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While Matthew gives us the official glory of the Messiah, and Mark gives us the mission of service of One Who "went about doing good"... Luke gives us Himself, as the Son of Man.

COLOSSIANS 1 Verses 1-17

Our last three Epistles have been giving us serious warnings of the dangers surrounding us. Paul, in Colossians, lifts up our eyes and thoughts to our Head, the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven... our destiny. But we are not there yet, for Colossians still looks at us as being down on Earth. Colossians also has its warnings. Legality (making rules for our life) 2:20-21, is a very subtle thing, for it looks so holy. But it is not seeing that it is by grace alone we stand. Then there was the celebrating of special days. And also philosophy. But the main subject is Christ the Head (in heaven) of the body (on earth).

Col 1:4-5 We see three great things, faith, love and hope. Faith IN Christ Jesus; love for others; hope of future glory.

Col 1:6 All this brought forth fruit. That is, it changed lives, and this is what the truth does in us.

Col 1:9-17 Paul's prayer for them. Christianity is not some package which we receive once, and having received it, we are settled. Notice the words - be filled - might walk worthy of the Lord - unto all pleasing - being fruitful - increasing - strengthened - giving thanks. Can each one of us stop reading at this moment and say "In the last year I have grown to know the Lord more?" If we cannot say this, it is because Satan has put something else before our eyes. These verses lead us right up to our glorious Head, our Lord Jesus Christ.


The Lord silenced Satan with one verse of Scripture.  Matt. 4:1-ll

COLOSSIANS 1, Verses 18-29

Col 1:18 The importance of the assembly (church) to Christ. Speaking reverently, the Lord Jesus is not complete without us, for we are His body (Eph. 1:23).

Col 1:19 Christ's body, which took abuse, shame and suffering here on earth, is the dwelling place of Father, Son and Holy Spirit forever.

Col 1:20 The whole of the creation is going to be "reconciled" (brought back) into a paradise (or garden of delights), when the Lord Jesus comes in His glory. This is future of course.

Col 1:21 But this is present. We believers have already been brought back to God and stand before Him in all the perfectness of Christ Himself.

Col 1:23 Notice the "if". The Colossians were on a dangerous course. They were drifting toward adding philosophy and traditions to Christianity. Do not confuse this with thinking that anyone could be lost after they are saved, for that is impossible. But there is our responsibility side. Paul did not want to lull them to sleep, into thinking that they could go on as they wished. Many people who claimed to be Christians, later turned out to be the bitterest enemies of Christ. "They went out from us because they were not of us". 1 Jn 2:19.

Col 1:24-29 He says that he was God's servant to tell the "mystery" or secret. This "mystery" is that Jew and Gentile are now one in Christ.


In my life, only what was produced by the Word shall be preserved.


Col 2:1-3 Those who speak God's truth are usually the ones whom Satan attacks the most. To Paul, God had given the great mystery that Christ and the assembly (church) are one. Paul had great conflict (struggles) with Satan in bringing God's message of truth. Paul longed that all the believers would be united in love. This is like Christ who unites us all into one. But the Spirit of God is grieved when He sees the believers separated and scattered in many denominations.

Col 2:3 In this "mystery" are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge!

Col 2:4, 8, 16, 18, 23 They were listening to clever speakers who would succeed in drawing them away from Christ. Worshipping their own will (20-23) looked so good to the intellect, but it was to no profit really.

Col 2:6, 7, 9, 15, 17 He brings them back time after time to Christ and His death. There might have been men who were saying that if a few uneducated fishermen could bring such great things through their preaching, what could we do with our great learning! Paul is showing that this would only rob Christ of some of His glory and rob them of their joy.


The Word of God is the basis of the revelation of the mind of God.


Col 3:1-17 He turns away from human intelligence and brings them back to truth. We are to turn our eyes and our thoughts heavenward. He reminds them (and us too) that they are dead (with Christ) and their life now is hid with Christ in God. No mixing... it is one or the other which takes up our attention. If we realised that we are dead then there would be little attraction to the world.

Col 3:4 Paul would always draw us to Christ and His appearing.

Col 3:5 They (and we) need to be reminded to consider all these things to be dead.

Col 3:8 If we agree that the things in verse 5 should have no part in our life, how about the things in this verse? They also belong to the old life, and God says it is dead.

Col 3:18-25 Particular instructions for different classes of people. The 1st verse of the next chapter connects on to the end of this one.


He Who alone knows the path of wisdom has made scripture its dwelling place.


Col 4:2 All the wonderful things which have been told us of our position are not complete without this verse. "Continue in prayer", and watch.

Col 4:7-8 Paul always liked to hear how they were getting along, but he knew they also wanted to hear of how he was getting on. This love for one another is Christianity in full bloom. Can anything be sweeter amongst believers?

Col 4:9-11 Notice how he just makes short comments about these followers. Would we be standing with the apostle Paul had we been with him in his day? Today is our day to stand for the Lord. Soon He comes, and the day of faith will be over. It is the wonderful wisdom of God that has hidden the truth of the New Testament below the surface of the Old. The path of progress, or steps from the very beginning, on to the heavenly glorious future. Remember that the Bible is all one. It's like the human body. All is absolutely necessary. The truth of Christianity is learned from the New Testament, but the Old Testament is like a series of pictures which illustrates the New. That's why we alternate between the two.


by Norman Berry - 1911-2001
Published by Mario Persona

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