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Many things are opened by mistake, but none more often than the mouth. (Psalm 19:4)

Malachi 1

Malachi means "My messenger".

The last of our five books telling of the conditions of that little group which returned to Jerusalem about 475 years before the Lord Jesus came to earth. They too became generally careless, and so the prophet Malachi is raised up by God to stir up the people. It is like a conversation between God and His people. They had sunk down to a very low state. Only with the outward form were they worshipping God. He in mercy, grace and love, had brought His people back from captivity. Yet they were so forgetful and disobedient! What a debt they owed to God! The Lord desires to find in us a heart that looks to Him each day.

Mal 1:1-2 He had to remind them! They ask Him in what way He loved them! They were insensible to the Lord's authority.

Mal 1:6 The priests despised His Name! They ask Him how they did this.

Mal 1:7 They brought unclean bread to His altar! They ask, when! They had gone far away from God and weren't even conscious of it. Many believers today are the same. The Lord was just about to come then... and did. He is about to come again... and will. Are we looking for Him?


We are prisoners of a lifetime of choices and the consequences of them.

Malachi 2

Mal 2:1-10 The priests who ought to have been guides to the people, are next spoken to. God had raised up the priests to be His messengers and the go-between God and His people. He had made an agreement with them that he would bless them if they glorified God.

Mal 2:7 (Each believer today is a priest - 1 Peter 2:5. We have the mind of Christ - 1 Cor. 2:16. We have wisdom from God - 1 John 2:20).

Mal 2:11-13 Religious evils. Do you realize the great distance believers have departed from God in religious evils? The Lord calls us back - 2 Tim. 2:21.

Mal 2:14-17 Unfaithfulness to God and His Word is pictured by unfaithfulness in the marriage relationship. If we are friendly with those who do not follow the Lord, we are unfaithful to Him!


People tend to move along the path of their expectations.

Malachi 3

Mal 3:1-6 The messenger who was going to announce the coming of the Lord Jesus was John the Baptist. (This was written hundreds of years before John was born.)

Mal 3:14 We hear this these days - "What is the use of trying to please the Lord? It hasn't helped, so I'm going to live to please myself!"

Mal 3:15 People today are dulled into thinking they are happy, just as then.

Mal 3:16-18 Yet God saw a little group of people which feared the Lord, and got together and spoke about and enjoyed the Lord!

In these 4 chapters, "His Name or My Name" occur 9 times. What a precious Name! (See also Ps. 89:7)
Notice the promises, make them your own. We will have the ability to discern what is really righteous and what is wicked. But these verses are referring to when the Lord shall appear before the world in a yet future time. Then He will be coming to judge all the wickedness.


Conscience is a good "policeman" but a poor guide. Never go against your conscience, but let your conscience be guided by the Word of God.

Malachi 4

Mal 4:1 But God is holy, and He tells us the end of the wicked. Punishment is on the way!

Mal 4:2 But! What a contrast for these people!

Mal 4:5-6 A man shall arise before the Lord comes in glory. (Not for us - there is no event to take place before He comes for us.) He will call the people to repentance before the great and terrible day of the Lord Jesus comes. Some will listen to him. So the Old Testament closes with the promise of the rising of the Sun of Righteousness, the Lord Jesus, coming in power. (The New Testament closes with the promise of His coming as the Morning Star - for us.)


by Norman Berry - 1911-2001
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