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God, today, has given Satan the capacity to produce desired results.


A lovely letter showing us how this eternal life we have been reading of, works in everyday living. It concerns a slave called Onesimus who ran away from his master, Philemon, and ended up in Rome. Here he met the apostle Paul, and was saved. Paul sends him back to his master with this letter.

Phlm 1-9 A glowing introduction to Philemon, a dear friend and brother (in the Lord) of Paul.

Phlm 2 "The church in thy house". We can see that the word "church" does not mean what so many people take it to mean - a building of brick or stone. It means an assembly, and this assembly met in the house mentioned here.

Phlm 10 It would seem that Onesimus met Paul in prison and was saved through him. How wonderful are the ways of God.

Phlm 11 Apparently Onesimus was not a very reliable servant, but now that he is saved, it will all be different. When we come to Christ, our whole life is changed.

Phlm 12-14 The newly converted man's life is so changed that Paul would like to have kept him.

Phlm 15-16 He left as a run-away slave, and he returns as a brother beloved!

Phlm 17 "Receive him as myself"! Receive a run-away slave as the apostle! Yes, and when we meet the humblest believer in the Lord, we should remember this too. Notice finally that in Col. 4:9, we read "Onesimus, a faithful and beloved brother". How happily it all turned out.


by Norman Berry - 1911-2001
Published by Mario Persona

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