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Our knowledge of God is measured by our obedience to His Word; and our love for Him is the measure of that obedience.

Jeremiah 1

Jeremiah's deep feelings of sorrow for his people make this a most touching book. The Lord even tells him that the people wont listen to him. What a difficult job he had! He was very sad to see Judah slipping away from the Lord. He was to tell them that punishment was ahead for them. He loved them deeply. It would be like the horror that a person might have as he watched a crowd rushing toward the edge of an unseen precipice, and his being unable to stop them. Some in the crowd even throwing rocks at him as he shouted his warnings.

His heart breaks... He finally sobs out as he sees them die. He was so close to the Lord that he was feeling what the Lord felt about His people, so it is really like the reflection of the Lord's voice we are hearing in this book.

Jer 1:2 Though Josiah was the king and did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, many Israelites went to the temple and gave up their idols, and "outwardly" worshipped the Lord, but their hearts were still the same. And God saw their hearts, and warned them of the punishments that were coming. Jeremiah, a tender-hearted man, didn't like to do this. He tried to excuse himself from what God asked him to do.

Jer 1:6 Jeremiah knows the people won't listen to the message.

Jer 1:9-12 But the Lord tells him that He will put the very words into Jeremiah's mouth. The Lord shows him a "rod of an almond tree" - and "a seething pot", (like a frying pan). The almond tree was the first to blossom. In Numbers 17:8 it bore fruit in one night. This tells us that the Lord would hasten to use His rod to bring to pass what He was saying would happen.

Jer 1:14 "Out of the north an evil shall break forth..." This danger that was to come from the north, was the power of the country called "Babylon".


Go to your Bible regularly, open it prayerfully, read it expectantly, live it joyfully.

Jeremiah 2

Jer 2:1-4 God tenderly reminds the people that He has not forgotten their love to Him in those earlier days when He had taken them out of the land of Egypt! They obeyed and followed Him then!

Jer 2:5-8 The Lord asks what evil He had done to cause them to turn away from Him! None, of course. When they arrived in the promised land, they despised it!

Jer 2:9-17 After all God had done for them, what a shameful way they acted in turning to lifeless idols.

Jer 2:18-34 Instead of taking the deserved punishment from the Lord, they want to go down to Egypt to get help! What dreadful behaviour!

Jer 2:35-end They had the frightful spirit to say that they were innocent!


The best inheritance a faithful parent can leave his children is a Christian example.

Jeremiah 3

We shall often find the words whoredom and adultery in this book. God loved the nation of Israel, and He chose them to be His own special people, just as a man chooses a woman to be his wife. But if a wife turns from her husband to some other man, it is a terrible sin. And this is what God is telling that guilty nation. He says, 'I loved you, and blessed you, and now you are turning away from me' - this is adultery.

Jer 3:4 Let us take this verse to heart. What a wonderful blessing it would be to us, if we turned always to the Lord for every bit of wisdom that we needed, and let Him guide us always, through His Word.

Jer 3:10 We mentioned that there was an outward following of the Lord in the days of Josiah, but the Lord could see their hearts, and here He says that they turned not with their whole heart but "feignedly" - that is, just pretending.

Jer 3:13 The Lord pleads with them to admit their guilt, for if they would, then He would bless them.

Jer 3:14 Even if the whole nation would not repent, the Lord asks any one or two who will, to turn to Him, and He promises to bless them. This is very true today. The whole world is guilty. We cannot expect our country or any other to repent. But we can pray that "one of a city, or two of a family" may turn to the Lord with their whole heart.

Jer 3:17-22 God promises blessing to those who will repent and turn to Him. Tomorrow, we will move on to Chapter 7.


The conversion of a soul is the miracle of a moment; the growth of a saint is the work of a lifetime.

Jeremiah 7

The Lord continues to plead with the people to turn back to Him. It is like a man who has a wife who has left him for other men.

Jer 7:2 The prophet is told here to stand in the "gate of the Lord's house".

Jer 7:4 From the gate of the temple, he warns them, that although they boasted about their fine temple, and their religion, yet the Lord could see their evil hearts and their sinful ways.

Jer 7:13-14 The Lord reminds them that He had often warned them, but they would not hear, and so He sadly tells them that the very temple of which they boasted, would be destroyed. And this actually happened when king Nebuchadnezzar came a little while later.

Jer 7:18 They had not only turned from the Lord, but they had worshipped false gods - idols, instead. This is often called "adultery" - that is, a turning from God Who loved them, to false idols.

Jer 7:25 In spite of their many years of guilt and idolatry, God had continued to plead with them through His prophets.

Jer 7:34 This was the sad and terrible condition that actually happened to the cities of Israel, because of their sin.


We are not made rich by what is in our pockets, but by what is in our hearts.

Jeremiah 10

Jer 10:1-5 It was not just the ideas of Jeremiah - it was the Word of the Lord. Then in the next verses, He shows the foolishness of worshipping idols - just a piece of wood sometimes decked with silver and gold.

Jer 10:7,10 Notice Who the Lord is!

Jer 10:11-12 Here the Lord reminds the people that these foolish dumb idols could not make or do anything, and that they themselves will perish. But the Lord - He is the One Who made all things.

Jer 10:23 Like the Lord saying, "It's not possible for a person to decide what to do in his life, without Me".
We do not have the wisdom to live for God's glory. Wisdom does not come from our hearts, but from the Word of God.


If we have God's Word in our mind, He can put the right words in our mouth.

Jeremiah 18

Perhaps we all know something about how a potter takes clay and shapes it into a pitcher or a vessel of some kind. Sometimes it doesn't take the right shape, so the potter starts over again. He can do what he wants with the clay. Here the Lord tells Israel that they, His people are a "marred" or a spoiled vessel.

Jer 18:8 If you have read the story of Jonah and Nineveh, you will remember that God did just what He tells us in this verse.

Jer 18:12 In spite of the promise of blessing, their answer is that they will not listen, but will continue with their evil ways.

Jer 18:18 They were getting tired of listening to Jeremiah's pleadings and warnings, though he was just telling them the Word of God. Now they begin to plan trouble for him so they won't have to listen to his words any more.


Don't try to bear tomorrow's burdens with today's grace.

Jeremiah 21

In this chapter, the very thing that was prophesied from the beginning of the book, begins to take place. The mighty Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, comes to destroy them.

Jer 21:4-5 It was too late now. The enemy is at the gate, and the Lord says that He Himself will fight against Israel, and that the city will be taken.

Jer 21:8 Here is something to remember, "the way of life" and the "way of death". And it is the Lord that announces the message.

Jer 21:9 Read this verse carefully. If they wished to live, they were to submit to the enemy and go out and surrender. If they wished to die, they were to refuse to go out, and remain in the guilty city.


My resistance to change an area of my life that is inconsistent with the will of God will harden me to future pleadings of the Spirit.

Jeremiah 26

King Josiah has died and his son Jehoiakim is the new king.

Jer 26:2 The Lord tells Jeremiah to stand in the entrance to the Lord's house, and is told that he must not leave out one word of the Lord's warnings.

Jer 26:8-9 When he finishes his message, the priests, the prophets, and all the people are so mad that they plan to kill Jeremiah! Poor Jeremiah! He is alone.

Jer 26:10 But the Lord had His eye on His faithful servant, and sends the princes to protect Jeremiah.

Jer 26:12-15 Fearless Jeremiah speaks faithful words for the Lord.

Jer 26:16 The Lord cared for this faithful man. He is quite ready to die as he told them in verse 14.

Jer 26:24 Here God tells us the name of those who stood with Jeremiah and defended him when others would have put him to death.


There is no danger of conforming to the world without if we are fully yielded to God's Spirit within.

Jeremiah 29

In Previous chapters, the Lord carried out His words of warning. Judah was taken captive to Babylon. Jeremiah writes this letter to them. No doubt they thought very often of their own land of Palestine, and wondered whether they should submit to the rulers of the land where they were held captive. We can see here God's answer to this question.

Jer 29:10 Once more the Lord reminds them that after 70 years He would let them return to their own land. What kindness to tell them the number of years!

Jer 29:21 Notice again that the Lord specially names those who refuse to accept His word and who rebelled against Him. He sees and knows the heart of every one and if any refuse His Word, - what awful punishment!

Jer 29:24-end Shemiah pretended to have a message from the Lord, but was really preaching rebellion against the Lord.


The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not sustain you.

Jeremiah 30

This chapter has two thoughts. Firstly, God was giving them a promise that He was going to bring them back to their land. We read yesterday that Jeremiah was to tell them the length of time before this would happen. But secondly, God told Jeremiah to tell the people about a far greater event to take place in the distant future... All the tribes of Judah and Israel would be brought back to the land. This event still hasn't taken place. Nor will it, until the Lord first comes into the sky and calls every believer, dead and living, to come with Him to heaven. Are you a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ? You will then be one of those who hear His voice and will be with Him forever.

Jer 30:4-7 But, something else. Before the Lord brings them back, a terrible punishment is going to be put on the people, known as the great tribulation.

Jer 30:8-11 He tells the faithful ones not to be afraid

Jer 30:12-15 Word to the unbelievers. Punishment because they persisted in disobedience... so they were "incurable".

Jer 30:16 Refers to the nations who have hated Israel and beaten them.

Jer 30:17-end. He returns to the subject of their being blessed in the later days.


It is true that money is the universal passport for everywhere except heaven, and the universal provider of everything but happiness (Proverbs 18:11).

Jeremiah 31

Jer 31:1-3 Now the Lord speaks about Himself. Such a loving God!

Jer 31:4-30 Here we see that not only the tribes of Judah and Benjamin (they are back in the land since 1948), but all the other 10 tribes which are still scattered and unknown, shall be called back too.

Jer 31:31-end. Beautiful promises for the Millennium. But notice that the Lord Himself shall be there with them. The new covenant (or contract) will be made with Israel, not law-keeping, but, because of the death on the cross of the Lord Jesus, God will forgive them their sins. Those who believe will be the only ones who will go into the Millennium. Everyone born during these 1,000 years will be a believer also (v. 33, 34).

Jer 31:36,37 Notice the "ifs". If heaven could be measured, then His promises wouldn't be kept! Impossible!


We need to be encouraged to think in terms of eternal perspectives.

Jeremiah 32

Jer 32:3 Poor Jeremiah was so hated for telling the people what the Lord had told him, that they put him in prison. But it is good to notice, that he keeps on as if nothing had happened. Why? Because he believed God. (See what the apostle Paul calls himself in Ehp.4:1). So was Jeremiah! Happy to be one! But notice verse 4.

Jer 32:6-12 He is told to buy a piece of land.

Jer 32:14-15 The deeds of the property were to be preserved for the future. Later they would find that all this had been prophesied!

Jer 32:17 Let's never forget this verse... and the question in verse 27. The rest of the chapter shows us that (1) God had given Israel the promised land, (2) They disobeyed God, (3) They were punished for doing this, (4) Yet God (because of Christ's death for their sins,) will bring them back and Christ shall be King over them in prosperity, power and happiness.


Enthusiasm is easier than obedience.

Jeremiah 33

The prophecy goes on into the future (hasn't come yet) when the Lord Jesus will appear again. He is described as the Branch of righteousness, and the fulfillment of King David. (v. 15). In verses 6-8, God is saying 7 times "I will". What wonderful promises!


When we manifest practical righteousness, we are proving we have a source of new life.

Jeremiah 34

All who had Hebrew slaves had made an agreement with Zedekiah and had set them free. But afterwards they had taken the same fellows and made them slaves again. Jeremiah is very angry about this, and he says that they will be punished for doing this. Isn't this just like Christians sometimes? The Lord Jesus has given us freedom from our sins and the world, and then we go back into the worldly things, and Satan attracts us into doing things that make us like slaves again.


We never know one truth correctly until we know it in its proper relation with other truths.

Jeremiah 35

We read of the faithfulness of these Gentile people, the Rechabites. God had promised to bless them and their descendants. They are descendants of Rachab the Kenites (1 Chron. 2:55, Gentiles).
It is very interesting to read in the Encyclopedia that there are people in the desert today who claim that they are Rechabites.


Don't "take" time to pray, but "make" time for prayer.

Jeremiah 36

Jeremiah ordered a man, a writer, Baruch, to write his prophecy of what God was going to do later in punishment of Jerusalem. He was to write it on a roll of paper. When this was read to the king Jehoiakim, he cut it up and threw it into the fireplace. Then he tried to arrest Jeremiah and Baruch. But God saw all this going on, and hides them. Another roll is obtained and all the prophecy was written again. It's the same today. People put their Bible in a drawer and forget about it. But God sees this too. So Baruch rewrites the whole thing!


Both Jonathan and Saul had a sword. Only Jonathan had courage to use it. 1 Samuel 13

Jeremiah 37

King Zedekiah is still disobedient to God; but gives a show of pretense. He gets a little bit of relief from war with Babylon, but this makes him hope that perhaps they will go away. So he asks Jeremiah to speak to the Lord and hear what He says. (Sounds good!) He hopes that the Lord won't punish them. This only shows how far away from God he was. The princes accuse Jeremiah of siding with the enemy, because he had said that punishment was coming. So they put him in prison.
Zedekiah, probably because he had a bad conscience, lets out Jeremiah from prison. But he was too weak to confess his sins, and obey the Lord.


The life of your soul is faith. The health of your soul is love.

Jeremiah 38

Jer 38:2 Things get worse for Jeremiah. God said that any who stayed in Jerusalem would die, but those who go with the enemy would live. The princes are so angry, they ask the king to kill Jeremiah.

Jer 38:5,6 Jeremiah is cast into the dungeon. Some faithful men act to help him. God is a God of details. His way is perfect. The prison even is a place of safety for Jeremiah. God wanted Ebed-melech to hear a message, so He sends it through Jeremiah. What an encouragement this must have been to him.


If we are to know more about Jesus, we must be uncompromising about sin.

Jeremiah 44

We have the awful confusion and sin which existed among those who insisted on staying in Jerusalem when God had told them to go. The result was that they were scattered and received the punishment God had told them of before. There was no indication that anyone repented. They ask Jeremiah to ask the Lord, but don't obey Him when they get an answer.


Imorality follows idolatry. Romans 1:20-25

Jeremiah 52

Defiance of God continued to the end.

Jer 52:1-3 King Zedekiah stayed in Jerusalem, rebelling against the king of Babylon.

Jer 52:4 Nine years later, the enemy came with all his army and surrounded the city for 2 years.

Jer 52:6,7 Famine now breaks out, the men of war try to escape, but fail.

Jer 52:8-11 The awful judgment of God fell on Zedekiah, his eyes are put out, and he is carried away to Babylon.

Jer 52:12,13 The Lord's great temple burned, and the wall of the city.

Jer 52:15 What an ending even for the poor people.

Jer 52:17-23 The vessels of the Lord's house all taken to Babylon. Why all this destruction? Simply because the kingdom of Judah, from the king down to the poor people had given up their faith in the God Who loved them, but His holiness demanded this punishment. May the reading of this Book have a sobering effect on each of us.

Summary: Israel, inspite of all God's kindness, forsook Him and turned to idolatry. God therefore turned over the government of the world to the Gentiles. It has remained so till today. But we know that God has found a way to bless Israel and the world in the future, and that is of giving His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to be a sacrifice on the cross! So God can be righteous and fair and forgive the sins of any one, yes, everyone who will put their
trust in Christ.


by Norman Berry - 1911-2001
Published by Mario Persona

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