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Sympathy is feeling your pain in my heart.

Luke 1, Verses 1-38

We start to read today a sweet and tender book by a doctor who shows us these qualities on every page. Some unbelievers say that it is not necessary to be inspired to write history. Just tell the facts, they say. But the historian might not be correct in some details. But God's Word is inspired (God-breathed) (2 Tim. 3:16) and so it is a perfect record of the facts.

This Gospel presents Christ as the "Son of Man", and so we'll see references to all the world being blessed. Not only Israel, as so often in Matthew. For instance only Luke in 2:3l quotes Ps. 98:2. Also only Luke (in 3:6) quotes Isa. 40:5. "All flesh" means all nationalities, and only Luke of all the Gospels has the words "redeemed" or "redemption" in it. And unbelievers sometimes say "only men wrote the Bible, not God".

Lk 1:1-4 Truth is always absolute, unbending. The Bible is hated by unbelievers because it is so positive. Read this one sentence for an example of this. Notice the words "declaration", "surely", "eyewitnesses", "the beginning", "the word", "perfect", "understanding", "all things", "very first", "know", "certainty". What positive words! It lives on and abides forever. 1 Peter 1:23. But not only this Book of Luke is inspired and perfect, but read the following verses to see that the whole Bible confirms itself to be inspired by God. 2 Peter l:21 about the Old Testament and chapter 3:2 and 16 and Jude 17 for the New Testament.

Lk 1:5-25 The birth of John - the messenger who was to prepare the way for the Lord Jesus to make His appearance on this earth.

Lk 1:26-38 When we were reading in the Book of Daniel, we learned that this mighty angel had come from God in heaven to tell Daniel the great secrets of the future. (Dan. 8:15-19 and 9:21). But today we read of the same Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God, verse 19 of our chapter, and suddenly the heavens open and Gabriel comes to the home of the poor unknown virgin of Nazareth! We are able to hear the very conversation Mary had with this heavenly visitor. Read the words slowly. She believes everything the angel Gabriel told her. She is to be the mother of the Son of God. The angel leaves.


Some Christians may do nothing, but no Christian has nothing to do.

Luke 1, Verses 39-79

Lk 1:39-45 Mary goes to visit her cousin Elizabeth who is to give birth to John the Baptist. We can read the wonderful conversation between these two favored women. But notice that the subject is of the child to be born to Mary, not Elizabeth. Notice in this chapter the mention of God, the Lord, Holy Ghost, Jesus, Son of the Highest, Lord God, Son of God, and God my Saviour. What a story!

Lk 1:46-55 Mary takes a very low and humble place. And her full heart said, "God is my Saviour". She needed and trusted in a Saviour too!

Lk 1:68-79 The 67th verse had said that Zacharias, a priest, Elizabeth's husband, began to prophecy, or say profound things by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Lk 1:68-75 Amazing words which tie Old Testament prophecies to their fulfillment in the birth of the Lord Jesus. Notice in the margin of your Bible (if you have a King James version), the many, many references to the Old Testament verses mentioned. If you have time, turn to them. You'll see how wonderfully the Bible all fits together.

Lk 1:76-79 The father addresses his son John.

Lk 1:80 John disappears into the deserts for many years until we read of him in Matt. 3:1.


No garment is more becoming to a child of God than the cloak of humility.

Luke 2, Verses 1-24

We all love this wonderful story - the birth of Jesus. In the Old Testament there are 333 prophecies concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. Of these l09 were fulfilled in His first coming, leaving 224 prophecies to be fulfilled concerning His future coming(s). 333 reasons to show we can trust Him! Of the 46 Old Testament prophets, less than ten of them write of events concerning His first coming, while over 36 write of His second coming. Micah 5:2 prophesied that He would be born in Bethlehem, Isaiah 7:14 tells that He would be born to a virgin, and Daniel 9:25 foretells us when he would be born (about 450 years later). Yet unbelievers today pay no attention to these three facts.

Lk 2:1-6 The Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus orders that everyone has to go to their own home town to "register". And so it comes to pass that Joseph and Mary are in Bethlehem when Jesus is born. Was that something that came by chance into the mind of Caesar at that time? We know Who caused him to decide to do this just at that date!

Lk 2:7 & 13 There was no room for Jesus to be born at the inn, but all heaven rejoices at His birth.

Lk 2:14 A grand summary of the work of Christ. The first Adam, through disobedience, caused the whole human race to fall into sin, suffering and death. Through sin, all the violence, misery and death has come to this poor world. God lost His satisfaction in man in the garden of Eden. But now He announces that He is glorified in heaven, peace shall come on this earth and His good pleasure in men is re-established through this One who has just been born, Jesus, His beloved Son. Glorious verse.

Lk 2:15-18 The shepherds, seeing the angels disappear into the sky, decide on action. Immediately, they go to the very stable where the infant Jesus lay. The wise men had been guided, so were the shepherds. So will we, if we want to see Jesus!

Lk 2:19 The others may wonder what all these great events meant, but Mary had the secret in her heart.

Lk 2:20-24 It is hard to go quickly over these wonderful verses. The shepherds understood and gave God the glory. Jesus is named. Take time to read Lev. 12:1-4 to see how carefully the Old Testament order was obeyed in this family. (See if you can find the 40 days there).


The Bible is the only book whose Author is always present when it is read.

Luke 2, Verses 25-52

Lk 2:25-32 The Holy Spirit (the Holy Ghost) is mentioned 11 times in Luke's gospel (more than other Gospels). Here a godly man is told by the Holy Ghost that he won't die until he sees "the Lord's Christ". What a statement! The Holy Spirit guides him into the temple (not the stable) on the exact day when the parents bring in the child Jesus.

Lk 2:28 Simeon takes the Saviour of the world in his arms and thanks God.

Lk 2:29-32 Ele details the work which God, the Father has given His Son to do. It stretches into eternity! (Simeon was a listener too, for that's what his name means. May we too be listeners!)

Lk 2:33-34 Simeon blesses Joseph and Mary, but only speaks to Mary. (Joseph is prominent in Matthew's Gospel, but Mary in Luke).

Lk 2:35 At the cross, the heart of God was revealed in love - the heart of Satan was revealed in fierce hate and the heart of man revealed in rejection. But one heart - the heart of the thief, was revealed in confessing Jesus as Lord.

Lk 2:36-38 An old widow named Anna recognizes Him!

Lk 2:41-52 The Lord Jesus surprises His mother by speaking of "My Father's business" - for God was His Father, and His business was to do the will of God His Father. These are the first recorded words of the Lord Jesus. Notice how closely they are connected with His last recorded words (John 19:30).


Grace does not offer freedom to sin; it offers freedom from sin.

Luke 3

Lk 3:1-2 Notice three things. (1) the whole political world in motion (v. 1); (2) the confusion of the Jewish religion (two high priests); and (3) "the word" coming out of the wilderness (not the temple).

Lk 3:3 All the prophets of the Old Testament had tried to lead the disobedient nation back to the law and to the ordinances given by God. But all had failed.

Lk 3:7 John knows that their hearts are not right, and speaks very sternly. This is not Christian baptism, though performed in the same way. This was a baptism of repentance, for the Messiah was coming. The only way He could be received was by repentance.

Lk 3:16 John makes it very plain that he is glad to be only the messenger.

Lk 3:22 Of course there was no need of repentance with the Lord Jesus, but God shows His approval of what was being done. We see the Trinity here.

Lk 3:23-28 The genealogy of the Lord Jesus goes back to Adam because Luke's gospel presents Christ as Son of Man, to the whole world. (Matthew's to the Jews, goes back only to Abraham).


When God is going to do something wonderful, He'll often begin with a difficulty.

Luke 4

Lk 4:1 Remember, and remember that the Lord Jesus is, at the same time, GOD and a Man. He always was GOD, the Son of God, but He became a Man only when He came to this earth and was born in a stable at Bethlehem in Israel. The Bible is the written Word, He is the Living Word. (Read in John's Gospel - chapter 1 verse 1) Now, as a Man, He felt physically everything that any other man feels... hunger, thirst, tiredness, how people treated Him, and so on. Our first verse tells us that He "was led", and "tempted" of the devil; verse 5 says the devil taking (or leading) Him; verse 9 says "he" (the devil) brought Him, and "set Him" etc. As a Man He depended entirely on God (read Heb. 4:15).

Lk 4:2-13 Adam had been tempted and he failed. The fruit of the tree in Genesis was said to be "good for food" (the lust of the flesh) "pleasant to the eye" (the lust of the eye) and a "tree to be desired to make one wise" (the pride of life). This appealed to Adam and he fell. Now the Lord meets the same three temptations "make these stones bread" (the lust of the flesh), "all this power will I give thee and the glory" (the lust of the eye), "cast thyself down from this pinnacle" (the pride of life). But the Lord Jesus did not fail - nor could He fail, for He was God manifest in flesh, and He was and ever is, HOLY. The Lord met each temptation with a quotation from the Scriptures. Deut. 8:3l, 6:13, and Psalm 9l:11, l2. We also have the Word of God to direct and guide us. Use it quickly when you are tempted, by the same devil! But you need to be reading it each day in order to be familiar with it.

Lk 4:16-20 In Isaiah 61, verses 1 & 2, you will see that the Lord stopped reading in the middle of the sentence. Because He would bear that vengeance Himself for us! But if people reject Him, God's vengeance will surely fall on them (Rev. 19:11-l3 and John 3:36).

Lk 4:29 He had just begun to preach and His words were "gracious" (verse 22), yet they tried to get rid of Him, because He mentions blessings to Gentiles (verses 25-27).

Lk 4:33-34 He keeps on preaching and healing and blessing - what a wonderful Saviour!


True faith is not just believing that God can, it is knowing that God will.

Luke 5

Lk 5:1-7 He asks for the use of the boat, but afterwards He pays them!

Lk 5:5 We may work very hard, and have nothing to show for it. But when we obey Him, without reasoning, what results!

Lk 5:8-11 Peter realizes that he is in the presence of the Lord, and he confesses that he is sinful. Jesus knew all this, so He didn't depart!

Lk 5:11 These same men, James and John and Peter, forsook all and followed Jesus!

Lk 5:12-15 A poor leper who really believed that the Lord had the power to heal, but didn't know whether He really cared or not, fell on his face before Jesus. Are we doing this when we have problems?

Lk 5:17 Read carefully. The Lord was there to heal the Pharisees and teachers of the law, but they didn't realize they needed healing!

Lk 5:18-26 What a contrast! These realized their condition and had confidence that Jesus could help them. In this event, we see the faith of the men carrying the bed toward the house where Jesus was speaking, more than the faith of the man on the bed. Crowds and difficulties don't discourage them, they carry him up onto the roof and break a hole in it to let down the man!

Lk 5:20 What words to hear!

Lk 5:2l What hard hearts!

Lk 5:22-24 What blessed words come from the lips of the lowly Lord Jesus!

Lk 5:26 But God was given the glory!


When we worry, we believe more in our problems than in God's promise.

Luke 6, Verses 1-19

Lk 6:1-12 The "Sabbath", (Saturday) was the day set apart by God for rest, and specially given to the Jews. They had really already rejected Him, so He tells them that He is "Lord of the Sabbath". He did right to heal on the Sabbath. This made those religious leaders terribly angry. The Lord on the cross was dead all day Saturday, proving that that day of rest was finished, because they had killed the Lord. But on the first day of the week, Sunday, the Lord's day, He rose from the dead, and brought believers into a new position. So we can understand that the first day of the week is set apart for true believers, and it is called "the Lord's Day". It is not a day of rest, but a day when we have the special privilege of worshipping and serving the Lord.

Lk 6:13-16 He chooses 12 of those who followed Him, whom He calls apostles.

Lk 6:17-19 Many come to be healed, but it does not say they truly believed on Him.


Christians please God when their walk measures up to their talk.

Luke 6, Verses 20-44

Lk 6:20-26 The Lord Jesus tells His followers that they should not expect to be popular, but to expect suffering. For if the people rejected the Lord, they would also reject His followers. Notice the word "blessed" is mentioned three times, and then "rejoice" and "joy" and "reward". But the word "woe" is mentioned four times. Then "hunger", "mourn" and "weep".

Lk 6:23-28 These verses are not telling a person how to get saved, (that is a gift from God, through the work of Christ). But we believers should remember we have the power to act as the Lord Jesus would act, in every circumstance (John 1:12). If we read these verses slowly, we shall see that He fulfilled them, and so should we - to please Him. We believers are blessed. These verses tell us to love, do good to, and pray for those that reject the truth.

Lk 6:39-42 What a lesson for all believers to learn. How critical of others we often are!

Lk 6:43-49 We live today in a world where everything is becoming blurred... nothing is definite...people aren't sure about anything... anything goes... there are few "absolutes". But these seven verses tell us that trees, bushes and people produce what they are. What is in our heart will come out in our conversation and our life.


You cannot kindle a fire in another's heart until it is burning in your own.

Luke 7

Lk 7:1-10 The Roman officer, the centurion, believes that Jesus could heal his servant; taking a humble attitude, he approaches Jesus through the Jews. The message is beautiful. Like saying to Jesus, "Servants are at my bidding, but diseases are at yours." Look at the result!

Lk 7:11-17 He not only can heal the sick, He can also raise the dead. Notice verse 15, that the mother was a lonely widow, the Lord did not raise the young man so that he would be His servant, but tenderly turns the raised up young man to his mother.

Lk 7:19-30 John, that faithful messenger, is in prison and he hears of the miracles which the Lord is doing. No doubt he wondered why the Lord did not open the prison doors and let him out, and so he sends messengers to find out if the Lord is truly the One who should come. John had said "Behold the Lamb of God" (John 1:36) but being in prison was too much for John. The Lord sends them back to tell John not to be offended. (Do you see His answering the prayers of others, and seeming to forget you? He knows where you are, and what you may be suffering, and some day we shall understand.)

Lk 7:36-50 Who received forgiveness and blessing? A poor sinful woman, who bowed, weeping at His blessed feet. And who missed it all? The proud Pharisee who could quickly point out a sinner, but not point to himself as one. It was not her love, but her faith which saved her.


Our efficiency without Christ's sufficiency is only deficiency.

Luke 8, Verses 1-21

Briefly, chapter 8 is the Lord's preaching; chapter 9 the preaching of the twelve apostles; chapter 10 the preaching of the seventy.

Lk 8:1-3 He takes men and women with Him who had been attracted to Him. Did you ever stop and think how amazing it is that God the Creator has come to earth to preach the kingdom of God! He has a plan that will meet every need we believers could ever have! What a world! A world which is in total rebellion against God!

Lk 8:4-15 Do you think you have found the secret of this parable of the Sower? It is to expose what man is, the seed was always the same, but the dropping of the seed here and there was to expose what the soil was like. Every type of person in the world is seen as the different soils. The first is the roadway (where the devil is waiting). The second is the rocks (where the old nature comes out). The third is the thorny ground (where the world dominates everything). The fourth is the good ground (where the Holy Spirit is working).

Lk 8:16 We who know the Lord Jesus, should not hide that light. If the light is under a vessel, or a bed, it surely doesn't light the way. Perhaps a vessel would remind us of our work - and we should never let our work keep us from shining for the Lord. The bed tells us of our laziness - we ought to be diligent in letting our light shine.


He who walks with God will be out of step with the world.

Luke 8, Verses 22-40

Lk 8:22-25 Perhaps we find ourselves in real trouble, and it seems as though the Lord has forgotten about us. The storm rages worse and worse, and at last we despair of any hope. But always remember, the Lord will never let us be tried more than we can stand - read 1 Corinthians 10:13.

Lk 8:26-40 What a frightful condition this poor man is in - but nothing is too hard for the Lord. The Lord sends him to his own people to tell them of Jesus. Did he do a faithful work? Verse 40 gives the answer.


Natural life came by God's breath; eternal life comes by Christ's death.

Luke 9

Lk 9:1-6 How great is the love of our Lord Jesus, Who not only goes about with the good news (chapter 8) but sends others too to spread it far and wide.

Lk 9:10 The disciples return with the news of their labors and He takes them away to a desert place. He knew that they needed rest - though His own labours never stopped.

Lk 9:11-17 The Lord knew what He would do, but He tests their faith. The little that you have, He can use for much blessing.

Lk 9:18-22 Something new! Peter truthfully confessed the Lord as "the Christ of God". Then the Lord Jesus tells them of His coming rejection and death.

Lk 9:23 Notice one important word in this verse, "daily". Martyrs have died for the faith, and their reward will be great. You may not face that, but you can "daily" take up that cross and follow the Lord.

Lk 9:28-36 We come now to a very different event. The Lord Jesus takes three of His apostles (notice who) up into a mountain (notice what to do). While He was doing it, His whole appearance changed, His face and His clothing were brilliant with shining... it was a brief view of what the Lord Jesus is going to be like in His kingdom glory which He will set up on this earth during His l,000 year reign as King. Two other men suddenly appear. Who are they? They had been alive about 1,500 years before! There they were, talking with Jesus about (notice carefully!) His death. Notice what the three apostles were doing! (like us?) Peter suggests a dreadful thing. But hear what God says right out loud from heaven! We should never put the Lord Jesus on the same level as people. But godly men have done something like this when they use men's names for denominations.


The sweetness of a calm is better known when the storm is raging without.

Luke 10, Verses 1-20

Lk 10:1-16 This time, He sends out seventy (we don't get this in Matthew. Luke's gospel is more to the whole human race). The cities that reject those messengers are terribly guilty, for verse 16 tells us that it is truly the Lord Himself that they are rejecting. There is still that same rejection. It is a serious thing in the sight of God, to refuse a word of warning or of invitation.

Lk 10:20 There are many honoured names on the earth, but they will all fade away. Let us thank God that our name (who have received the Lord Jesus) is written in heaven.


To be a witness to the fact that Christ lives means to be a witness to the fact that I died.

Luke 10, Verses 21-42

Lk 10:21 What beautiful submission. He had been rejected, and was on the way to the cross, but He looked up with thankfulness to the One who had sent Him. We can say the same thing.

Lk 10:25-37 What a picture of ourselves on the wrong downward road, and of the Lord Jesus who came right where we were and brought such blessing to us, And that poor man was taken to a place of shelter and nourishment, where he was cared for until the return of the Samaritan. So our Lord, who has saved us, would invite us to be gathered to His own precious name, where in such an assembly, we can be sheltered and nourished on the Word of God until the Lord comes for us.

Lk 10:42 Oh to sit at His feet and listen to His Word!


Believers do not walk in holiness because they must, but because they wish to do so.

Luke 11, Verses 1-26

Lk 11:1 The Lord, as a dependent Man, prayed much, and His disciples ask that they also might be taught how to pray. They did not yet know how to simply speak with thanks and with requests to their Father. When we pray to God our Father, we are showing that we realize how much we need Him. When Satan sees us kneeling in prayer, he knows we are talking with God and then we are more able to resist him. 1 Peter 5:8 & 9.

Lk 11:2-4 Many Christians don't realize that "the Lord's prayer", was given to His disciples here on earth before the Lord had died and was risen. They were praying for the kingdom of God on earth to come. It hasn't come yet. We believers today are an heavenly people, our hopes and future are in heaven. After we're taken to heaven at the "rapture", the gospel that Jesus is coming back as King, will be preached to those people who never heard the Gospel of the grace of God in our "day of grace". Then those believers will pray this prayer - "Thy kingdom come". And He will return (with us following Him) to reign over this earth during the l,000 years of the millennium. What a wonderful future is ours. It's worth the little, or much, we suffer for Him now. We are now redeemed and can by the Spirit, speak to our loving Father in words of our own.

Lk 11:5-13 The Lord compares a man at midnight asking his friends for three loaves of bread, with our asking our Father for our needs. Selfishness kept the man from giving bread, until the other person's persistence bothered him so much, he finally produced the bread. Our Father is always ready... "ask and it shall be given you".

Lk 11:14-26 The hatred of the heart of man against the Lord! In verse 21 the devil is the strong man. His "goods" are the unbelievers whom he claims. But the Lord is "stronger than he" and so He has come to deliver Satan's captives and set them free.

Lk 11:15 Is an illustration of perverted religion and verse 16 like infidelity.

Lk 11:23 The conflict of the ages is proclaimed... God or Satan. One or the other, no compromise.


Obedience to known commands, and brotherly love, are not sufficient to keep us for any length of time. Conduct, obedience, devotedness and service, should flow from love, and unless it be in exercise our activity soon comes to an end.

Luke 11, Verses 27-53

Lk 11:27-28 Laying the emphasis on the wrong person. This woman was thinking of the mother of Jesus more than of Him. Read 1:46, 47 to see that Mary had her values straight. She recognized that Jesus her Saviour was the most important One.

Lk 11:31-32 Two comparisons... King Solomon was an example (very feeble) of the great height of exaltation of Christ, while Jonah was an example of the depth to which the Lord went, in bearing our punishment.

Lk 11:33-36 A contrast between a "single" eye and an "evil" eye. To have a single eye means that I have just one object before me and that is to please the Lord Jesus, and obey His Word. All other motives are relatively "evil".

Lk 11:37-44 The Lord is invited to dinner by a Pharisee who notices that Jesus doesn't go through the washing custom before eating. Here the Lord speaks very sharply to these religious leaders for their hypocrisy. He doesn't spare them. Why do you think He spoke like this? Because a greater than Solomon or Jonas (Jonah) was there in front of them and they didn't recognize Him... the blessed, lowly, gracious, loving and long-promised Christ (the Messiah), the Son of God. In His perfect life of obedience to God, they had everything they needed to prove Who He is, and they despised Him! (Read John 1:10-11).

Lk 11:45-52 The lawyers (the experts in the law) join in against Him. The Lord exposes their false life too.

Lk 11:53-54 We can see from these verses that they are preparing to destroy Him. Before we close this chapter, please notice five statements in it. In verse 20, "the finger of God" and "the kingdom of God", in verse 28, "the Word of God", in verse 42, "the love of God", and in verse 49, "the wisdom of God". Five links in a wonderful chapter.


The moral glories of Christ are the manifestations of His character at every turn here below in His pathway.

Luke 12, Verses 1-30

Lk 12:4-5 The Lord Jesus was going to be put to death, and so were some of His followers. But He tells them not to fear men who could kill the body - but to fear God, who could cast a lost soul into hell.

Lk 12:6-7 Then He speaks to their hearts and turns their thoughts away from fear entirely and speaks of the loving care that God had for them.

Lk 12:8-12 What wonderful promises - confess their name before His Father if they confessed the name of Jesus to people (Are we ashamed?)

Lk 12:13-15 Jesus wasn't on earth to settle someone's inheritance! They need to beware of being like the rich fool.

Lk 12:16-21 This poor, rich man thought only of himself.

Lk 12:13-21 The world has rejected the Lord, the only truly righteous One, and so even to this day, we see much that is unfair and unjust. Let us not set our hearts on things that will soon be left behind.


Never does the Lord allow anything in our lives but what He has a definite purpose for it.

Luke 12, Verses 31-59

Lk 12:32 See if you notice the three different groups in one verse (1) A Shepherd with His flock (2) ? & (3) ?

Lk 12:31-48 We can see in the last verses we were reading yesterday, and these sixteen verses that a personal trust in the Lord is needed and not to be anxious about food and clothing (verses 3l, 32).

Lk 12:34 What a treasure we have in our Lord Jesus up there in heaven itself. If our treasure is in heaven, and He is, that's where our heart is going to be.

Lk 12:35-40 And heaven is where He is coming from. Don't forget. If we really believe that the Lord is coming at any moment, our life will show it. In each of verses 37 and 43 there is a promise of blessing. But do you see the difference?

Lk 12:49-53 People today discuss religion as if it were a theory on which they can have several opinions. These verses tell us that the Person of the Lord Jesus is the One central Object of life. For or against HIM... no third way. Read these verses to see what GOD says. Not only our Christian friends may turn against us if we are too much for HIM, but even our own brothers and sisters. And isn't it so? To follow the Lord, sometimes brings hate, and fire and division, not peace. His grace brought out the opposition.


"Go to the church of your choice" is the root thought of heresy.

Luke 13

Lk 13:1-5 The Lord seems to have Israel as a nation in mind, its hypocrisy and rebellion, and God's patience and heart of love toward it. These were no more wicked than the whole nation.

Lk 13:6-9 The fig tree is another picture of Israel; it had no fruit for the Lord. For three years (the time of the Lord's presence and preaching among them), they had hated Him and not repented. And so even after the Lord was crucified, He waited and sent messages of forgiveness. But they rejected them all, and stoned Stephen who warned them so faithfully. Now, as a nation, they have been "cut-off".(Not the individual Jewish people).

Lk 13:11-13 All this poor woman could see was the ground around her feet... a picture of Israel. The Lord touches her, and she stands up straight, and looks into the face of Jesus! What a picture of what He will do for Israel in the future.

Lk 13:23 Sounds like a sensible question, but sometimes such questions are simply an attempt to get away from the question "am I saved?"

Lk 13:34-35 He loves the people, even though He knew that they hated Him and would very soon crucify Him. He looked back on their history and knew all about those who had been sent in past years and had been killed.


All sin is against God. It is only in the presence of the Lord that we learn what sin is. When you get into His presence you are going to abhor self.

Luke 14

Lk 14:1-6 In today's chapter nothing satisfies Him, nothing is according to His mind. If we are close to Him, we will be thinking the same. The Lord is invited into a Pharisees' house, and at once He feels that He is opposed by those there. The house is surely a picture of man's world. He notices a poor man suffering from dropsy. He asks them a question. They wanted to trap Him in His words so they hypocritically keep silent. He heals the man, then asks them a question. Some question! He exposes their wicked hearts - and ours.

Lk 14:7-11 The Lord notices that the guests chose the best possible seats! Like our old nature? Yes indeed. If you could see the world today through God's eyes, you would see exactly the same sight. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.

Lk 14:12-14 The Lord now looks at the host. But he is no different! Selfishness in another form! If the Lord had acted this way toward us, inviting to heaven the rich and attractive ones, how many would have accepted the offer?

Lk 14:15-24 The Lord opens up a view of a feast to be spread in heaven. What a difference! Not one invited guest turns up! God must force His guests in! If there was only the work of the Lord Jesus, there would never have been a single guest. If there had only been the work of the Holy Spirit, there would have been no feast! What love of God in sending both!

Lk 14:25-end A large crowd follows along after Jesus. They were looking at Him as someone to follow. But the first contact every sinner needs to have with Him is as a Saviour. But the Lord says to them something like this - "If you want to be like Me, you must give up everything."


Idolatry separates us completely from God. Idolatry is to allow something else to take over in my life.

Luke 15

Lk 15:1-2 Happy contrast in this chapter. He meets Publicans (tax collectors) and sinners. With them He can communicate as a Saviour! Now He can open His heart and mouth and tell these wonderful stories or parables.

Lk 15:3-7 Like the work of the Lord Jesus.

Lk 15:8-10 Like the work of the Holy Spirit.

Lk 15:11-end Like the heart of God the Father. The Lord Jesus prepares the feast... the Holy Spirit prepares the guests and the Father is full of joy to have His house filled with the guests, rejoicing for eternity. If you are enjoying communion with your Father, someone once said, you never get past the l5th of Luke! Enjoy it.


If one does not believe that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God he has no place in the assembly.

Luke 16

Lk 16:1-12 A most important lesson is to be learned here, by every believer in the Lord Jesus. A steward is a person who has been given responsibility by some rich person to look after his affairs. The boss calls him in and says that he hears that he is wasting his money and fires him.

Lk 16:3-7 He thinks things over, and makes a plan and carries it out.

Lk 16:8 The boss congratulates him when he hears what the man did. Why? Because the man thought of his future and had the right to do what he did.

Lk 16:9-12 The first meaning of this story, is that Israel was the "steward" and lost the job, but in applying it to the believer in Christ today, it teaches us that we first need to learn that we must live within our income. If we're faithful in this area, then the Lord may give us some work to do for Him, so in this He commits to us the real valuable side of life, "the true riches" (verses 11-12).

Lk 16:13 "Mammon" means money.

Lk 16:19-31 A rich man who took those things which were entrusted to him, and used them all for his own pleasure. Every day this is taking place around us, but what if we could really see beyond and hear the awful anguish of a neighbour who has gone into a lost eternity. But see this poor man Lazarus - he closes his eyes in death here and opens them up in eternal happiness. And there is a great gulf fixed for ever between these two places.


If you abandon the true God you have no absolute standard of right and wrong.

Luke 17

Lk 17:1-2 The Lord Jesus loves "these little ones" and He warns us that we ought to be very careful that nothing we do or say would ever offend one of them.

Lk 17:3-4 Suppose someone has done something to offend me, what shall I do? The Lord says I am to forgive him - no matter how many times he may offend me. I am not to offend others, and I am to forgive, if anyone offends me.

Lk 17:11-19 Each one of these lepers cried out for mercy, and the Lord heard and healed every one of them. Just one of them turned back to thank the Lord. Here is a cleansed leper - a Samaritan at the feet of Jesus giving Him thanks.

Lk 17:21 In other words the Lord Jesus is saying, "I the Lord Jesus, represent the kingdom of God among you". It does not mean that the kingdom of God was inside each of them, for He was talking to unbelieving Pharisees.

Lk 17:22-37 The Lord tells of the time when He will come to reign. It will be a time of judgment in which some will be taken away in judgment and others will be left for blessing, the blessings of the millennium. Try to remember this, because many confuse this coming of Christ with the rapture. Here the unbelievers are the ones who are taken suddenly. (All this will take place AFTER we believers have been taken to heaven.)


Departure from the table of the Lord is departure from the power - the place of correction.

Luke 18

Lk 18:1-8 The Lord tells a parable (an earthly story with a heavenly meaning) so that the disciples will learn that prayer and patience go together. We need to be more afraid that we will not hear the Lord than being afraid that He won't hear us. It has been said that the quickest way to get on our feet is to get on our knees. Watch and pray.

Lk 18:9-14 This lesson on prayer is different. It shows the spirit in which we should pray. Two men speak to God in prayer, then the Lord God speaks. Listen carefully to what He said!

Lk 18:15-17 A third lesson by the Lord. This one shows the heart of the disciples but then reveals His heart.

Lk 18:18-23 A fourth lesson. This young man doesn't learn, because his heart and mind were set on the wrong things in life, riches, so he went away sad, even though he still had his riches. They didn't satisfy him.

Lk 18:24-30 A fifth lesson. What seems impossible to people is possible with God. The disciples didn't realize that the Lord Jesus was introducing something unheard of before. In Old Testament days when a person was faithful and obedient to God, he became rich, because God rewarded him right then and there. They had the evidence of God's hearing them and rewarding them. But they didn't realize that, in spite of God's goodness to them, Israel would turn on God and crucify His Son. But the Gospel story had the secret in it that grace and blessing were going to be a gift of God. That seemed impossible to people.

Lk 18:31-34 These verses prove the above remarks. The Lord spoke so plainly. How could anyone not understand the simple words Jesus was saying to them. Read verse 25 of chapter 24. He blamed them after He had risen from the dead for being so careless and unbelieving. Are we the same?

Lk 18:35-43 If the Pharisee, and then the rich man missed the blessing, a poor blind beggar receives it. He followed Jesus!


There is no ministry that is right unless it's by grace. There is no path that is right unless it's by grace.

Luke 19

The story of a rich man who did receive the blessing.

Lk 19:1-10 Zaccheus' riches did not satisfy him. He wanted Jesus. Nothing would hinder him. The Lord Jesus stops and calls him by name. Down he comes to stand at last in the presence of Jesus. In verse 7, those who saw what happened, considered Zaccheus a sinner. Of course the Lord knew all about Zaccheus anyway, but what does He say? Verse 10, 'I have not come to bless you Zaccheus, because you are generous and honest, but because I have come to seek and to save that which was lost!

Lk 19:11-27 While our Lord Jesus is away, He has given to each of us something that we can use for Him, we will give an account of how we used it.

Lk 19:38 The Lord is entering the city of Jerusalem and this is the cry that is raised. When He was born, the cry was raised "Peace on earth". There is really no peace on earth, because they have rejected the Prince of Peace. As He enters the city where He is going to be condemned, the cry is now "peace in heaven". The Prince of Peace was returning to heaven.

Lk 19:41 The Lord weeps over the very city that hated Him so much.


When division comes in, no one wins; we're all losers. God brings it upon us because of our state.

Luke 20

Lk 20:1-8 Only a divine Person could silence the unbelief with such an answer. Remember Jesus had not yet died, so when it says "Gospel" here it is still referring to the good news of the kingdom on earth.

Lk 20:9-18 The guilty nation of Israel, was His "vineyard". After having refused the message sent by so many of His servants (the Old Testament prophets), God looks down and says "I will send my beloved Son". But they kill that Son. Jews individually are still free to accept the Lord Jesus, of course.

Lk 20:19-26 The sins of Israel had brought them under the control of Caesar, the Roman Emperor. The Lord simply tells them to pay whatever Caesar demanded, but also to remember their responsibility to God.

Lk 20:27-38 The Lord tells the Sadducees (they did not believe in a resurrection) that in heaven, marriage does not exist at all. The joys of heaven are far, far greater than the joys on earth. "Equal unto the angels" means that angels know nothing of marriage in heaven - and neither will we. We shall be higher and nearer to the Lord than the greatest of angels.


Never do we more need the sustaining of God and obedience to His Word, than in His worship.

Luke 21

Lk 21:1-4 We owe all to the blessed Lord Jesus Who gave Himself for us. He held back nothing - and neither should we.

Lk 21:1-7 The Lord must tell the disciples that this beautiful temple was going to be destroyed. They want to know when.

Lk 21:8-24 The Lord plainly tells of the terrible judgments that were coming on that city. In the year 70 A.D. (about 37 years later), a Roman General named Titus came and surrounded the city of Jerusalem (verse 20) and completely destroyed it, and put great numbers of Jews to death. The words "till the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled" is the period of time which still exists today. The Gentiles are the rulers in the world; Romans 11:25. After we believers are taken to glory, then some in Israel shall turn to the Lord - Romans 11:26. They shall become the whole nation of Israel; and the land and people of Israel once again be the Lord's throne on earth and the "time of the Gentiles" shall end.

Lk 21:25-28 These verses speak of the time when the Lord will come forth out of heaven to put down all His enemies and bring deliverance to the godly Jews who will be waiting for Him in that day.

Lk 21:32-33 Those words our Lord spoke will not pass away!

Lk 21:37 They are plotting to kill Him, but still He patiently and lovingly works among them. At night He goes to the mount of Olives! No one took Him to their home.


The One Body is always spoken of as being here on earth, not in heaven.

Luke 22

Lk 22:9 A most important question. The Lord still wishes us to remember Him, and He loves to hear us ask this same question. He is not pleased if we look around and "join the church of our choice". Every believer is in the "church" for which He gave Himself. It is the desire of our Lord to see us gathered around Himself, to His worthy Name, and not the name of an organization made by men. The place the Lord chose was an "upper room" - not the temple - but a place outside of all religious systems.

Lk 22:19-20 What simplicity! There are many who still meet the first day of the week to remember their Lord in the quiet precious simplicity described here. A loaf, a cup, and the presence of our Lord Jesus! If we are willing to separate from what we know is wrong, then, and only then, the Spirit of God gathers us to the Lord's Name. To add anything more is to say that He has not provided enough.

Lk 22:28 He had seen much failure with His disciples, and yet He says this.

Lk 22:39-46 He prays to His Father about the cross. Oh how terrible sin is in the sight of the Lord. How awful the suffering that was necessary to put away sin.

Lk 22:54-62 Peter, denies that he ever knew the Lord! He just didn't know how weak he was, and neither do we.

Lk 22:63-65 How awful our own hearts. The Lord Jesus was blindfolded, while they slapped and mocked Him... He who had created them. What a Saviour!


Language is the only vehicle upon which thought can travel. John 1:1

Luke 23

Lk 23:1-12 Sad to see that this hatred against the Lord actually makes people be friends.

Lk 23:25 They chose a murderer, and crucified the only true and good Man who ever lived. And today they blame God for their wars and their troubles! The world today would crucify Him again if they could do so.

Lk 23:39-43 How could it be that God would show such love! God is love. This is the darkest hour in all the history of man. God touched the heart of that thief, so that he admitted his guilt, confessed Jesus as Lord. That very day he was in paradise with the Lord Jesus!

Lk 23:45 God has opened the way so that He can now come out in blessing to man, and opened the way so that man can come into the presence of God; made clean from every stain of sin.

Lk 23:50 No doubt the wicked rulers wanted to cast the dead body of Jesus into a common grave with the two thieves, but God had declared "He was with the rich in His death" (Isaiah 53:9), and so it was fulfilled.


God has allowed our trials for a purpose, and He is right there with us. There is not an unnecessary tear in our lives. It is a time when the Lord is nearer to us than any other time in our experience.

Luke 24

What glorious news! The resurrection! Jesus, the One who died for sinners, has come forth out of the grave. Now we know that God is completely satisfied with the work of redemption. He was "raised again for our justification" - Romans 4:25.

Lk 24:6-7 A great surprise to those faithful women who came early on the first day of the week.

Lk 24:11 In spite of the story of resurrection, the message was not believed. But Peter runs all the way to the grave, and finds their story to be true.

Lk 24:13-35 Two discouraged disciples are met by the Lord, and He warms their heart by speaking of those things which were really so dear to them.

Lk 24:27 Three things get opened in this wonderful story. Here is the first... the Scriptures are opened to them by the Lord. What an experience it must have been for them as they walked those six miles of mountainous roads from Jerusalem to Emmaus. No wonder their heart burned in them (verse 32).

Lk 24:28 The Lord does not invite Himself to their home. Their hearts have been so warmed by His company, that they won't let Him go.

Lk 24:31 Here is the second thing He opened... their eyes. They recognize Him! The Lord Jesus! What a moment awaits those of us who know this same Lord Jesus as our own Saviour, when we hear His call to come up. (1 Thess. 4:15-18) Probably today!

Lk 24:33 Notice where they go.

Lk 24:36 The presence of Jesus! What a joy to their hearts.

Lk 24:45 The third thing gets opened... their understanding. This didn't happen when the first two were opened. Why? Because it was only when they were at the right place. Our understanding is not opened either until we are obedient. They had acted and returned to Jerusalem when the second thing had been opened. No one told them to return! When we separate then He gathers.

Lk 24:47 The message of repentance and forgiveness should begin at Jerusalem - the very city where He had been rejected and hated and cast out.

Lk 24:49 They were to wait at Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit came upon them, which we read about in Acts, chapter 2.


by Norman Berry - 1911-2001
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