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When God allows extraordinary trials, He gives extraordinary comfort.

John 1:1-28

This Gospel gives much more, than the other three, of the Persons of the Son of God, the Father and the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost). We will be reading of the rejection of the Lord Jesus and our redemption, as if they had already taken place. There is no mention of the Lord's birth, or ascension to heaven, nor are the events in sequence. Everything, we could say, is "now". Israel is looked at as being totally rejected by God.

Jn 1:1 God takes us back into eternity, before the creation of the world. God had no beginning. This gospel concerns the glory of Christ, that blessed Man Who is in the glory today. It shows us God's children (the believers) as His family. John tells us over and over again that this blessed Man is God.

In John (1) there is no birth of the Lord Jesus. (2) No record of His earthly ancestors. (3) No temptation by Satan. (4) No mention of anyone possessed with demons. (5) No agony in Gethsemane. (6) No three hours of darkness on the cross. (7) No forsaking by God. (8) No ascension. It is the Lord Jesus Christ, rejected by His own people Israel, but living and dying to the glory of God.

Jn 1:1-5 What the Lord Jesus always was and is. He was before the beginning of everything. All that God is, His wisdom and love and power, are in Christ.

Jn 1:6-13 The purpose for which John the Baptist was raised up, was to point to "the Light".

Jn 1:12 Only those of us who have been "born again" are the children of God.

Jn 1:14-18 This is what the Lord became when He came to earth. His glory was seen.

Jn 1:19-28 He came after John, but was before him.


God loves each one of us as if there were but one of us to love.

John 1:29-51

Jn 1:29-34 Jesus is the "Lamb of God", the sacrifice God has provided for us.

Jn 1:32 God proved that Jesus was His Son by the Spirit of God coming down onto Him.

Jn 1:35-51 Beautiful sight, the blessed Lord Jesus attracts followers to Himself. John's followers leave him and follow Jesus. All rejoice together. Now notice His many names (1) the "Word", (2) "Jesus", (3) "the Light". See if you can find at least 5 more.


Praise is the soil in which joy thrives.

John 2

Jn 2:1-11 The first miracle. Wine in scripture is sometimes a picture of joy on earth. Man has spoiled it. The Lord Jesus turns the water into wine, only He can give us true joy.

Jn 2:13-17 He has the right and power to clean the temple, His Father's house. He would have to leave it later, because the nation rejected Him.

Jn 2:23-25 Like today, many believe in His name, but it goes no further. They only saw; people say - "seeing is believing". But that is not so. Their conscience is not reached.


God wants us to use the prime of our life for Him.

John 3

Jn 3:1-21 These verses really explain what the last three verses of yesterday's chapter mean. Many people think that if they are "good living" that they have a better chance of reaching heaven. Nicodemus thought so. But he was told that he must be "born again".

Jn 3:12-21 The Lord as it were, turns to the whole world, and gives us the wonderful news of eternal salvation with God through believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jn 3:18 Anyone who does not accept the Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour is already condemned; verse 12:31 shows that the judgment has already been passed. But if a person believes, all is forgiven and that person is saved. A good verse to give to unbelievers.

Jn 3:25-34 John the Baptist says things which are very plain. The youngest person could understand these words.

Jn 3:35,36 The John who wrote this gospel (not the Baptist) is thought to have written these words, because John the Baptist didn't know about Christianity and eternal life.


God loves me the way I am, but He loves me too much to let me stay that way.

John 4

Jn 4:1-4 To go from Judea (in the South) to Galilee (in the North) a person would have to pass through Samaria.

Jn 4:5-42 Although the Lord Jesus is not wanted in Judea, He is happy to spend time in winning a sinful woman. He is the Giver of living water. Try all she could, her heart could not be satisfied. But it was only when her conscience was touched that she realized she was speaking to no ordinary man.

Jn 4:28-42 She showed the sure sign of a believer, she immediately wanted to tell others about the Lord Jesus. If you have never told anyone about the Lord Jesus being your Saviour, then you are not sure you are saved - Romans 10:9,10.

Jn 4:43-54 But He had other work to do. He could raise from the dead if necessary. Now he cures this son who was at the point of death, (a picture of Israel as a nation). After the Lord Jesus comes for the believers, He is going to raise up Israel from their present condition of being as dead.


God never takes anything away from us but that He gives us something infinitely better in return.

John 5:1-27

Jn 5:1-16 What a miracle Jesus performs; He comes to the poor man, He doesn't tell the man to come to Him. And so it is now, we cannot move towards Him in our sins. But He comes to us. Doing this on the Sabbath, only brought out the hatred of the religious people.

Jn 5:17-27 But it also brought out the truth that God the Father, and God the Son, are working together in the salvation of souls. Every living person will receive one of two things from the Lord Jesus, eternal life or banishment to hell.

Jn 5:25 Refers to a person being dead in sin. This is the way all unbelievers are. When we heard the voice of the Son of God, we received life, we live.


When we pray for our brethren it helps a great deal in loving them.

John 5:28-47

Jn 5:28,29 These verses refer to something entirely different. These dead are those who are in their graves. Their body is dead. Both saved and unsaved. The believers, whose bodies are in the graves are going to be raised by the voice of the Lord Jesus one of these days (1Thess. 4:16). The unbelievers who have died shall remain in their grave for about a thousand years longer! And then they shall be raised by the voice of the Son of God - Rev.20:12. So our two verses refer to two separate events and two separate times.

Jn 5:32-47 They were without excuse when they refused to accept Him. Four things and persons spoke about Him to them. (1) John the Baptist. (2) His own works. (3) His Father at His baptism (1:32,33); and (4) the Old Testament scriptures, verses 45-47.


You may serve without loving, but you cannot love without serving.

John 6:1-40

Jn 6:1-4 What wonderful power! The Lord Jesus could feed 5,000 men from 5 loaves and 2 small fishes. Today He is the food for every believer on earth.

Jn 6:15 Outwardly it looks as if they wanted Him to be their King. But He could see beyond their actions into their hearts.

Jn 6:16-21 When we have difficulties in our life, remember to read these verses; verse 20 particularly.

Jn 6:22-40 They were interested in Him mainly because they had been fed by Him. But what He wanted was their heart. He wanted everyone to receive Him and the gift He could give them... eternal life. (verse 27).


A idol is anything that we allow to come before Christ.

John 6:41-71

Jn 6:41 The Jews complain because He said that He had come down from heaven!

Jn 6:44 This verse takes from us all the credit for accepting the Lord Jesus and gives all glory to God. The bread which Jesus gave was His flesh, which He would give for the whole world. There could be no salvation for us if the Lord Jesus had only come to earth, and then had gone back to heaven. He must die.

Jn 6:51-58 This does not mean that we actually eat the flesh and drink His blood. But it does mean, that if we are going to be saved, it is through His death, and no other way. The death of Christ makes it very plain that the old life with which we were born can never inherit eternal life. It is only when we realize that the old life is condemned and put in the place of death, that we can know that our new life is in the Christ Who has died and has been raised again.

Jn 6:53 We EAT once for salvation.

Jn 6:54-57 The word changes to EATETH. These verses are for the believer. "Eateth" means that we must be eating over and over again. It is His death which keeps us in our new life.

Jn 6:60-71 Many could not accept what was just said, and gave up. But it only showed that their belief in Him was very shallow.

Jn 6:68 If our heart grows cold toward the Lord, who could we turn to that would make us happy? Peter's answer is very clear.


To the extent that I have allowed the world to occupy my heart, I have lost my spiritual strength. The world is a system apart from God, over which Satan is the god and prince. Insofar as I love the world in any shape or form, I am being unfaithful to Christ. James 4:4

John 7:1-31

Jn 7:1-9 The family of Jesus does not believe in Him! They urge Him to go to Jerusalem for the Jewish celebrations. But He waits; later He will go and show Himself.

Jn 7:10-13 As Jesus is teaching in the temple, He does not say much about Himself.

Jn 7:17 If any one desires to do the will of God, he will know the teaching of scripture... whether they really are from God or are the thoughts of men. Are we submitting to the Word of God?

Jn 7:19-31 Moses gave the Israelites the law, but they did not keep it. When Jesus came they tried to kill Him because He had cured a man on the Sabbath!


Things that I allow in my life might be the cause of stumbling in another.

John 7:32-53

Jn 7:37 Glorious Person - so individual. Christianity is not a religion, it is a Person. Do you live in communion with Him day by day?

Jn 7:38,39 Water is a picture of the Holy Spirit, Who came down from heaven at Pentecost. He fills every believer with heavenly joy and satisfaction, if we don't allow other things into our life. (But remember, the Holy Spirit had not yet come, because Jesus had not yet gone to heaven).

Jn 7:40-53 They were divided about Jesus. What we think of Him decides the side we take, even after we are believers. How much the Lord Jesus means to us is going to decide what kind of a life we will lead. Do we enjoy the company of unsaved people? Then the Lord has lost His attraction for us.


If we love the Lord we will love His brethren.

John 8:1-32

There are three words which can describe the Lord Jesus - "Life", "Light" and "Love". In these chapters, "water" or "life" is mentioned - a picture of "Life" (see 4:10 and 7:38). In chapters 8 to end of 12, it is "Light". Then in chapters 13 to end, it is surely "Love". Today we will notice "Light".

Jn 8:1-11 These religious leaders still try to cause Jesus to make a mistake so they might accuse Him of going against the Scriptures. First of all, they were breaking the law themselves. For in Lev.20:10 it clearly says that both the man and the woman were to be punished. But they bring only the woman. Jesus brings their own sins to mind. He wrote on the ground, giving their conscience time to work. With guilty conscience in the presence of God, they left one by one. They could not stand the "Light". And the Lord told the woman to go and sin no more. The Light shows how bad we are, but the blood of the Lord Jesus cleanses us from all sin. (1st John 1:7).

Jn 8:12-32 What is the Lord Jesus in verse 12?

Jn 8:13-19 The Pharisees said that one witness was not enough. But God also was His witness. So there were two, but still they would not change, nor believe.

Jn 8:21-32 Some of the most helpful verses in all scripture to see the importance of knowing who Jesus is. Read them carefully - particularly v.24.


We have to do with a God who can pardon and cleanse everything, but can pass over nothing.

John 8:33-59

Jn 8:33-50 Jesus pointed out that though they were the descendants of Abraham, before God, they were sinners. And they were following their father, the devil.

Jn 8:51-59 Jesus said that if anyone kept His Word, he would never see death. But they argued that Abraham had died. Was Jesus greater than Abraham; they asked?

Jn 8:58,59 His wonderful answer, and their reply. (Did you notice "light" in the chapter? exposes).


God tries our faith that we may try His faithfulness.

John 9

Yesterday we saw Jesus' words rejected. Today we see His works not wanted. The whole chapter is one story of the "Light", Jesus, bringing light to man in darkness. The question of Who Jesus is, is the centre of everything. The Pharisees were in a spot. They could not deny that a great miracle had been done. Verse 24 was what they believed. The world has not changed! Most of the arguments the religious leaders are having these days, centre around the very same question. "Is Jesus the Son of God?" If Jesus is not God, then there is no heaven, no hell, no salvation. But since He is the Son of God, then everything the Bible says is true. What the Lord Jesus did to this blind man, is a picture of what He has done to every believer in Him. He has given sight to our blind eyes. The blind man could understand better than they could, that if Jesus was not from God, He could do nothing.

Jn 9:35-38 The blind man is cast out of the Jew's religion, but Jesus finds him, and shows him that He is the Son of God. The man believes and worships Him.

Jn 9:40-41 If the Pharisees had confessed that they were blind, there was a cure too for their sin, but when they said that they saw, their sin remained. (Did you see "light" in this chapter? brought relief).


Today may begin as an ordinary day, but it can be a day in which God will bless you, direct you and use you for His glory.

John 10

Jesus is gathering His sheep to a new centre - Himself. He was gathering them out of the old sheepfold (Israel). (The Jews had been helping on the work of the Lord, without knowing it, by putting out the man in yesterday's chapter 9:34).

Jn 10:3 The porter is the Holy Spirit. Jesus leads the sheep out of the Jewish fold to bring them into life in a new condition.

Jn 10:7-9 Those who enter in through the door (Jesus), find salvation, liberty and food and closeness.

Jn 10:29 They also find security and protection. The Father gave the sheep to Christ.

Jn 10:16 The "other sheep" are us, Gentiles. Some have heard Him. Notice there is one flock. He is the Shepherd. We stay close to Him because He attracts our hearts. There is no fence around us,
there is no law, but He is the attracting Centre.

Jn 10:24-38 The Jews are divided again. Who is He? They say. He again tells them of His Words and works. They would not believe because they were not His sheep.


John 11

By His power the Lord Jesus proves to be the resurrection and the life. Though Lazarus was sick, Jesus did not visit Mary and Martha until Lazarus had been dead four days. This must have tested their faith very much. But He was waiting for His Father to tell Him when to go.

Jn 11:24 They knew that Lazarus would rise again at the last day, but that didn't comfort them at the time. Oh, they thought, if Jesus had only come before Lazarus had died!

Jn 11:42 Jesus longed that the people might believe on Him!

Jn 11:43 Jesus calls one man to come out of death, for He had power without limit.

Jn 11:47 The more love and power He showed, the more the leaders hated Him. They were determined to stop His work one way or another; by murder, if necessary. (Light in this chapter).


John 12:1-19

Jn 12:1-11 Here we find in Mary, a beautiful contrast from all the hatred and lack of understanding. She is in communion with the Lord. The result of communion with Him is to understand what is happening. She alone seemed to know what was ahead for Him. She anoints His feet with very costly perfume; this immediately stirs up the others to find fault with her!

Jn 12:10 They turn their murderous thoughts toward Lazarus. And yet people today say that no one has ever come back from the grave. The truth is that they will not believe, though one rise from the dead (Luke 16:31).

Jn 12:12-19 People acclaim Him King of Israel. But the leaders do not know how to stop this.


John 12:20-50

Jn 12:20-26 Greeks (Gentiles) want to see Him. Jesus knew that His time to be King had not yet come. Instead He was going to the cross!

Jn 12:24 Jesus, first would have to become like a seed which is planted in the ground. It dies, but through death, there springs up fruit. Those who have believed in the Lord Jesus as their Saviour, are the fruit for God.

Jn 12:26 It is one thing to be saved, but it is another thing to follow the Lord Jesus! Here is where the happiness and peace is in the believer's life.

Jn 12:27-36 The Lord's soul was troubled, and He asks to be saved from what was ahead of Him. But immediately He adds that it was for that very purpose He had come to earth.

Jn 12:37-50 No matter how many miracles He had done, yet they would not believe. Two great things were going to happen in the one event. The world was going to become guilty of the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus, and Satan's power was going to be broken.

Jn 12:38 Isaiah, over 500 years before had written these very words -Isaiah 53:1.

Jn 12:46 "The Light" mentioned again.

Jn 12:48 The Bible is going to judge and condemn the unbelievers when they stand before the Lord at the end of the millennium (F on your chart).


John 13

From now on, Jesus is only seen with His disciples.

Jn 13:1 The love of Jesus never changed for His own, even though He now faces the cross.

Jn 13:1-17 Jesus is teaching us a lesson. Each believer is to have a real interest and concern for other believers. We are to wash each others feet. By this is meant that when one of us does something which is not pleasing to the Lord, another believer can come to us kindly, and point it out. Satan would here say to us that we are not to judge each other. If we love each other, we are going to try to help each other. It is only when we have judged and put out of our life the things which do not please the Lord, that we can have fellowship with Him.

Jn 13:7 Jesus was going away, and they would understand later. The "hereafter" refers to our present day.

Jn 13:18-30 Judas is pointed out as the one who
betrays the Lord. Judas goes out before the Lord's supper. That is not told here.
Jn 13:31-35 The Lord Jesus will be seen in His glory when He comes in His kingdom at the beginning of the millennium. But God has glorified Him before that time - now in heaven.

Jn 13:34-36 By having love one for another, we show that we follow the Lord Jesus.

Jn 13:37,38 Peter boasts of his faithfulness, but is told of the fall ahead of him.


John 14

Jn 14:1-14 They were greatly troubled at the thought of His leaving them. So Jesus comforts them. He is going to prepare a place for them in His Father's House, and He will come again to take them
to himself. This to comfort us too.

Jn 14:6 Just think how much there is in these 22 words!

Jn 14:9-11 When we believers read John 1:18, we might think that we shall never see God the Father. But these verses explain that we shall. But in the Person of the Son. Read also Col.2:9, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are pleased to dwell in the body of the Son.

Jn 14:13 This assumes that we are living in obedience to God's Word.

Jn 14:16-26 The Comforter is the Holy Spirit. He is the One Who taught the Apostles. If we believers obey the scriptures, we all would be in one fellowship, gathered only to the Lord's Name.

Jn 14:21 The more obedient we are, the more Jesus reveals Himself to us. The more He attracts our hearts, the less the world will attract us.

Jn 14:27-31 The Lord Jesus had constant peace with His Father. He was never disturbed, no matter how terribly He was treated by this world. This is the peace which He gives to us. If we are not walking each day with Him, the world soon crowds into our heart, and that peace is disturbed. May He satisfy our heart more and more.


John 15

Jn 15:1-7 When Jesus was on earth, He was the true vine. Israel should have been this vine - Ps. 80:8. The branches must abide in the vine or they could not bear any fruit. If a man did not abide in Him, he was cast out as a dried branch, because he was merely a professor. These verses are saying that without Him we can do nothing - verse 5. Many people think they are Christians, because they live a good clean life; but the Lord Jesus has no power over their life... they are not born again.

Jn 15:8-11 These verses have been called the royal road to happiness. Are they true of us? We receive fullness of joy through obedience Verse 11.

Jn 15:18-27 The world hates a believer in the Lord Jesus, who is living for Him.

Jn 15:24-25 If they had not had the miracles which He did, there might have been an excuse for their not believing in Him, but now they have no excuse.


John 16

Jn 16:1-16 Jesus continues to comfort His disciples. He is telling some secrets concerning their future...He warns them that some would be put out of the synagogue...some would be killed...and He tells that if He didn't go up to heaven, the Holy Spirit,
with all His power, could not come. It would all be well worth it.

Jn 16:8 The Holy Spirit would be a demonstration to the world.

Jn 16:12-15 Jesus had many things to say to the disciples, but they did not have the power to receive them until the Holy Spirit had come down. The Holy Spirit would guide them into all truth.

Jn 16:16-22 They would sorrow while He was away, but He would come again, and they would then rejoice. Now after He had died, He rose again, and some of the believers saw Him. But mainly this is referring to the coming for all believers in the air. For this we wait today.

Jn 16:23-26 He opens up to them the way they were to pray. They could pray to the Father in His name.

Jn 16:24 Fullness of joy through prayer...dependence.

Jn 16:33 What Jesus had spoken was in order that they might have peace in Him. In the world they would have troubles, but He had overcome the world. This is the end of the Lord's talking to His disciples.


John 17

This is the Lord's prayer to His Father, Jesus wanted all that the Father had decided, to come to pass.

Jn 17:1-5 The glory of the Lord Jesus, as Son of the Father, is opened up to us.

Jn 17:6-19 Jesus puts His disciples in His own relationship with the Father. (They are brought into the place that He was as a Man before God the Father). He prays that they might enjoy this place of blessedness.

Jn 17:20-21 Others would believe later. We are some of these. All believers are brought into the same blessing of oneness in the Father and the Son.

Jn 17:22-26 Here we get a glimpse into our eternal position in the glory. There is going to be complete oneness. We are going to see the glory of the Son. But they (and we) are to enjoy this wonderful relationship now.


John 18

Jn 18:1-14 Jesus enters into the garden and is betrayed by Judas. In John we do not read of His agony in the garden. But only here do we read of the officers and men falling to the ground, because John shows us the Lord Jesus as the Son of God.

Jn 1815-18 & 25-27 Peter denies his Lord. He has lessons to learn. Note the words "Annas had sent Him bound", v.24 - "then led they Jesus"-v.28. The blessed Lord Jesus humbly let these wicked people lead Him around! What a low place He took! Read Phil 2:7-11.


John 19

Note the many contrasts throughout this chapter.

Jn 19:1 Pilate has examined Jesus and has found Him not guilty, and yet he whips Him.

Jn 19:2-3 The soldiers put a crown on His head, but it is a crown of thorns! They say "Hail, (or greetings!) King of the Jews!" 6 times He is called King in this chapter. They strike Him with their hands!

Jn 19:4-6 Pilate says that he finds no fault in Him. The chief priests reply, "crucify Him, crucify Him!"

Jn 19:7 In Luke 22:67, we read that the chief priests had asked Jesus to tell them if He was the Christ. Here they say that He should die because of what He had said!

Jn 19:8-11 Pilate tells Jesus of his power. Jesus replies that he had no power at all! (Unless he received it from God).

Jn 19:12-15 The Jews hated Caesar the head of the Roman Empire, and here they want him as a friend!

Jn 19:16 Having admitted that Jesus was not guilty, yet he condemns Him to be crucified.

Jn 19:18 The Lord of glory, the Creator, is crucified between two thieves.

Jn 19:19 After all this, Pilate writes this title and puts it on the cross!

Jn 19:23,24 The blessed Lord Jesus, after all the good He had done, is stripped of His clothes, and nailed to the cross by rough soldiers. They cast lots (like tossing a coin), but they don't know they are carrying out the scriptures! (Psalm 22:18). Four times in this chapter it says "that the scripture should be fulfilled"...He the Living Word fulfilled the written Word.

Jn 19:28,29 In His thirst, they gave Him vinegar! - Ps.69:21.

Jn 19:30 No man took His life, He gave it up Himself, 10:17-18.

Jn 19:32-34 The soldiers see that Jesus is dead and one pierces His side with a spear! The cleansing power of the blood of Jesus is for the sinner. The atoning power of the blood of Jesus is for the throne of God. You will see the first in Leviticus 14; and the second in the 16th chapter. The first satisfied the need for us sinners; the second satisfied the heart of God about sin. The first is for "sins", the second, for "sin".

Jn 19:36 Scripture written about 1,300 years before concerning the Passover - Exodus 12:46 - is fulfilled! And in verse 37 another scripture!


John 20

God now acts! The greatest power ever known is now shown. The Lord Jesus is raised from the dead. All now changes from darkness to light.

Jn 20:1 in the first creation, God worked for six days, then rested on the 7th day. But through Adam's sin, death has been brought to everyone. But the Lord Jesus (the 2nd Adam - 1Cor. 15:47) has come down to earth and has made a new and perfect creation. Now God can rest for ever on the day after the 7th, the 8th day. The day after the old Sabbath (7th day, Saturday) is the 8th day (Sunday) and that's the Lord's (Acts 20:7). When we accept Christ as our Saviour, we are born again into the new creation (2Cor. 5:17).
There are 3 new things (A) a new day, verse 1, the first day of the week, (B) a new name (for the first time the Lord Jesus calls His followers "brethren", verse 7, (C) a new relationship verse 17, God becomes their "Father".

Jn 20:1-10 An empty tomb is what we now know. Death could not hold our Saviour. He lives and lives forever. Rev. 1:18.

Jn 20:11-18 All the disciples lack the devotion of Mary. Turn to Luke 8:2 to see who she was. She wishes to touch Him, supposing He would be as He had been before His death. But He was going to be known in a new way. Christ has been raised into a new place. The way in which He was known when He was seen by the people, is gone for ever. That is what 2Cor.5:16 means. We know Him no more after the flesh, in other words, our old life is in the flesh.
Our new life is a spiritual life.

Jn 20:19-23 These verses are a picture of what God wants us to be enjoying. The Spirit of God wants to gather each believer around the Lord Jesus. Separated from all things which are contrary to the Scriptures.

Jn 20:24-29 Thomas (one of the apostles), won't believe unless he can see! But later exclaims "My Lord and my God". Notice the 29th verse.

Jn 20:31 A summary of the whole gospel of John.


John 21

Jn 21:1-14 Sad that Peter wants to go back to his old life! And the others follow him. Are we drifting back into our old life? To live like we used to? If we do, it is because the Lord Jesus has lost His attraction for us. They worked hard at fishing. Isn't that true too of us when we get cold in our souls? Nothing would stop us from working late into the night if it was something we wanted to do?
Next, the Lord kept the fish from getting into their nets! Then in the morning, He comes to where they were, and asks them if they had any food! Why did He ask them? Because He wanted them to admit that they had absolutely nothing for all their work. Did you ever see a believer who was happy who had gotten away from the Lord? They think they are.

Jn 21:6 Will they listen to this instruction? Notice the wonderful results for simply obeying. They were not able to handle the big load of fishes! (See Malachi 3:10).

Jn 21:7-14 The Lord always is the Provider - James 1:17, so He says these two sweet words "come, dine". Are we responding? The food which the blessed Lord gives to us is Himself, and this food is for our new nature. John 6:35.

Jn 21:15-25 In Psalm 23 it says, "He restoreth my soul". Here the soul of Peter has been restored, after having so terribly denied knowing the Lord. Now he is instructed to feed and shepherd (the Lord is the Chief Shepherd) other believers.

Jn 21:25 There is no limit to what we can learn about the Lord Jesus. May we learn more and more of Him.
With this chapter, we complete the reading of most of the Books of the Bible. We have alternated between Old and New Testaments to show the oneness of the whole Bible. We trust it has been a blessing to you.


by Norman Berry - 1911-2001
Published by Mario Persona

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