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People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.


Obad 1:1 The Spirit in the prophets constantly looks beyond Israel and Judah, taking notice of the nations of the Gentiles. "An ambassador", as Obadiah speaks, "is sent among the heathen", now and again. So, Nahum was sent to Nineveh, and now Obadiah is sent to Edom.

Obad 1:3 The world was Esau's part, while Israel was still a stranger and a pilgrim. Esau's children were dukes and kings also, and had their cities; were settled, as in the clefts of the rocks, where eagles made their nests; while Jacob's children were homeless wanderers in strange lands.
Esau was a profane man. He sold his part in the Lord for a some pottage (porridge). He set his heart on the present life.

Obad 1:10-14 Esau (or Edom) was glad in the day of Jacob's captivity... "in the day of their calamity". He rejoiced in the fall of Jerusalem under the sword of the Chaldean. Moab might have been a dwelling-place for the captives of Zion (Isa.16:4), but Edom stood in the way to cut them off.

Obad 1:12-14 Seven things Esau "should not" have done.

Obad 1:21 When the mount of Esau is punished, then salvation shall rejoice on mount Zion, and holiness find its sanctuary there, (in the millennium).


by Norman Berry - 1911-2001
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