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Prayers and praise go in pairs. They who have praises have prayers.

PHILIPPIANS 1, Verses 1-10

The book of "Numbers" has been the history of Israel's journey through the wilderness, so it is suitable for us today to turn to a New Testament book which is written for OUR journey through the world (our wilderness). Paul, who wrote it, was a prisoner in Rome for being a believer in Christ. We certainly can learn plenty from Philippians, IF we realize we're in Satan's world. But, throughout this book we'll see the Central Figure of it... CHRIST. He was the Perfect Servant (2:6-11), the troubles, disappointments and dangers in this world which we experience are what He had from people. So we need to keep our eye on HIM (Read 4:13).

Phil 1:1 Paul takes a low place as a servant with Timothy. He loved the believers so much that he was always encouraging, strengthening and building them up. The difficult experiences through which they passed only gave Paul an opportunity to show them that these were for their own good and the glory of God. The Lord orders every circumstance in the believer's life.

Phil 1:4 There is no other epistle which has so much about joy in it. Here is the first. The dangers, sorrows, sufferings and trials only made the joy more noticeable!

Phil 1:5 Their interest in the gospel had been steady right from the start.

Phil 1:6-9 Nor would it taper off, but go on unto the perfect day, the day of Jesus Christ. He only longer that their love to others would grow. This would result in their growing in knowledge and intelligence.

Phil 1:10 He prayed that those who had begun with Christ, would go on with Christ, have nothing but Christ before their eyes, and keep on this path without a stumble till the day of Christ. May we experience this more and more.


There needs to be more fear that we will not hear the Lord, than He will not hear us.

PHILIPPIANS 1, Verses 11-30

Phil 1:11 Paul's purpose in writing to them was that they might complete his joy by living the joyful life God purposed for them. What an unselfish desire! To be filled with this fruit. Not just sometimes, but constant, steady, overflowing.

Phil 1:12-20 He tells about his circumstances, and points out that they really enabled the gospel to be preached more. If Christ is seen in the middle of trials, what sweetness comes out of it for the believer!

Phil 1:21 Paul had one object in life... to live for Christ every moment of the day.

Phil 1:22-26 He longed to go and be with Christ, but possibly he was needed here on earth, and so was content, either way.

Phil 1:27-30 Grand words. The first few words of verse 27 are as if he were saying "only conduct yourself in such a way as to be worthy of the good news about Christ". Is this true of us?

Phil 1:28 The gospel is a sign to the lost that they are going to perish, but to the believers that it is their salvation.

Phil 1:29 The road may be rough. There are two things to do - believe and suffer. Paul had experienced both.


I pray in regards to my needs... I worship in the sense of what I have in God.

PHILIPPIANS 2, Verses 1-11

Phil 2:1-4 In order for them to have love one for another, they would have to see each other as annoying Christ. Then each would think better of other believers than they did of themselves.

Phil 2:5-11 The Son of God made two steps downward and two upward in these verses.

Phil 2:5-7 He emptied Himself, becoming a Man and a Servant.

Phil 2:8 Secondly, as a Man He humbled Himself and became obedient unto the awful death of the cross.

Phil 2:9-10 Now two steps upward. He, as the Man Jesus, is highly exalted and given a name which is above every name. Every knee will bow to His name as Lord.

Phil 2:11 And secondly, every tongue is going to confess that He is Lord to the glory of God the Father.


When I go to God to worship, it is as occupied with the One Who is perfectly acceptable to God.

PHILIPPIANS 2, Verses 12-30

Phil 2:12 They were more obedient in Paul's absence than in his presence. So they had to be enjoying all the consolations that were in Christ and live out that life day by day.

Phil 2:13 Shows what God was doing for them in their life.

Phil 2:14-16 What they had the power to do in their life, because of verse 13.

Phil 2:17 The secret of true service is true humility.

Phil 2:19-23 Timothy was very dear to Paul, and was with him at this time, but he was willing to part with Timothy, even though he would feel the loneliness of the Roman prison.

Phil 2:20-21 Paul looked for someone whom he could send to them with a message, but everyone but Timothy was too busy with their own things!

Phil 2:22, 23 What a privilege for this young (about 11 years after Acts 16) man to carry out this job for Paul.

Phil 2:25-30 Another faithful man. His name means "lovely". He surely sounds as if he lived it out. He was concerned that the Philippians had heard that he was ill! He knew that they would be worried until they heard how he was. What love for each other!


Peter's fall began by want of dependence and neglecting prayer.


This chapter is quite different from the rest of the book. Up to now, and continuing in chapter 4, there is the quietness of love working. This chapter brings in activity. In Matthew chapter 23, we hear the Lord pronouncing woe upon woe on the religious evil. So here we find something of the same thing... warnings against religious evil.

Phil 3:2 "Concision", those who were half and half. Not completely separate from evil.

Phil 3:3 "Circumcision" is here spiritual. It is a type of complete separation (contrast with verse 2).

Phil 3:4-7 If anyone has something to boast about, even religiously, Paul had more. Truth makes us humble. Our opinions make us proud.

Phil 3:8-12 Sometimes when a person first accepts the Lord Jesus as Savior, there is a burst of energy and devotion to Christ, but after a while it dies down. If the 7th verse described his earlier days as a Christian, the 8th verse shows that he hasn't changed.

Phil 3:11 The more a person enjoys Christ here, the more he longs to be with Him above.

Phil 3:13-16 We are to forget any progress we may have made in our souls, and press on to the glorious future.

Phil 3:17-19 Another type of religious evil... making Christianity an earthly thing, even using the name of the Lord.

Phil 3:20-21 Again he turns our hearts to Christ, and reminds us that we are heavenly citizens. "Conversation" means how we live.

Phil 3:21 Our bodies changed to be fit for God's presence and to feel happy to be there!



Our prayer should be... "May those who are too weak to pray be able to lean."

Phil 4:1 Count the expressions of affection.

Phil 4:3 Women can be helping in many ways. A woman shines most where she does not appear publicly. A woman brings no honor to herself, or to the Lord by trying to do a man's work. Scripture plainly describes the place for each.

Phil 4:4 When are we to rejoice in the Lord?

Phil 4:5-7 In these verses there are two things to be "let known". One to people - verse 5, the other to God - verse 6. We are to be anxious (full of care) about nothing. Because the Lord is near. But now the positive side... we are to let our requests be made known to God. But thank Him first!

Phil 4:7 Look at the promised result. It is beyond understanding! God is a God of peace.

Phil 4:8-9 Then our heart is going to be ready, and free from all care, to think about these things.

Phil 4:10-23 Verse 11, Paul says "I have learned". In our journey through life (our wilderness), may it be our experience to learn our lessons.


by Norman Berry - 1911-2001
Published by Mario Persona

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