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He that seeks after knowledge, with a mind to scorn and censure, shall be sure to find matter enough for his humor, but none for his instruction. A contrast is... "knowledge is easy to the intelligent." Prov. 14:6.


A reminder. The Old Testament gives us pictures of the steps in the believer's life. First step... salvation. Then separation from the world... then worship... then service, and now Joshua, warfare. Joshua has replaced Moses as leader. There were a few battles in the wilderness, but it is now going to be one after another in "the land". Joshua was leading the people to conquer the whole land. God had promised to give them the land, so now they have to take possession of it. Notice carefully the wording of verse 3. Not "I will give you". For us today, the "promised land" is not so much heaven as the heavenly blessings we have now while here on earth. The book of Joshua is a picture, an illustration, a type of the book of Ephesians. The "heavenly places" (Eph. 1:3) are our Canaan, into which we enter when we accept Christ as Savior. As we enjoy our rich blessings we realize it means warfare against Satan, the one who robs us of our joys if we are unwilling to resist him. Jas 4:7.

It is a battle! Satan will do all in his power to keep you from understanding this.

Josh 1:1-9 The name "Joshua" means "Jehovah the Savior". It is the same name as "Jesus" in the New Testament. Christ is our Leader in the battles to defend the truth. Eph. 6:11.

Josh 1:10-15 Preparation for the battles ahead! "Victuals" - verse 11, means food which they would need during the difficult days. (Christ, through God's Word, is the food for us Christians, - Jn 6:35). "Armed", verse 14, means they were to go "five in a rank", or in a very orderly way. See the end of 1 Cor. 14:40.

Josh 1:16-18 What respect they had for their leader! Are we Christians as reverent toward Christ?


If a man had no spiritual mind at all, he could not understand anything; but the mind is only the vessel... not the power. The power is the Holy Ghost acting upon and through the vessel, but it must be the Holy Ghost Himself that fills a soul. "They shall be all taught of God." John 6:45


Josh 2:1-11 How much like ourselves were these Old Testament people! Joshua's faith is not strong, so he sends spies instead of just going ahead on the sure Word of Jehovah (chapter 1:1-6). Rahab, an immoral woman turns to Jehovah by faith, (but isn't truthful with her neighbors).

Josh 2:12-21 While Rahab was not as upright as she should have been, it was her personal faith in God which made her willing to forsake her people and turn to help Israel.

Josh 2:21 Shows that she immediately put out the "token" or sign as to whose side she and her household were on. How about us and our homes - is it plain whose side we are on?

Josh 2:22-24 It was Israel's weakness of faith that led to the sending of the spies. It was Jehovah's wonderful grace which gave the spies the evidence they looked for, to encourage them. Rahab, for her faith in God, later came in to the family of Israel, married Salmon, and became one in the royal line, into which Jesus was born, much later - Matt. 1:5. She is also mentioned in Heb 11:3l and Jas 2:25, neither of which hides what she was before, but mentions her faith and works.


The genius of modern civilization, if it is allowed to run its present course of perfection, will bring mankind to the point at which there is everything to live with, and nothing to live for. Every form of material comfort will be on hand to gratify man's physical needs. But society will have lost its soul, its sense of purpose and the very meaning of existence.


Josh 3:1-6 The people under Joshua are obedient and reverent before the ark - (a picture of the Lord's presence). God had His proper place at the head, leading them. In the Christian assembly Christ is our Head.

Josh 3:7-17 Sure victory promised. One more step of faith. Not only can believers say that "Christ died for us" (that is pictured in the Israelites' crossing the Red Sea in the book of Exodus), but the believer can also say that "I am crucified with Christ" (pictured in this crossing of the Jordan river).


Sectarianism is the getting an interest in a little circle around oneself... the most natural weed of the human heart.


Josh 4:1-11 One monument which the people could see was on the dry land, and one they could not see was under the water of the Jordan River. One for their remembrance and one for the Lord's.

Josh 4:12-18 Everyone moved only at Joshua's command from the Lord. As believers, we have no right to our thoughts at all - 2 Cor. 10:5. Rather we need to pay attention to God's thoughts in His Word. The Holy Spirit is the Teacher! Jn 16:13. He will teach us all the same things, if we are willing and obedient. There is no room for opinions. 1 Cor. 1:10.

Josh 4:19-24 Gilgal was the place of this monument, to always remind the Israelites of Jehovah's power which was for them. They had no power in themselves. The Lord's hand was mighty. It was not through any confidence in themselves that they got to Gilgal. Phil 3:3 would be the Christian's Gilgal, (which means "death to the flesh").


A person who uses sophistry, is a reasoner who willingly uses fallacies that will help his case.

JOSHUA 5, Verses 1-9

Josh 5:1-9 Now sharp knives had to be used on themselves. It was painful, but very necessary if they were to really get the promised land (see Gn 17:1-11). This was the other part of the meaning of "Gilgal" to them. The Egyptians were not circumcised. God wanted His people to be a separated people. Circumcision is a picture of separation from the flesh and the world. God wants them to be cut off from any connection with Egypt. Have we Christians personally learned what the apostle Paul said of himself in Rom 7:18? Unbelievers have self ("I") as their only center. Christians are to have Christ as the Center of their lives. Their entrance into the land was to pass over Jordan, a picture of our spiritual death with Christ. Secondly, circumcision is a picture of death to the flesh. These two pictures are the foundation truth of our entering into the fuller enjoyment and understanding of our present position in Christ. Read Eph. 2:13-22.


Satan affects the mind of man through learning... the body of man through healing... the soul of man through pagan religion.

JOSHUA 5, Verses 10-15

Josh 5:10-12 Manna was their food from Jehovah through the wilderness. In the believer's trials and problems of everyday life, we can think of the Lord Jesus as the Man Who understands, sympathizes, and cares (Jesus, our "Manna"). But now Israel is not going to have the manna any more. Instead, a new food... the old corn of the land. Corn stored from the harvest of the year before. (A glorified Christ has gone back to the place from where He had come.) This is beautifully pictured in the "old corn". Christ was in the glory in a past eternity and has now returned, but this time as a Man. He is the first Man to enter heaven and is the only resurrect Person there at present, (until the rapture). This was going to be the food to make them strong. There were battles ahead. Believers now find that opposition starts against him from unbelievers and worldly believers. The "battles" start.

Josh 5:13-15 Further lesson for Joshua the leader! He had a "Leader", too.


Reasoning only makes us more self-willed than ever.

JOSHUA 6, Verses 1-14

Josh 6:1-5 Jericho was the first great city of the land they were to conquer. It is a picture of the world which is totally against God and under the control of Satan, the god of the world (2 Cor 4:4). The way the city is taken shows plainly that the power to overcome it was totally from God.

Josh 6:2 Could Joshua ever doubt that they wouldn't take the city? We believers today can have the same confidence as Joshua when we read Eph. 1:1-14. We have been given all the blessings we will ever have, even in heaven. But are we really enjoying them and living them? Joshua believed and he obeyed. He did exactly what God told him to do. And we read the result in the end of the chapter. Will this be true of our life?

Josh 6:6-14 It was not because of a fine, powerful army or of their fighting abilities, but of God's power acting for them. They acted in simple obedience.


Often our own opinions darken counsel by words without knowledge. Job 38:2.

JOSHUA 6, Verses 15-23

Josh 6:15-16 The word "seven" (or "seventh") appears four times here. That number has a special meaning in Scripture... it means that something is completed. Mostly good, but sometimes bad or evil. Here is victory for Israel, but death for the people of Jericho. The Israelites were told to shout. Notice why.

Josh 6:17-19 The words "accursed" or "curse" are used four times ( four is universal). Jericho is really a picture of the whole world lost in sin and under the sentence of death, waiting for the punishment (judgement) to fall on it. The people were told not to touch anything in the city except that all the silver, gold, vessels of brass and iron were to be put into the treasury of the Lord. Remember this when reading the next chapter.

Josh 6:20-27 It all happened! Just as the Lord had said it would, in verses 2 and 5. So also God's judgement will be carried out on this whole wicked world (2 Pet 3:10), DEATH.

Josh 6:22-23 What a contrast! One woman had a wonderful message to tell to "whosoever" (2:19) would come into her house would be safe! It all happened! Just as the Lord had said it would! Does it thrill you to be one of those "inside"? LIFE.


Our spiritual mind has a capacity for absorbing information only as it is ready to accept it.

JOSHUA 7, Verses 1-15

Josh 7:1-5 There are some Christians who say that how other believers act doesn't affect them. That each one just looks after himself. But this chapter shows that even in Old Testament times, the sin of one man affected the whole camp of Israel (see 1 Cor. 5 for a New Testament chapter showing the same thing.)

Josh 7:6-15 At first there is the blaming the Lord, and complaining about their own loss. They had not seen in themselves pride and self-pity! After having gained a great victory in the previous chapter, now today comes a defeat. Notice there was no asking God for guidance; everything seemed easy... a little town to take, so just send a little company of soldiers. Simple. (Isn't that just like us? We forget our total dependence on the Lord each day, and what a result!) But then the secret of their defeat comes out.

Josh 7:11 Though in this verse it looks as if the whole lot of them had sinned; notice 5 times a similar word is used... Do you find it?

Josh 7:12-15 God is showing us all believers are "one body". (1 Cor. 12:13). Our individual behavior affects other believers.


Personal attack on the character of one's scholarly opponent, is the last defense of a man devoid of sound arguments.

JOSHUA 7, Verses 16-26

God's way was to make every Israelite feel that he might be the guilty person (Read Matt. 26:21, 22). Only then could they all get together to identify the guilty one. The whole camp is brought together. Imagine what a hush there must have been as the narrowing down started.

Josh 7:18 One man.

Josh 7:19, 20 Notice who he said he had sinned against.

Josh 7:21 Notice three steps he had taken - "I saw", "I coveted", "I took". And then, "I hid". One sin leads to another!

Josh 7:22 They ran to check everything, and there it was.

Josh 7:24-26 Why take the whole family? Because he would have to dig a big hole in the ground in the middle of their tent; everyone would know what the father was doing there. The whole family was involved. What a dreadful example for his children to follow! What responsibility was his! What ruin for his whole family! Are we careful how we are bringing up our children for the Lord?


Head knowledge lifts me... heart knowledge lowers me.


Josh 8:1-2 In yesterday's reading, Joshua had gone ahead without direction from the Lord, and the result was a disaster (chap. 7:2-5). Now that Joshua and the people have been humbled over their own condition, and have judged the evil among themselves, the Lord encourages them to take Ai by His power working for them.

Josh 8:10 Joshua was careful, too, because the word "numbered" means that he "inspected" them early in the morning.

Josh 8:13, 18-19 Several companies of Israelites, with Joshua in the midst of them, all directed by the Lord and acting together. What a beautiful picture of what Christians should be today!

Josh 8:24-29 Obedience brings victory.

Josh 8:30-32 Victory turns to worship.

Josh 8:33-35 Worship leads to willingness to listen to all of God's Word.


If a man is legal, he expects to get something for his suffering.


Josh 9:1-2 Does the happy ending of chapter 8 lead to a comfortable, easy life? Quite the opposite, for Satan only gets more angry and even gets enemies to join together against God's people. Satan changes his tactics. Chapter 7 was an attack of Satan from within the congregation, their desires; today his trickery from without. No wonder we have to be on guard night and day against Satan.

Josh 9:3-15 Gibeon was only a few miles from Ai and less than a day's journey (33 miles) from Gilgal. These people were sneaky and trying to protect themselves. They had no care for the Lord, only using His Name in verse 9 to make things sound good. Joshua and the other leaders of Israel were uneasy - verses 7-8, but wrongly influenced by the made-up story. The decision of verse 15 is a wrong one because of verse 14. This is the cause of so many mistakes we believers make. Self-confidence and no praying.

Josh 9:16 A little waiting in the presence of the Lord would have shown them this.

Josh 9:17-21 The leaders certainly had made a mistake, but the rest of the people now add to the problem by finding fault with their leaders instead of realizing that they (the congregation) would have done just as badly if they had been the leaders.

Josh 9:27 Notice the last 18 words. Now read Deut 12:5-13. Neither Moses nor Joshua knew where this place was or what it was going to be... Jerusalem, God's one permanent (in Old Testament) place where He would put His name. God always has one Center only! Read 1 Kgs 11:36. We're still directed to God's one Center... Christ. Remember this verse, because the first verse we'll read tomorrow, Lord willing, has the very name of that place, which wouldn't be taken by Israel for another 400 years!


Opinions are our own, and should not be too firmly held. Truth is divine and is worth living and dying for.


Josh 10:1 There is the place! Now, take another minute to read 1 Kgs 14:21 and see the same words as we read in the last verse of yesterday's chapter. Then read 2 Sam. 5:6, 7 for the historical facts.

Josh 10:6 The men of Gibeon had made a profession of God, so now, when they are about to be attacked by five kings, they call Israel to help them.

Josh 10:7-15 Joshua gets comfort, strength and assurance directly from the Lord. In grace the Lord not only wins the battle for Israel but performs a mighty miracle with the sun and moon!

Josh 10:16-42 Those who oppose God, after hearing of Him and His power, must suffer the consequences sooner or later. These people, with their kings, did not have to be destroyed (Rahab and the Gibeonites are examples of those who listened to God's warning and were spared). It is the same today.

Josh 10:43 Do you remember why this was a good place to which to return? If not, go back to the fourth and fifth chapters, with the outlines.


Christianity makes the poorest mind eloquent.


Josh 11:1-14 Many nations now hear of this strange invading army with super human things happening (like the sun and moon stopping in the sky for a whole day). So one king persuades them to join forces to get rid of this strange army. But they didn't know that the Lord was directing these invaders! The Lord is mentioned four times. Notice (v.12) they were doing exactly what Moses had been commanded to tell Joshua (Deut. 20:17).

Josh 11:15 What a grand thing to be able to say! Are we faithfully following God's Word? Acts 2:42; 2 Tim. 2:2.

Josh 11:16-23 Faithfulness in following the Lord's directions brings victory after victory over the "long time" - verse 18, and leads to rest from war when God's purposes are done. We Christians know from Heb. 4:9-10 that our "rest from spiritual" battles will only be when we are taken to be with Christ in heaven.

Josh 11:20 This is because these enemies would not submit to God Who owns the whole world and all in it. Read Dan. 4:17 and Acts 17:26. Notice well the last sentence. This chapter is the end of the first section of the whole book. Joshua, up to this point has been a picture, for us believers, of Christ winning the great victory over Satan at the cross and brings us into ALL our blessings. Peace follows victories. What depends on Christ always succeeds; what depends on us shows us our weakness.


The wisdom of God conducts us in the way of God's will.


This chapter describes the victories God gave them, 33 kings and their possessions, have been taken. Every enemy was overcome.

Josh 12:1-6 Describe the two on the East (desert) side of the Jordan River.

Josh 12:7-24 The rest of the chapter tells of the 31 kings in the land of Canaan (present day Israel), the main part of "the land".

Josh 12:8 Six places, like six experiences in the Christian's life... the seventh is to come... with CHRIST in HEAVEN. But in the meantime, we too have to fight against Satan's subtle opposition (Eph. 6:12, 2 Tim. 3:1-5). God, today, is allowing Satan's deceptions to increase. May we be overcomers, not only against moral evil, but (what is worse) evil and wrong teachings concerning the Scriptures.


If any one speaks of separation from evil, without being humiliated, let him take care lest his position becomes simply only that which at all times has constituted sects, and produced doctrinal heresy.


Josh 13:1 In 11:23 we read that they "took" all the land. Here it says they needed to "possess" it. We may know some truth of scripture, but do we live it... only then do we "possess" it.

Josh 13:6-7 Just as no one tribe received all the land, now no one believer can say he understands all the truth of God. That is why God has given to us Christians such verses as Romans 12:3-8, 1 Cor. 12:4-27, Eph. 4:15-16. Are you "possessing" the truth? We only "possess" some truth of Scripture when we are LIVING it. Take a minute to read Luke 8:18. "To him (her) that has", means that I only have it when I'm living what I already know. Then the Lord is going to teach me more.

Josh 13:13 God is careful to tell us that Israel didn't drive out two particular nations. About 400 years later, great king David married the daughter of the king of Geshur. (2 Sam. 3:3). Who was their son? Wicked Absalom! God is merciful, but He tells us that if we don't separate from what He warns us against, there is a price to be paid - Gal. 5:7.

Josh 13:22 You remember Balaam? He had succeeded in getting the Israelites to marry these people. Numbers 3l:16. Here we read of his end.

Josh 13:33 One tribe with no land they could call their own, but this is not because of their unfaithfulness, but rather the result of their faithfulness years before (Exodus 32:25-29, also Numbers 8:5-19). Notice carefully Who was their inheritance! Do we prize Christ above all the things of this life?


The more separated you are from evil, the more you feel it.


Josh 14:1-5 The nine and half tribes inherit land according to the Lord's commandments. An inheritance is something set aside ahead of time for a particular person. God's thoughts had not been about the east of the Jordan, but about the west of that river. Notice that the word "inheritance" is written in italic, is added by the translators in 13:15, 24, 29. They are not in the original.

Josh 14:6-15 One of God's faithful men! Because of the Israelites' failure, he had to go with them about half of his life (40 years in the wilderness) before he received that which was promised to him. He kept on by faith in the Lord. Here he gets the "good report" which God tells us about in Hebrews 11:1-2, and possesses Hebron (which means "communion") for himself. Caleb and Joshua, for their faithfulness, are the only two individuals who received a personal allotment of land in Israel! (14:13).


Separation is not a question of ceremony but of the enjoyment of Christ.


Josh 15:1-12 Judah was Jacob's fourth son, but replaced Rueben as the royal tribe from which the Messiah was to come (see Genesis 49:10). Therefore, Judah is the first tribe to get its inheritance, and they get the largest portion of all the tribes.

Josh 15:13-19 The godly example of Caleb affects his relative and his family. It was their wanting more of God's promised land, that brought Othniel and Achsah together as husband and wife.

Josh 15:20-62 How careful God is with every detail of the tribe of Judah's inheritance. If you and I are obedient to God's Word, we will receive a greater reward, for it's going to be in heaven, from the Lord Himself (Rev. 22:12).

Josh 15:63 Tribe after tribe failed to obey the Lord to drive out the enemies.


I am not trying to live in this world... I'm learning to die in it. 1 Cor. 15:31; Rom. 7:3, 8:1.


Josh 16:1-4 The children of Joseph are next, right after Judah. Joseph was the 11th son of Jacob, but Joseph became a personal picture of Israel's Messiah, in this way... Joseph was refused by his brothers in his early life but became the one who really rescued them later on. Then he was their provider and their glory as head over all the land of Egypt (Genesis 49:22-26).

Josh 16:4 Joseph was given a double portion (Genesis 48:22), his two sons became heads of tribes.

Josh 16:5-10 While Manasseh was the first-born (see verse 4), Ephraim comes first, because of Jacob's blessing of Genesis 48:8-20.


The testimony against evil should be in our own walk and ways.


Josh 17:1-2 "The rest" means the other half of this tribe. They obeyed God's original instructions by settling in the land. Each family is named, as if God wanted to show how much He appreciated their willingness to break from the rest of their tribe to be faithful to His Word.

Josh 17:3-6 Israel's inheritance normally was only passed on to the sons in a family. But here was a family with no sons. The daughters valued what the Lord had given their father. They remind Eleazer and Joshua of what the Lord promised them through Moses (Numbers 27:1-11). So in this special case the inheritance went to the girls.

Josh 17:7-13 The tribe of Mannasseh gets an area in the promised land as well as on the East side of Jordan.

Josh 17:14-18 If they wanted more, there was more to be had! And this is like us believers today, we can have as much of Christ as we want, and our lives are showing how much we want!


The nearer to God the greater the separation. Lev. 21:1-9.


Josh 18:1 Shiloh was the one place of meeting for all the tribes. It was the place where the tabernacle was set up first when the Israelites came out of the 40 years in the wilderness, into the land of Canaan.

Josh 18:2-10 Sad condition! Seven tribes without any energy or desire to possess what had been given to them. They have to be stirred into action. Are we Christians diligent in obeying the Lord?

Josh 18:11-28 Of the seven tribes, Benjamin is first. This tribe's land area was one of the smallest, but it was between the two special tribes (verse 11) and included Jerusalem (later to become Israel's centre).


He separates us from a people to whom He sends us. Acts 26:l6 & 17

JOSHUA l9, Verses 1-23

Josh 19:1-9 This tribe of Simeon received the southern part of what had been given to Judah. Judah failed to do what the children of Joseph did in Joshua 17:14-18. There, their faith and desire gave them energy to get more. Here, weakness and feebleness causes the loss of some of the land to others.

Josh 19:10-16 Of the cities and villages belonging to this tribe, Gittah-hepher (verse 13) is perhaps one of the most important in the tribe's history. If you will look up 2 Kings 14:25 you will see whose home that city became in later years (the last word of that verse is another spelling of this city).

Josh 19:17-23 A touching story takes place in Shunem (verse 18 - see 2 Kings 4:8-37), where the great prophet Elisha went one time.


Does another believer see the path of separation clearer because of your life?

JOSHUA 19, Verses 24-5l

Josh 19:24-31 Two places within Asher's area became quite famous - great Zidon (also spelled "Sidon" elsewhere) and the strong city of Tyre (verses 28-29). The Lord Jesus, many years later, was familiar with the kind of people who lived in those places when He was on earth. He found a woman of those parts who would not leave Him without getting her request (Matt. 15:21-28). These two cities are still in existance.

Josh 19:32-39 Chinnereth - verse 35, was a city on the shore of what we now call the sea of Galilee, an area in which the Lord Jesus (many years later), often travelled.

Josh 19:40-48 Leshem is the same as Laish. The tribe of Dan not only inherited land near Judah towards the Southern part of Palestine, but they also "went up" - verse 47, to the Northern end above the Sea of Galilee and took some land there where Leshem was.

Josh 19:49-50 The people appreciated so much what Joshua had done as their leader, that they give him personally an inheritance. In Greek, his name is Jesus. The Lord Jesus is going to receive His inheritance... (Rom. 8:17, and notice who are the "joint-heirs with Christ"! v.16)

Josh 19:51 Final decisions came from this one place of meeting.


Separation yet Largeness. Separation because He is holy... largeness because He is gracious.


Josh 20:1-3 The Lord reminds Joshua of what He had told Moses. Israel and we are guilty of murder willfully, for we both have rejected God and crucified His Christ. "This is the heir, they said, come, let us kill Him, and let us seize on His inheritance" (Matt. 21:38) and "We shall not have this man to reign over us" (Luke 19:14). The death of Jesus on the cross would enable God to forgive Israel, but His death also is the payment for their individual sins.

Josh 20:4-9 The elders were to listen to the killer's story and give him the benefit of the doubt, protecting him from those who would do him harm. The assembly of that city was to make the final decision, if the avenger presented his side of the case. If an avenger never came, the slayer was not free until the death of the high priest then living.

Josh 20:6 The death of the High Priest was release for the slayer. The Lord is our High Priest (as illustrated by Aaron.)

So we believers are eternally secure from Satan's power as the "avenger" who would destroy every believer if he could - Heb. 7:24-26.


God's first instruction to Abraham was, "get thee out". Gen. 12:1.


Josh 21:1-3 These Levites showed that they were not jealous over what had been given to their brethren. They treasured the Lord's special promise to themselves.

Josh 21:4-8 These Levites were scattered throughout the twelve tribes on both sides of the Jordan River. They were the special servants of the Lord.

Josh 21:9-42 The children of Aaron were divided into four groups - the priests, the Kohathites, the Gershonites, and the Merarites. Each group had its special work, as we saw in reading the book of Numbers. Here they are getting part of their rewards. (In Mark 13:34 we read something of the same for us today).

Josh 21:43-45 What a God we have! How sure is everything He has said! What rest we will find in simply relying upon the Holy Scriptures!


"Who is on the Lord's side?" is neither Laodician neutrality nor selfish indifference.


Josh 22:1-9 The Word of the Lord was to be the one standard for all twelve tribes, regardless of where each tribe lived. But the 2 1/2 tribes had to leave their brethren and the place of the tent of meeting in the promised land, in order to go back to the land they had chosen. There could be no "Shiloh" on the east of Jordan. God cannot have two "centers" on earth at the same time, then or now,

Josh 22:10-12 But it wasn't long before trouble started. The altar that was built was certainly impressive to the eye; and a report reaches the 9 1/2 tribes who gather at God's centre; this news upsets these tribes which were in God's place.

Josh 22:13-20 These leaders speak sharply, basing their thoughts on the report they had heard. While they spoke the truth in defending the Lord's centre, they were unwise in speaking at all until they had investigated the report.

Josh 22:21-29 The 2 1/2 tribes answer more kindly, saying that the Lord knew their hearts and not what the 9 1/2 tribes had supposed; and readily admit that there could be only one centre, that was at Shiloh.

Josh 22:30-34 The fight is stopped before it got out of control. Peace is restored, and the Israelites "blessed God" and dropped their ill feelings toward their brethren. But these 2 1/2 tribes which went back to the other side of Jordan had not fully obeyed Deut. 26:1. About 150 years later they were the first to be taken into captivity. 1 Chronicles 5:25-26.


When suffering is from people, the believer can bow to it as being from the Lord, and, instead of being upset or angry at others, there is peace. Heb. 12:11.


Joshua knew that he was not going to be with his brethren much longer. He calls Israel's leaders, reminds them of the Lord's mercy and grace and power shown to their ancestors and to them, encourages them to continue to trust the Lord through the dangers ahead, and points them to the written Word of the Lord for their instructions.

Josh 23:11 The key verse. They were to continue as a separated people to the Lord from the peoples who were around them. Their enjoyment of the Lord's blessings, or their loss of His approval, would depend on their obedience, and on our joy too.

Josh 23:14 If you are going on with the Lord each day, with a good conscience in all you do and say, when you read this verse, you probably will say to yourself, "Oh how true... the Lord has kept me today and He has never let me down once, though I don't deserve a bit of all His loving kindness to me". In Acts 20:17-32 we see another faithful servant.


It is one thing to admire others who are sustained by the Spirit of Christ, and another to glory in tribulations, when we're in them ourselves.


Josh 24:1-13 God delights to review His ways of mercy and grace to His people. We find such reviews a number of times throughout the Scriptures. Here He begins where the people had been idolaters - verse 2, and then brought them into blessing for which they had done nothing - verse 13. Do we delight to think of what He has done for us when we don't deserve it? You will see the word "flood" in verses 2, 3, 14, 15; this refers to the Euphrates River, where Abraham's father had lived.

Josh 24:14-15 It is plain that hidden gods were in some houses! God knew they were there and told the people to get rid of them. What a wonderful example Joshua set before them in verse 15, "me and my house" is something for each one to consider, who is the head of a household. His household was different. Is ours?

Josh 24:16-28 The choice and decision were theirs, but it must be in holiness. We cannot allow "strange gods" in our lives, either. See 1 John 5:19-21.

Josh 24:29-33 How good to see the people following the Lord as a result of the faithfulness of Joshua and the elders with him. Christians now are reminded to remember and follow the faith of those who have gone before us - Heb. 13:7-8, that in all things Christ might have the first place with us. This wonderful book opened with the death of the Mediator, Moses. It closed with the death of the priest, Eleazar. These men were only types (pictures) of Christ, our true Mediator - 1 Tim. 2:5, and our great High Priest - Heb. 4:14. He is alive for evermore. And then read John 11:26 for the believer's part.


by Norman Berry - 1911-2001
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Before you ask, this is a personal site. It is not related to, nor owned by, any religious group, church, denomination or organization. I am not a pastor, priest or anything like that. I am a person just like you. Because I was a lost sinner and the Lord Jesus found me and saved me, this is the way I found to tell everybody else about Him. Do you want to know how I was saved?
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Oh, yes, you would like to know if I attend to any kind of church or Christian meetings, right? Ok,
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