is like a fountain.


Men do not reject the Bible because it contradicts itself, but because it contradicts them.


Prov 15:1-4 Who could ever add up the harm which has come to people through the human tongue? And yet God has come to earth, in human form, and used the tongue to speak the message of heaven.

Prov 15:3 When we are living to please the Lord, gladly we agree with this verse.

Prov 15:8-9 Until a sinner turns to God in repentance, all that he does is of no value to the Lord. Paul said the same thing in Romans 8:8.

Prov 15:10-12 God sees everything. The unseen world is open before Him, and if that is so, how much more is the human heart!

Prov 15:16-17 These verses are like the comparison between the believer and the unbeliever. The believer may have little in this world but he has the Lord; the unbeliever may have great treasures in this world but nothing for eternity.

Prov 15:18 God told us this in the first verse. It must be important if He reminds us again. A wrathful man is a hot-tempered person and is a proud person because he thinks he is something. The humble person has low thoughts of himself and therefore he will not quickly resent an insult.

Prov 15:19 Let's apply this verse to a believer who is careless in his Christian life. He sees all kinds of reasons why he shouldn't take a stand for the truth of God. Now look at the second half of the verse. Apply it to a believer who walks (lives) in the truth he knows he should. Everything is plain as he takes one right step after another. If God speaks to him (her) through His Word, he (she) simply obeys and God here says He will make everything plain and clear. Try it.

Prov 15:23 The answer a person gives which leaves no regrets is "a word spoken in season".

Prov 15:25 The Lord is always against those who try to lift themselves up, and supports those who are weak.

Prov 15:26 We have read of the actions and the words of those who do not love the Lord. Here even their thoughts are an abomination to Him. (See also the last part of 21:4).

Prov 15:29 Do you want your prayers answered? Here is how.


The Bible is like a lion. It needs no defense. Let it out of its cage, and it will defend itself.


Prov 16:1 Men have great plans to do great things, but God has the final say in everything.

Prov 16:2 Ever since the fall of man in the garden of Eden, it has been man's desire to try to justify himself. But a believer realizes that he cannot trust his own heart, and so he listens to God's evaluation of things.

Prov 16:3 Beautiful instruction. We need to develop this habit of rolling our problems upon the Lord, and He promises to undertake for us and bring everything to a good end.

Prov 16:10-15 Though there may have been some good kings in the history of this world, there never will be a perfect king until the Lord Jesus Christ comes back (in the millennium).

Prov 16:19 It is better to be little in one's own eyes and to find happy fellowship with the lowly, than it is to benefit from being closely connected with proud people.

Prov 16:20-24 In each of these verse we can see that if our heart is right toward God day by day, then all our affairs and our words will be quiet, and steady and good. All the happiness in the believer's life depends on his state of soul.


Other books have been written for our information; The Bible was given for our transformation.


Prov 17:4 Put the four expressions together - "wicked - false lips - liar - naughty tongue", and you will see the power of this verse.

Prov 17:9 If a person loves the Lord, he won't repeat bad stories about another person. It is not that he tries to hide sin, but he doesn't speak to others about the matter.

Prov 17:17 A true friend does not change his attitude toward another when the latter fails. Our Lord Jesus Christ is that Friend. The believer should not be friends with the world, but he (she) should be the best friend they have.

Prov 17:23 How different God is! Isaiah 45:21, God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.


Those who can see God's hand in everything can best leave everything in God's hand.


Nothing is more clearly taught in the Scriptures than the need to separate what is clean from what is unclean, between these who love the truth and those who live to please themselves.

Prov 18:1-9 Many verses about words; words cause trouble (see 10:19). But verse 10 is a beautiful contrast.

Prov 18:10 How precious to be able to say this! The righteous are not ashamed to run to that name. The Spirit of God desires to gather all believers to that name.

Prov 18:13 A person who answers quickly, usually makes a mistake. So it is always wise to think a bit before we answer; to listen than to speak.

Prov 18:15 The importance of listening.

Prov 18:17 God tells us that our neighbors know more about us than we realize. The faithful believer has a good testimony for the Lord among his neighbors.

Prov 18:21 More wisdom about the power of the tongue.

Prov 18:24 Don't we often find that unfriendly people are the first to complain of how cool people are to them! Here is the true reason. No friend we could ever have can compare with the Lord!


No one ever repented of being a Christian on his deathbed.


Prov 19:11 A person who loves the Lord is not quickly angered, nor taken up with evil.

Prov 19:15 Laziness produces poverty. A lazy believer brings reproach on the name of the Lord.

Prov 19:17 A lovely promise. The Lord will reward all which is done for Him. If we are kind to others so that they will think well of us, the Lord gets no glory, and we will get no reward from Him.

Prov 19:18 How different this instruction is from the modern thoughts about handling children. We would rather obey God, for He is the one who controls the results.

Prov 19:20 There is no counsel greater than the Word of God.

Prov 19:21 Our thoughts don't have much value compared with the Lord's. He is going to have the last word.

Prov 19:23 If we fear the Lord we shall fear nothing on earth.


Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death.


Prov 20:4 The lazy person always can find a reason for not working, but later he will be asking for help!

Prov 20:7 What an encouragement to every believing father and mother.

Prov 20:8 True when the Lord Jesus reigns over the world during the millennium. Then righteousness shall reign. Now righteousness suffers. In the eternal state, righteousness will dwell.

Prov 20:9 Solomon did not know what we believers now know. (The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin - 1 John 1:7).

Prov 20:10 & 23 Weights were used in balances in trading long ago. Sometimes dishonest people would change the weights so that they could give less to their customers. God always gives a perfect amount, more, but never less.

Prov 20:12 A believer has been given both these.

Prov 20:14 The buyer tries to deceive the seller into thinking that he does not value his goods. But when he has them, then he boasts!

Prov 20:15 To know the Lord is the greatest possession we can have.

Prov 20:17 The pleasures of sin are only for a moment.

Prov 20:19 A person who flatters us will do us no good.

Prov 20:22 When we are wronged by a person, leave it to the Lord! He will save us. What He will do to the other person, we leave to Him.

Prov 20:24 The "man" here refers to an upright man who is a believer today.

Prov 20:25 Better to think a matter over before forming an opinion.

Prov 20:28 Mercy and truth come from God. When we confess and forsake a sin, we receive mercy from God, 28:13.

Prov 20:30 Sometimes a doctor has to do more probing which causes added pain. He knows that it is necessary in order to bring a good final result. So it is with God's dealings with us. When He sees something in our life which we may not be conscious of, He allows something painful to happen to cause us to listen. He knows the pain, but He also knows the good result, if we listen.


Look at yourself -- and be disappointed; look at others -- and be depressed; look at the Lord Jesus -- and be satisfied.


Prov 21:1-8 These eight verses show us that God not only sees every act a person does, but He sees the heart and the reason why a thing is done!

Prov 21:1 God reminds us that even a king's heart is in His hand.

Prov 21:2 People say "Let your conscience be your guide". Here we learn that everyone thinks they are doing right, and may not have a bad conscience about it. (Look back at comments on 20:30). Self-righteousness is a serious sin, and we're all guilty of it at times. But if we are sensitive to His Word then we will want to know what He sees in our heart. God's Word is the only guide we can use.

Prov 21:6 People may succeed in making money by telling lies, but in the end they will only be filled with frustration. Neither happy here, nor hereafter.

Prov 21:9 It would be a sad thing if any believing wife would be like this. But God gives wisdom on how to act, should a man find himself in this situation.

Prov 21:10 A selfish person finds his pleasure in doing evil; in his heart, he has no room for thoughts of his neighbours.

Prov 21:11 The two ways instruction is received. The wise person accepts instruction from the Bible.

Prov 21:14 A little gift calms even an angry person, if it is given without anyone else seeing it.

Prov 21:21 Three wonderful rewards.

Prov 21:24-3l Warnings worth reading carefully.


It is as natural for the spiritual man to pray as it is for the natural man to breathe.


Prov 22:1 What is good and right in God's eyes should be wanted by us rather than money.

Prov 22:2 How little difference there is between a rich person and a poor one!

Prov 22:6 Good early training will surely bring worthwhile results. God says so.

Prov 22:9 "Bountiful eye" means a person who notices that someone needs help, and gives it. God will bless that person.

Prov 22:15 Education today teaches that every child should be able to do what he wants. God says that we are born with a foolish heart. And that parents should punish children for disobedience. Some parents think that they are wiser than God.

Prov 22:17 To listen to a believer who lives close to the Lord is a good thing - to apply our hearts to God's knowledge is even better.

Prov 22:18 The wisdom of the world is not nearly as pleasant as God's wisdom. When we enjoy it, our lips are able to speak of it to others.

Prov 22:19 And the best of all is to trust in the Lord.

Prov 22:20 The believer is rich, because he has the treasures of God's Word.

Prov 22:22-28 These are things which we should not do.


There is a tremendous contrast between religion and salvation: Religion is man trying to reach up to God. Salvation is God reaching down to man.


Nothing is too small for God to take notice of in our life here on earth. So the first three verses tell us how to behave when we're invited to a meal at a rich person's home. In Daniel chapter 1, we have an example.

Prov 23:4-5 Warnings against trying to be rich so that we may have the luxuries of this world. Here God tells us that they are deceitful. They never satisfy anyone.

Prov 23:9-18 In contrast with the above, here we get God's wonderful wisdom for different things. How to behave before unbelievers (fools), towards our children, not to envy sinners (not to long to have what they have). For surely (God says) there is an end, a day of settling coming, and we believers shall not be disappointed.

Prov 23:19-22 Young people have lots of energy and they are liable to fall into these traps. Often they do not like to listen to their parents - read verse 22.

Prov 23:23 Money cannot buy truth. Only the heart of the believer can buy it. The price is giving up what we might naturally want. The world makes many bids to cause us to sell it!

Prov 23:26 God, (not a father) here speaks. He wants the main thing - the believer's heart.

Prov 23:27 And the contrast. Deep ditches and narrow pits are hard to get out of.

Prov 23:29-35 The sad picture of a person who loves drink. Notice the side effects.


Satan is to be avoided as a lion, dreaded as a serpent, and most, to be feared as an angel of light!


Prov 24:1-9 We believers are surrounded by a world that is very smart. It claims to have the answer to every problem - except the problem of sin. People may be clever and interesting, but what about their unsaved life? The believer has wisdom which no one else has. For it comes from God, and it is understood only when we have a good conscience.

Prov 24:10 "Little believing" means little strength. When someone laughs at us for believing in the Lord, then we discover how much reality there is.

Prov 24:11-12 We are to think of others besides ourselves. If we say we didn't notice it when someone was in trouble, the Lord knows whether we saw it or not!

Prov 24:16 Though a believer stumbles many times, he rises up. The unsaved person will perish forever.

Prov 24:19-20 We must not limit our thoughts to this world. This is not the end. The wicked may appear to be getting away with things, but there is an eternity ahead.

Prov 24:30-34 A warning against laziness. The weeds grow where the grain should. Note that his wall is broken down. The enemy can get in. He sleeps, there is not much for God in his life.


It is far safer to be in the storm with Christ, than to be in still water without Him


This is the 3rd section of the Book. It did not form part of it until the days of King Hezekiah nearly 3 centuries after the death of Solomon! Scribes must have collected them and wrote them out.

Prov 25:1 Additional wise sayings of Solomon.

Prov 25:2 God does not tell His secrets all at once. The greatest example is that God was going to have a bride for His Son, the Lord Jesus. Even He said nothing of this secret while He was here on earth.

Prov 25:4 God hates mixture. If the impurities (sins, wickedness, worldliness) are removed, then pure silver will be left. And this will be suited to God (the Refiner).

Prov 25:8 Don't be quick to try to get ahead of others. In the end you may be worse off.

Prov 25:9-10 Don't tell things to your neighbour that have been told to you confidentially. If you do, you may take a long time to get over your bad reputation.

Prov 25:11 On the other hand, if you speak carefully and helpfully to your neighbour it is here beautifully compared with apples of gold in pictures (or baskets) of silver.

Prov 25:12 A person who quietly speaks to another about something which is not right in His (or her)life, is compared with an ornament of fine gold.

Prov 25:14 When clouds appear in the sky in a very dry season, people expect that rain will come. So when a person speaks of making gifts, but fails to carry it out, he disappoints in the same way.

Prov 25:15 Great leaders are usually very set in their ideas. But even these can be persuaded by a softly spoken word.

Prov 25:16 Honey is a picture (in the Scriptures) of natural niceness. We are not to use too much of it. It will make us and others sick.

Prov 25:17 We should be neighbourly, but not overdo it!

Prov 25:21-22 The greatest part of these two verses is the last six words.

Prov 25:26 When a righteous person gives in to wickedness, it is like a quiet, clean pool when it gets disturbed. A lot of dirt is seen.

Prov 25:28 This verse tells us how very important self control is for a believer (the Apostle Paul tells how important it was for him - 1 Corinthians 9:20-21). Moses failed in this (Numbers 20). The apostle Paul uses the Lord Jesus as the perfect example (Read 2 Cor. 10:l).


I have never met a man who has given me as much trouble as myself.


Prov 26:1-12 A fool is mentioned quite a few times. Solomon lived long before there were Christians on earth. So he is speaking here about foolish people. A wise person was the opposite. Today, however, we understand things differently, because the Holy Spirit lives in the heart of every true believer, and teaches us. We also know that all unsaved people are surely foolish. However, we believers are often foolish too.

Prov 26:13-16 A slothful person is one who will not take his own responsibilities.

Prov 26:13 He imagines danger where there is none.

Prov 26:14 He turns in his bed as easily as a door turns on its hinges!

Prov 26:16 (A sluggard is a slow, lazy person). He does not need to learn. He knows all!

Prov 26:17-22 Getting mixed up in other people's affairs is a very serious evil. (As a believer, we are not to be busybodies).

Prov 26:20 If we don't carry a story about others the gossip is soon forgotten.

Prov 26:23 Real evil covered over with the appearance of good.

Prov 26:24-28 Deceiving others is a dreadful evil in the sight of God.


The trouble with a little sin is that it won't stay little.


Prov 27:1-2 Boasting is bad, because it takes glory away from God, and puts it on ourselves.

Prov 27:5-6 If we love a person we won't keep quiet when there is a fault seen in him. We will speak to him about it. We greatly value a friend who speaks to us about some wrong we have done.

Prov 27:8 The house is God's appointed place where the family gathers. Unhappy is the person who wants to leave home. Even a bird doesn't do it.

Prov 27:9 Just as perfume or ointment refresh a person, so does a friend who gives us good advice.

Prov 27:11 What father is not pleased when his son turns out well?

Prov 27:12 This is like a saved person. He sees the judgment of God ahead. He accepts Christ as his own Saviour, and hides in Him. The unsaved person does not bother about the future, and so he perishes.

Prov 27:18 If we are diligent about serving the Lord we shall reap the fruit in happiness, peace and contentment, and we shall be honoured.

Prov 27:19 A person's face, and the reflection of it in a mirror are the same, so the heart of everyone of us is exactly the same. A believer can never grow in his soul until he realizes how bad his old heart is. Romans 3:10-18.

Prov 27:20 Only the believer can be satisfied. And even he becomes dissatisfied when he looks around at things. An unsaved person can see nothing that ever satisfied him.

Prov 27:24 We soon grow old, and pass on. Only true riches (to know the Lord) last forever - 2 Corinthians 2:9.


Nothing shows more accurately what kind of a Christian we really are than the way in which we meet trials and difficulties.


Prov 28:1 The wicked person, having no peace with God, is frightened by things here. The believer has settled the future, so he is not afraid of the present.

Prov 28:4 We see this happening more and more. As the Bible is given up, wickedness is considered interesting. Read 14:9.

Prov 28:5 If the believer doesn't understand Scripture, it is because he is disobedient about something in it, which he does understand. The more he lives to please the Lord, the more he shall understand the Bible.

Prov 28:9 If we do not obey God's Word, this is what God says our prayers are. Read also Psalm 66:18.

Prov 28:10 It is a very serious thing if we cause another believer to go back into a worldly life, but a lovely promise for the opposite.

Prov 28:13 If we hide our sins and do not confess them to the Lord, we cannot count on the Lord to help us. This is why so many believers are confused. But we shall receive mercy if we confess and forsake our sins.

Prov 28:14 Fear of the Lord is not to be afraid of Him, but to be afraid to offend or disobey Him.

Prov 28:17 To be guilty of having willfully had a part in the destruction of an innocent person is a dreadful thing. Judas would be an example of this.

Prov 28:19 The Lord wants all His children to be diligent. If we are, we shall have a full, happy and contented life. But the opposite shall come to us if we keep company with careless people.

Prov 28:20 A faithful man is not likely to accumulate great wealth in a world like ours today. But in his heart he is going to enjoy his great blessings (which every believer has, but so often doesn't enjoy).

Prov 28:21 To play up to people because they are something is not good for a believer.

Prov 28:26 We cannot trust our own heart. Only God's Word can be trusted. Notice the opposite. (It does not say "He that does not trust in his own heart is wise"). But more positively, "he that walketh wisely".


God's love does not always keep us from trials, but it is a love that always keeps us through trials.


Prov 29:1 When we are stubborn and do not wish to do what God's Word tells us, we had better remember this verse.

Prov 29:2 The last part of this verse is becoming true these days.

Prov 29:5 Insincere flattery will later bring trouble.

Prov 29:15 Modern educators say that children should not be punished, but God knows better. Whom do you follow?

Prov 29:16 Wickedness is surely on the increase these days, but the believer will be with the Lord when the unsaved will perish.

Prov 29:17 Wonderful promise for fathers and mothers!

Prov 29:22 It is not a good sign when a believer get angry quickly.

Prov 29:25 To be afraid of what people may say about us is a sure sign we are not trusting the Lord. He who fears God will not fear men. He is courageous.

Prov 29:26 Many try to keep in good with the boss, but real knowledge and help come from the Lord.


Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.


Prov 30:1 These last two chapters are instructions from God through other men.

Prov 30:2-4 This man takes a very humble and low place.

Prov 30:5-6 We may not touch a word of the Old or the New Testaments. Turn to Deuteronomy 4:2 and Revelation 22:18-19. Psalm 119:128 says that everything in it is perfect.

Prov 30:15-16 Four things that are never satisfied, they never say "enough".

Prov 30:17 To make fun (even in our heart) of a father, to hate to obey a mother, shall not escape the judgment of God.

Prov 30:18-19 These four things are miracles which come from God.

Prov 30:24-27 Great lessons. The ant teaches us to prepare for the future.

Prov 30:26 The conies are weak animals, yet live in strong places - the rocks. (We believers are not strong people, yet our life is hidden in Christ the Rock - 1 Samuel 2:2).

Prov 30:27 Believers are all equal. No king here on earth, and yet we are all guided by the Holy Spirit, the unseen power. Believers don't need leaders to worship God.

Prov 30:28 The last place we should expect to find spiders is in king's palaces. Each believer is a citizen of heaven, in a position entirely different from anything on earth. We should be living each day as if we realized this. Philippines 3:20 and Col. 3:2.


He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose.

PROVERBS 31, Verses 1-9

Scripture doesn't tell us who King Lemuel was, but his words are very important.

Prov 31:3 The man is the head of the family. When the wife tries to take over this authority, there is always an unhappy home.

Prov 31:4-7 The second warning is against drinking. Many warnings in this book about this subject. Drinking drowns, but it does not solve life's problems - only Christ can.

Prov 31:8-9 If we opened our mouth instead for these things we would please the Lord.


Those who joyfully leave everything in God's hand will eventually see God's hand in everything.

PROVERBS 31, Verses 10-31

Today each of you women and girls can enjoy a special treat in reading these 21 verses. The subject is what a virtuous (worthwhile, thrifty, devoted, dependable, honest) woman is in the sight of God. What a subject! Let's look.

Prov 31:10-12 She is one who can be counted on in an emergency. She is capable and energetic, with a keen sense of the privilege and responsibility of running a home. Her worth can't be compared with jewels.

Prov 31:13-15 She finds her deepest joy in loving service for her family, weaving with her own hands. She is constantly making provisions, like the treasures which ships bring from distant lands.

Prov 31:16-18 She is adding to the value of the home. She realizes the importance of being watchful as well as energetic, so the light doesn't go out in the house.

Prov 31:19-21 "Her hands", "her hand" (many times). She also thinks of the needy people around the neighborhood. Cold weather doesn't slow her down.

Prov 31:22-24 Her husband too is a respected person. Her good judgment brings credit to him.

Prov 31:25-27 No wonder she will rejoice later. Notice that her mouth is mentioned only once.

Prov 31:28-29 The children take time to realize her worth. Her husband has praise for her.

Prov 31:30-31 Here is the secret of her devoted life... she fears the Lord! The 7th verse of the first chapter of this Book of Proverbs tells us what it is the beginning of. Look it up for yourself.

Prov 31:30 Some people may pride themselves in their looks - but is there true character behind the charm? Possibly the last verse gives us a hint of the judgment-seat of Christ when all our actions will be weighed by God. May we redeem the time for the days are evil.


by Norman Berry - 1911-2001
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