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Creation is the work of God's fingers (Ps.8:3)...punishment of the wicked the work of God's Hand (Ps 39:10)... salvation the work of God's Arm (Ps 77:1).

Nahum 1

This book was written about 150 years after the book of Jonah. Try to get the meaning of it. One view, we see that it is about the city of Nineveh... but the whole story is a type of what is going to happen to this same enemy in a still future day.

Nah 1:7 What a wonderful promise! May we lay hold of it.

Nah 1:15 We also find this verse in Is.52:7, speaking of the beautiful feet of the Lord. Nahum means "the Lord's affliction"; and in verse 9 we see that His "affliction shall not rise up the second time." The Lord's work on the cross was completed once and forever. Now connect this with Gen. 41:52.


Each day has its work, its warfare, and its wants; we should therefore bear in mind every morning: I rise to work for God, to war against all that opposes God, and to obtain a supply of grace for all my wants from God.

Nahum 2

We read about the city of Nineveh, that had been spared at the time of Jonah. But now, about 150 years later, the city has gone back to idol worshipping. God is very angry with this city. And Judah was equally guilty of idolatry.

Nah 2:6 The river may be the Tigris river. The dams would be broken.

Nah 2:7 "Huzzab", is a symbolical name for Nineveh. We hear a great deal about Iran and Iraq, that is where that city was. Those countries will be some of the enemies who will attack Israel in the Tribulation.

Nah 2:8-13 Refer to God's punishment that would soon take place for their great wickedness. (Today, the world is becoming even more wicked and violent, so let us be as separate from it as possible.)

Chap. 3:8 Probably refers to Egypt... "whose rampart was the sea", or the river Nile.


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