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Humility before men is often the best proof of restoration before God.

Ezra 1

Five books, though not all beside each other in the arrangement of the Books of the Bible, all tell of one time. They all point to the time just before the Lord Jesus came to earth. Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi. These five books tell of the time of the return of a small number who had a heart for the Lord, and were willing to leave the prosperous life in Babylon. The kingdom of Judah (2 tribes only) had been carried away captive to Babylon just before BC 500, for 70 years.

Chapters 1-6 These chapters are a history of what had happened about 70 years before. (Ezra wasn't born at that time).

Let's go back as to why Israel was taken captive. It was because they had turned away from the Lord. So the Lord had called on the head of the first and greatest of the world empires... Babylon, to take away Judah out of their land. They had now been 70 years in Babylon.

Ezra 1:1-4 Cyrus was then the head of the 2nd world empire, Persia (Iran, today). He offers to let any of the captives of Israel to return to Jerusalem. He would pay all their expenses. (What a God of mercy, love and power we have!)

Ezra 1:5-11 King Cyrus did an amazing thing. He told the captives to take back to Jerusalem all the vessels of the house of the Lord which the other king of Babylon had stolen 70 years before.


The secret of real progress is personal attachment to Himself.

Ezra 2, Verses 1-57

Ezra 2:1-2 The actual names of some of those who wanted to go back to God's centre... Jerusalem. Although everything was in ruins there, they still wanted to go. Most had not been there!

Ezra 2:2 Zerubbabel was the leader. Turn to Matthew l:l-16 (the royal line from Abraham through King David to Christ - verse 16 - Notice verse 12). Does God control things? This very man Zerubbabel is of that royal line - actually the King of Israel. Just as Jesus was - (Matthew 2:1-2, and 27:37).

Ezra 2:2-58 Although we may find it hard to even pronounce these names, the Lord holds these people so dear to Him that He tells us who they were! Notice that they went by households (take a minute to read Exodus 1:1). How happy we are when our children follow the Lord. We can count on this, when we ourselves follow Him.


Whenever there is a real need in the wilderness, it is a sin to doubt whether God will help us or not. Tempting the Lord is doubting the supply of His goodness in giving all that we need.

Ezra 2, Verses 58-70

Ezra 2:61-63 A sad and important lesson. Some were "put from the priesthood" because they could not prove what family they belonged to. It made no difference while they were in captivity, but now when they have returned to occupy again the place where the Lord had set His name, there was much care as to who should act as a priest and who should not. When it is a question of the worship of God, we see how absolutely necessary it is that it be done according to God's order and not according to what men think. (This is why there are so many denominations today).
John 4:23

Ezra 2:68 When they came to the house of the Lord which is at Jerusalem they saw that it had been destroyed. They had come there to rebuild it - yet they act in wonderful faith, as if the house were truly standing.

Ezra 2:70 We have read of seven groups. Those who returned were seen as taking the place of the nation of "all Israel", even though they were less than 50,000 (read Romans 11:26).


Where there is the fear of the Lord, there will be the understanding of His Word and mind. But the Word of God will not be simple without subjection to Him.

Ezra 3

Ezra 3:1 The Lord Himself had chosen Jerusalem - Deuteronomy 12:5. And in response to His call, they were all gathered together there. Notice..."as one man". They all had one purpose... to be where the Lord wanted them to be. That always produces oneness.

Ezra 3:2-3 They were surrounded by enemies, and feared them. The first thing they did was to set up the altar and offer burnt offerings. They immediately gave the Lord His rightful place, and counted on Him to take care of them.

Ezra 3:4 Sacrificing and keeping the feasts of Tabernacles, with joy! Praise to God in verse 3, joy in their hearts - verse 4.

Ezra 3:8-13 Important lesson. When the foundation of this new house of the Lord was laid, there was great joy and gladness. But there were some very old Jews who could remember the glory of Solomon's temple; they wept when they saw this new foundation, so poor and small, not like the "old days". Turn to Haggai chapter 2, and see that God heard their weeping and sent a wonderful message. Read verses 3-5.


Communion with saints is precious but I must have intimacy of communion with God above all, and communion with saints will flow from communion with God.

Ezra 4

Ezra 4:2 These enemies approach the faithful Jews with deceit.

Ezra 4:3 A good answer.

Ezra 4:4-6 But the enemy tries another method.

Ezra 4:7-16 A letter written to king Artaxerxes (where the Jews had been for 70 years), making complaint against these Jews.

Ezra 4:17-24 A reply now comes back from the king and it is ordered that the work must be stopped. How strange this seems, for it was truly a work of the Lord, and yet the enemy succeeded in stopping it. But if we turn to the book of Haggai, we shall find that there was an inward reason for this. Chapter 1, verses 2, 4 and 9 tell a sad story. Once they had laid the foundation of the house they began to neglect this work, and turned to building their own homes instead. (If we are unfaithful, the Lord may allow the enemy to attack us).


Communion with God always give confidence in His power.

Ezra 5

God sends a message to these Jews through the two prophets.(We will read their books shortly).

Ezra 5:2 Having heard the message from God, they go at rebuilding the house of the Lord with great energy.

Ezra 5:3,7 The enemy is still busy.

Ezra 5:5 They had heard the word of God (in verse 1) now the eye of God is on them! What more did they need? Nor we!

Ezra 5:6-17 Another letter is sent to the king. This time it is to king Darius, for he had succeeded Artaxerxes. This letter gives a full account of what was going on at Jerusalem. They gave a true and faithful account of what they were doing, and why they were doing it.

Ezra 5:11 What the Jews had said to the ones who wanted the work to be stopped...

Ezra 5:12 It was not because of the might of the enemy that Solomon's temple had been destroyed, but because of their own sin.

Ezra 5:17 In Babylon a search is made to see if the Jews really had authority from king Cyrus to continue with the work of the house of the Lord.


The conversion of sinners -- the building up of believers -- are very precious things. But these are not the object of the soul. That should be to please God.

Ezra 6

Ezra 6:1-12 The wonderful reply of the king of Medo-Persia. Not only were they free to continue to work, but the Lord stirs the heart of Darius! He replies to the enemies of the work of the Lord in this way.

Ezra 6:7 "Let the work of the Lord alone!"

Ezra 6:8 Expenses (money) to be given to these men.

Ezra 6:9 These Jews now had more liberty and help than they had before! (When we are careless in our life and cold in our heart, Satan deceives us, and we lose our power and discernment).

Ezra 6:15 And this house was finished...

Ezra 6:16 Compare the sacrifice at the dedication of this house, with that at the dedication of Solomon's temple in 1 Kings 8, verses 10-11, the glory of the Lord filled Solomon's temple. But there were no such signs here in the days of Ezra.

Ezra 6:21-22 Count seven things some of the people did or happened to them.

Ezra 6:22 By God's help the house of the Lord was rebuilt. The Passover and the feast of unleavened bread were kept with JOY, for "the Lord had made them joyful". These chapters complete the story of the first return of the Jewish captives to Jerusalem from Babylon.


There are only two characters of testimony -- the lip and the life. And the lip should be but the expression of what has first been produced in the life.

Ezra 7, Verses 1-10

About eighty years have gone by between chapters 6 and 7. Here to the end of the book, Ezra appears for the first time and personally tells of leading the second group out of Babylon.

Ezra 7:1-5 Ezra was a descendant of Aaron, and therefore was a priest by birth.

Ezra 7:6 Ezra also carefully read the law of Moses. This is the only way he could be of help to others.

Ezra 7:10 Notice three things in this verse. Good for us too.


There is no growth without challenge, and there can be no challenge without change.

Ezra 7, Verses 11-28

Ezra 7:11-26 This letter the king gave to Ezra when he went from Babylon to Jerusalem. Notice in verse 13... "which are minded of their own freewill to go up to Jerusalem..." Each person was free to go or stay. To stay probably meant prosperity, to go meant hardship, but was pleasing to the Lord.

Ezra 7:25 Notice what the king said that Ezra had in his hand.

Ezra 7:27-28 He took no credit to himself, nor to his influence with the king, but rather thanked and praised the Lord for this wonderful open door. Notice how many times the Lord's hand is upon Ezra.


The trials you are going through are educating you to help someone else. 2 Corinthians 1:4

Ezra 8

Ezra 8:1-14 These men did not know that their names would be found in God's Holy Word, just because they were willing to go to Jerusalem! God saw their devotedness, and today He still notices the love of those who wish to be where His Word would direct them. What a significant journey, from Babylon to Jerusalem. Babylon is a picture to us of idolatrous corruption and worldliness, and Jerusalem is a picture of the privilege of being where He has set His name.

Ezra 8:15-22 None of the sons of Levi were found among these willing men. Apparently they had felt quite at home in Babylon and decided to stay there.

Ezra 8:18-20 There were some who were at last stirred up to come, and "all of them were expressed by name".

Ezra 8:21 A long and dangerous journey, was ahead, so Ezra proclaims a fast. He wanted a right way from the Lord, "for ourselves, and for our little ones, and for our substance". He was serious about it! If we parents wish our children to walk in a right way, we must walk in it ourselves.

Ezra 8:24-34 These men have a big responsibility. At the beginning of the journey they have certain treasures put into their hands. They are told "watch ye, and keep them..." Verse 29. Many wonderful treasures of truth have been given to us in the Word of God. What a treasure it is to know that we are living stones in the church of God - that we are members of the body of Christ - that we are part of the bride of Christ - that our Lord is coming soon to take us Home. Hear Him say "watch ye and keep them, until!"

Ezra 8:34 When they reached the end of the journey, they had the written account of what had been given to them when they started out. The truth of God has been given to us to treasure and obey. We are going to have to give an account to God how well we have obeyed it.


Every disobedient act of a Christian demonstrates a lack of appreciation of what God is, and what Christ has done.

Ezra 9

Ezra 9:1 Ezra is astonished and very upset to find that many, even the priests and princes, had married foreign wives.

Ezra 9:2 A warning. The "holy seed" refers to Israelites. They were mixing with, and marrying Gentiles. It was forbidden by God. And for those of us who really belong to the Lord Jesus today, it is a serious and wrong thing to yoke together or to make friends with those who do not know the Lord Jesus as Saviour. (2 Cor. 6:14, James 4:4).

Ezra 9:3 Ezra's great grief when he received news of the disobedience of God's people.

Ezra 9:4 Ezra's own grief and humiliation, touched the heart of those who trembled at the words of the God of Israel. We too need to tremble at God's Word. Really there were two groups there, the guilty ones and the non-guilty ones. Notice which group trembled at the Word of God. Will their trembling do any good? Wait to see.

Ezra 9:6-8 First - Ezra takes his place among the guilty ones, for he says "I am ashamed... our iniquities... our trespass". Next, he justified God for all that had happened to them in the past "for our iniquities have we been delivered into the hands of the kings..." and then he speaks of the grace that the Lord had shown to them. (Let us today confess how we have failed, and let us never blame God for our difficulties. He is gracious and He is faithful).


Our Lord doesn't require performance, only a yielded life. (Romans 6:13).

Ezra 10

Ezra 10:1 What a remarkable result from the confession and weeping of one man. The news spreads, and soon there is a very great congregation gathered weeping before the house of God (Eccles 7:2).

Ezra 10:2-5 One man suggests a very strong and difficult remedy. A full confession of their guilt, and a willingness to separate from that which was so displeasing to the Lord.

Ezra 10:3 The wives, and the children were to be put away. This was according to the law, for they were unclean. In 1 Cor.7, verse 14, notice the contrast between the law and the grace of God. In 1 Cor.7 neither the wife nor the children need to be put away if the husband becomes a believer. It is still wrong and disobedient to marry an unbeliever. A believer can pray to the Lord that the partner and the children may be saved.

Ezra 10:9-10 Ezra first explains their sin, then urges them to confess it and then holds them responsible to separate themselves. Confession is one things, but there must be a turning away from the sin itself. There would have been no "strange wives" if there had been proper separation from the people of the land.

Ezra 10:18 The actual list of those who were guilty, and it begins with the priests! They were that much more responsible because of their position and their influence.


by Norman Berry - 1911-2001
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