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In all our petitions, failures, confessions, and need as individuals we go to GOD as our FATHER... but in everything relating to church conduct, we go to Him Who is the Head of the church.

REVELATION 1, Verses 1-11

Yesterday we finished reading of God's people living under kings and God's law, today we start reading a Book of how God evaluates His people; how they lived under His grace up to the end of His testing time. Failure under God's favour. Such is the heart of man. The lake of fire for the unsaved...glory with Christ

forever, for the redeemed. God revealed this and gave it to Jesus to show to His servants. The book shows us what Jesus has been doing since He went to heaven, and what He is going to do very soon.

The book was written by the Apostle John who had been banished by the Roman Emperor, to a little Island in the Mediterranean. There are sections to the book. The first is in the first three chapters and is about our present time. It was written 2,000 years ago, before anything in the present "Day of grace" took place.

Rev 1:3 and chapter 22:6-7. These promises are for you and me. We will enjoy them if we are willing to obey. In this Book God shows us His "blueprint" of the future. Yet people say that they wish they knew what is going to happen in the world! As you read this Book, keep your eye on Christ. (Look at the first five words!) If our eye is on Him, our mind shall understand, and our heart shall be warmed.

Rev 1:5 The Lord Jesus Christ is all-powerful and yet all love. A beautiful verse. Memorize it.

Rev 1:7 This is His coming in glory (with us, not for us).

Rev 1:8-11 The apostle John was made a prisoner because he preached about Jesus. He wrote seven letters to seven assemblies of believers in these seven cities. Although Satan may have thought he was getting rid of the apostle John, God meets him on that island called Patmos. It's still there. Through him, God gives us the guide book through the rest of time into eternity!


Prayers on earth are incense in heaven. Rev. 5:8.

REVELATION 1 Verses 12-20

Rev 1:12-16 These verses describe the Lord Jesus as He watches those who profess to be Christians. "Christendom", as it is called, is made up of all the people who call themselves Christians. The Lord gives us details of how powerful and all-seeing He is. We do not see the Lord Jesus here in the way we generally know Him, that is, as Head of the body (Col. 1:18) or as the One Who is praying always for us (Heb. 7:25). But we see Him here as a Judge Who sees into every detail of the life of every true believer in Him. This should bring encouragement and confidence to each of us believers, for then we realize that, as we pass through difficulties because we are faithful to Him, He sees us and provides us with the necessary strength to keep on for Him - 2 Cor. 12:9.

Rev 1:20 The seven golden candlesticks represent the seven assemblies in these seven cities to which he is now going to write, one by one.


The power of our prayers depends upon our spiritual condition.

REVELATION 2, Verses 1-7

These two chapters (2 & 3) are very helpful to us if we read them carefully. They are made up of seven letters written to seven different cities where believers lived. In each a different spiritual condition exists. Just as in the case of individuals. The Spirit of God has shown us that all these seven letters are telling the then future from the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came down to earth, right until the day the Lord Jesus comes for the believers. All written before it took place!

Now a word about "the church". First read the following Scriptures, 1 Cor. 12:12-13, also 10:16-17. Connect these with Eph. 1:22 and 23. Also 4:15 & 16 and 5:23. If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, you are in the one and only church which scripture allows. You are also in the one body too, for the church and the body are the same thing. Eph. 1:22,23 says it plainly. Think about that carefully.

Rev 2:7, 11, 17, 29 and chapter 3:6. 13 & 22 have the same words. Only true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ have spiritual ears to understand the message of Scripture. But are we using them?

Rev 2:1-7 Ephesus is our first letter. This assembly or church is mentioned in Acts 20:17-38, I Cor. 15:32, I Tim. 1:3, II Tim. 1:18 and of course the whole book of Ephesians. The Lord tells us that He could see something very seriously wrong - they had left their first love. When we first accept Christ as Saviour, there is great love in our heart toward Him. But, unless we are careful, this love grows cold. When this happens, discernment, joy and power go out of our life.

Rev 2:1-3 A blessing is promised to each one of us who reads and hears this book. In history, the period covered by this letter, took place in the first centuries after Pentecost.


By asking in the Name of Christ, is more than having a title through His Name; it is, indeed, to appear before God with all the value and authority of that Name.

REVELATION 2, Verses 8-29

Rev 2:8-11 Smyrna; the word means "myrrh" (the sorrows of persecution). This covers the time when the believers went through a dreadful time of persecution in the third century. No fault is found with the believers during this time. Persecution drove them close to Christ. "Ten days" may represent ten dreadful persecution periods under ten Roman dictators.

Rev 2:12-17 Pergamos means "much married". Satan now changes his methods. Instead of persecuting the believers, he led unbelievers to become nominal Christians. In the time of Constantine (about AD 288 to 337) thousands of this Roman Emperor's subjects became Christians (some in name only). The believers allowed these people among them. We read of the result... May we take this warning to ourselves. The political world and the religious world were married.

Rev 2:18-29 Thyatira. This period was when the Roman Catholic church dominated. Corruption is here, and the Lord speaks very severely.

Rev 2:20 "Jezebel"- this was the name of the wicked woman who was married to one of the kings of Judah. 1 Kings 16:30,31 and 21:25. She is a type of what was happening spiritually here.


Prayers and praise go in pairs. They have praises who have prayers.


Rev 3:1-6 Sardis can be a picture of Protestantism. She escaped from Rome, but soon sank into worldliness and politics.

Rev 3:1 "Thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead". It was a name that should have had life, but here we see spiritual death. We need to think this over carefully. Are we just shrugging our shoulders, and going on carelessly? There is not one good word said of this group.

Rev 3:7-13 Philadelphia. This is a beautiful description of a happy condition. Christ Himself is in the midst. Notice the encouraging things said to those who lived for the Lord. This letter does not describe any particular time, but rather presents to us those who stand for the truth of God. It is faithfulness to the Lord Himself which can exist in any period of this "day of grace".

Rev 3:14-22 Laodicea. Not definite evil in doctrine that is condemned here, but of being taken up with money and things. Profit and pleasure are the two great attractions Satan sets before people. They did not know that they really were wretched, poor, blind and naked. These are not true believers, but professors only mixed in among true believers.

Rev 3:19-22 The true believers. But even with them, Christ is outside, and has to be knocking on the heart's door to be invited in! He does not do this to an unbeliever. The unbeliever first needs a new heart. Laodicea is a description of our western world just before the Lord comes for us.


There needs to be more fear that we will not hear the Lord, than He will not hear us.


The second section of the book commences. The third chapter ends prophetically with the coming of the Lord Jesus for the believers, so now this chapter takes us over into the events which will take place after "the church" (the true believers) is taken to heaven. So between chapters 3 and 4 the "rapture" of the believers to heaven has evidently taken place, for now the believers are seen in heaven. A throne is seen, and God on that throne, but described to us in a form which could be seen.

Rev 4:4 The 24 elders can be a picture of all the redeemed people; 12 representing the Old Testament days, and 12 "the church" of the New Testament. The seats are thrones, these elders are sitting as kingly priests with crowns on their heads. If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, then this scene in heaven is describing your position there!

Rev 4:6-9 The "four beasts", or living ones, are a picture of power, firmness, intelligence and speed, in carrying out God's orders. Or, they can be understood better as Majesty (the lion), Endurance, (the ox), Intelligence (the man), and Rapidity (the eagle). These show us the great government of God.

Rev 4:10-11 God is worshipped by all as Creator. (Different in tomorrow's chapter).


I pray in regards to my needs... I worship in the sense of what I have in God.

REVELATION 5, Verses 1-7

The glory of the Slain Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ, as the Redeemer, opens up before us. He has won the rights to the earthly inheritance. This wonderful chapter contains four different visions (1) "I saw" v. 1; (2) "I saw" v. 2; (3) "I beheld" v. 6; (4) "I beheld" v. 11. The One Who sits upon the throne has a "book" in His right hand. This book contains details of the future events to take place on the earth.

Rev 5:2-5 Who could be worthy to open such a book? No man was found.

Rev 5:5-7 The Lion of the tribe of Judah (Jesus) was the only One found worthy to do this! Prophesied about far back in Genesis 49:9-10. It is wonderful to see how Revelation (the last Book) has some of its beginnings seen in Genesis (the first Book). See also Hebrews 7:14. But when John looked, he saw a Lamb as it had been slain (Jesus, of course). What a sight this must have been to the Apostle John, sitting on a tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea.


When I go to God to worship, it is as occupied with the One Who is perfectly acceptable to God.

REVELATION 5, Verses 8-14

Rev 5:8-14 All in heaven once more burst out in praise and adoration to God. But now seen as the Redeemer (verse 9). "Lord" by right of creation in chapter 4; "Lord" by right of redemption in this chapter.

Rev 5:9-10 The inside group is made up only of redeemed people. They sing saying "Thou art worthy". They speak directly to Him.

Rev 5:11-12 The next circle is the angels, hundreds of millions of them. They speak of the Lord and say "He". Because they never sinned they don't know Him as Saviour.

Rev 5:13 The outside circle... the whole creation; the "Hallelujah" chorus rolls through the universe.


Peter's fall began by want of dependence and neglecting prayer.


This chapter gives the answer to the question often asked today "Why does God allow all the evil to go on and on in this world?"

This "book" referred to in 5:2-5 had seven seals, which are to be broken open, one by one. It is the book of God's judgment (punishments). But the details are in symbols. The horses may represent: (1) v. 2 A white horse and rider: a victorious conqueror. (2) v. 4 Red horse; wars and civil upheavals. (3) v.5 Black horse; mourning and famine, (4) v. 8 Pale horse; pestilence (it is referred to in Ezekiel 14:21). The riders representing those who control these things. God, for thousands of years has been silent, watching, listening to every word said, allowing Satan to be the god of this world - 2 Cor. 4:4, enduring the insults (and yet never losing control). And now He intervenes! People plan for a better world! But evil shall get worse and worse, and shall go on till Satan is worshipped.

These are the events to take place on earth after the believers are taken to heaven. The world will go on just as it goes on the day before the Lord Jesus comes. Business will continue, many churches will be the same. Everything will go on as before, for a little while. Then the trouble will start.

Rev 6:9-11 Those Jews who are killed for preaching the gospel of the kingdom (that the King - the Lord Jesus is coming back to set up His kingdom).

Rev 6:12-17 Dreadful! The governments - federal down to civil (town) will collapse. There is terror and utter despair everywhere. People are crying out to die, but worse is to come.


Our prayer should be... "May those who are too weak to pray be able to lean on the Lord."


Rev 7:1-8 This chapter interrupts the description of the sixth chapter... it ended with the sixth seal. Many in Israel are going to believe the Lord, and turn to Him. They are going to be preserved through these dreadful days.

Rev 7:9-17 These are Gentiles, not Jews. Those who have believed the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom. (See Matthew 24:14 and verses 36-41. Notice that in verse 40 and 41 it is the reverse of the "rapture" for those were the unbelievers who disappear).


Israel crossed the Red Sea under the protection of the cloud... and crossed the Jordan under the shelter of the Ark.


The seventh seal introduces the seven trumpets. They are like a final call. And they sound over all the western nations of the world. All these nations at this time have turned away from God.

Rev 8:6-13 You can realize that this is the awful future of the proud nations which today go under the name of being Christian.

Rev 8:13 Here is the announcement of the climax of awful punishment to come on the earth. But particularly the western world.


Today Israel has neither the true God , nor false god, nor king, nor priest, nor sacrifice. But after the rapture, a remnant among the Jews (Judah & Benjamin) shall have their eyes opened and see Jehovah their God, and David their King ! All unbelievers of all 12 tribes shall be destroyed.


Rev 9:1 A star - (someone in great political power), falls from the heavens.

Rev 9:1-3 Dreadful calamities come on the earth as a result of his coming. The bottomless pit is opened. What a terrible day that will be for this poor world of the unsaved. And just to realize too that all this will take place shortly after the Lord Jesus has taken the believers to heaven. We believers will not pass through the tribulation - 3:10. Satan's power is seen increasing in these 3 verses. (The Holy Spirit which is on earth today, holds back Satan's power. But at that time, the Holy Spirit has gone back to heaven, and Satan will have great power).

Rev 9:4-6 Many Jews will not believe the gospel of the coming kingdom, and these verses describe those unbelieving Jews.

Rev 9:7-21 Forms of wickedness which before this have been held back, will now break out. These verses seem to be referring to the East (Euphrates river - verse 14).


The believing remnant shall become the true nation of God and the fulfillment of Romans 11:26, "Then all Israel shall be saved". They shall bow their heart before Jehovah. The basis of their blessing shall no longer be the keeping of the law, but the New Covenant which has, as its foundation, the precious blood of their once-rejected Messiah.


Once more there is an interruption (to end of 11:13) in the telling of the events which are to take place on the earth.

Rev 10:1-3 A mighty angel appears, probably the Lord Himself. It is wonderful to realize that the Lord Jesus is in control of all. Even though we are reading of such staggering catastrophes, nothing gets out of His hands. We are safe in that Hand - John 10:28.

Rev 10:8-11 This is exactly the meaning of John eating the book. It was sweet to know that God was telling him about these coming events, but dreadful to realize what it must be for those upon whom God's punishment fell.


When Israel's priesthood had failed (in Eli)... God raised up the prophet Samuel; when all had failed under the kings (even David's house)... God raised up Isaiah; when king Ahaz had introduced idolatry (even into God's house)... God announced the coming of the Messiah!


Rev 11:1-2 A little preparation for the future for those believing Jews who will continue on into the millenium. (These chapters so far, are all about the first half of the 7 years).

Rev 11:2 Forty-two months is 3 1/2 years. This refers to the last half of those 7 years. And this, properly speaking, is the tribulation period (not the whole 7 years). For in the first half, the antichrist is pretending he is the Messiah.

Rev 11:3-13 God has power on earth. So these two witnesses, who prophesy in Jerusalem, show us this. 1,260 days refers to the 3 1/2 years. But they are killed. It looks as if God's power is gone; this world doesn't change. The Roman power leaves their dead bodies on the streets to show its victory - verse 8. When suddenly these bodies come back to life and are taken up to heaven! Then follow more catastrophes. (This ends the parenthesis from 10:1). The first signs of the millennium start to appear.

Rev 11:14-18 At long last the Lord Jesus begins to take His power over the earth.

Rev 11:15-17 "in heaven" - who would these people be? Us; those who have put our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. We will give thanks to the Lord God Almighty! What a day is coming!

Rev 11:18 This verse ends the general history or story of the book. From here on, certain details are taken up, one by one. The time when the dead will be judged is announced. It does not mean that they are judged at this time.


The Children of Israel knew God's works, but Moses had learned something greater, GOD'S ways.


Rev 12:1-6 Christ's coming to earth was the beginning of God's great work. So now we read of a woman (Israel) and the child (Christ) born to her. The dragon (Satan) waits for the birth to devour (eat) the child. But the child escapes.

Rev 12:6 Refers to present day, when Israel is scattered.

Rev 12:7-13 These explain why she (Israel) had to fly. They refer particularly to the last half of the seven years (1,260 days in verse 6) when Satan has been cast down onto the earth.

Rev 12:14 "a time" equals 1 year, "times" equal 2 years. "half a time" equal one half a year. This again makes 3 1/2 years. During this time of tribulation, the Lord is protecting the Jewish believers.

Rev 12:15-17 "as a flood after the woman" refers to the Gentile nations whom Satan uses to try to destroy Israel during this tribulation period. Satan hates the believers in Israel and turns his fury against them.


The word Babylon means, not only "confusion", but Babylon itself had been the place where idolatry had its origin under Satan's influence. From there it penetrated all parts of the ancient world.


Rev 13:1-10 This is the Roman Empire coming back into existence... a "beast" rising out of the sea. (The sea is a picture of the restless mass of the Gentile nations in western Europe.)

Rev 13:4 Through this power, the people will turn to the worship of Satan.

Rev 13:11 "Another beast" represents an entirely different person from "a beast" in verse 1. This is the "man of sin", the "Antichrist" (2 Thess 2:3-10) and the "false prophet" (19:20), these 3 names describe the same man. These two powers - the head of the Roman Empire "a beast" (of verse 1) and the Antichrist "another beast", together with Satan form the trinity of evil. They will control the western world during that awful time until the Lord Jesus comes out of heaven in fury and rage (19:11-13 and 2 Thess. 2:8), and casts these 2 men, alive, into hell (19:20).

Rev 13:12-18 These men will have great power.

Rev 13:16-17 Everyone will have to have a mark in their forehead. If not, they will not be allowed to buy or sell!

Rev 13:18 A lot of people try to tell the meaning of these numbers "666". But our advice is not to waste time trying to figure out what is not plain. We believe that the true meaning of this number won't be known until the "beast" appears.


God chose Israel to be His people. They, however, once more, away from this privilege of being a witness to the world of God's lovingkindness, instead, (hard to believe it) became Satan's instrument to put to death the blessed Son of God! And not only so, but to persecute those who believe in Him.

REVELATION 14, Verses 1-12

Rev 14:1-5 Five verses describing an amazing contrast. We have read of the dreadful fate of those who followed the false lamb; now we see the rejoicing followers of the true Lamb. It is like a view of what we in heaven shall look down on, on earth during the thousand year reign of Christ. Heaven AND earth shall rejoice and sing. Does that thrill you to know that you will be looking down on this? And we can read about it now! We have seen that the followers of the false Christ had received a mark in their forehead, so these followers of the true Christ have His name and His Father's written in their forehead!

Rev 14:6-7 The preaching of the everlasting gospel is God's good news from heaven for this poor world. This is God's final call and goes out to every corner of the globe.

Rev 14:8 The corrupt and wicked organization of this world is called "Babylon". God is going to smash it to pieces.

Rev 14:9-11 The awful doom of those who have worshipped the devil and his men. We are here dealing with people and things that are eternal! (1) the eternal existence of God - 10:6. (2) The eternal glory of the Lamb, 5:13. (3) The eternal reign of the believer - 22:5. (4) The eternal doom of the devil - 20:10. (5) The eternal torment of the lost. "No rest" - our verse 11 and 20:10.

Rev 14:12 What a contrast here. The patience of the saints. We are reading of believers who are facing immediate death. But it would be better to be killed by the "beast" than to be tormented with "the beast".


ISRAEL - Egypt to Canaan... the blood, and the song and the Pillar are different tokens of the same Jesus Who meets ALL our needs.

REVELATION 14, Verses 13-20

Rev 14:13 What a sweet promise for those who die "in the Lord" during that fearful time.

Rev 14:14 The Lord Jesus, the Son of Man, here is going to start to sweep guilty unbelievers off the earth. Notice what He has on His Head and in His Hand! A sword is used for carrying out judgment, but a sickle is for reaping a harvest. The believers and unbelievers are separated in this harvest. The wheat (the believers) will be gathered into His barn and the tares (unbelievers) will be gathered into bundles for burning (see Matt. 13:30, 39 to 43.)

Rev 14:15-20 These actions of the angels may look as if everything is going to happen instantly, but these events are going to take place over the 3 1/2 years of the great tribulation. What a dreadful day for this world. And it is very close too! Nothing in the history of this poor sad world could ever match this for awfulness. The blood will run to the horses' bridles! And people today laugh and do not listen to the gospel, the good news of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev 14:20 A thousand and six hundred furlongs is about the length of the land of Israel (about 200 miles or 320 km.)


Faith is a divine plant that only grows out of the soil of a broken will.


Rev 15:2-4 The many Jewish martyrs who die for their faithfulness to the Lord are seen here in heaven. You can read in 20:5 as to how they are in heaven, even though they might have been living on the earth at the Rapture. (They had never heard the Gospel of the grace of God, so are not taken then. But now they have a special resurrection and form part of the first resurrection - the rapture).

Rev 15:5-8 When we think of the temple in the Old Testament Scriptures, we think of quiet order and priests going about doing the service. And we also think of the kindness and grace of God making a way for His people to meet Him. But look at the contrast here. Seven angels (not priests) have seven plagues. God's terrible anger is going to be poured out on this earth. But let us never forget the truth of this. That now it is grace and love. Later it will be anger and punishment.


Pride stands in the way of true discernment.


Here we come to the climax of the punishments which fall on the earth out of heaven. There are seven different vials (or bowls) which are poured out over the earth.

Rev 16:1-2 Dreadful miseries fall.

Rev 16:3 Not physical death, or literal blood, but symbolical. All pretense of faith given up. A complete turning away (apostasy) from God.

Rev 16:4-7 A river in Scripture is usually a picture of health and refreshing life, but here it is the direct opposite.

Rev 16:5 An angel often is in charge of something for God, to carry out His orders. Here the angel justified God, because God is righteous.

Rev 16:6 Water is usually a type of life, here it is of death.

Rev 16:7 The altar is a symbol of God's presence. A voice agrees with all these severe punishments from God.

Rev 16:8-9 Extreme oppression scorches mankind. But the people don't repent, they blaspheme God!

Rev 16:10-11 Western Europe will feel the fury and rage of Almighty God.

Rev 16:12-14 The Eastern nations where Moslems, (Islam) and other religions are, shall next get their reward for their slighting and hating God. Out of these countries will pour dreadful cults and wickedness - we see it happening today.

Rev 16:15 "I come as a thief", is a warning in preparation of the seventh and last vial.

Rev 16:17-21 Now comes the end of Gentile world domination, the end of man's day.

Rev 16:19 "Great Babylon" - the full blown development of all mere human religion, all that is opposed to God - is the chief object of punishment. Her title "great" points to her vast religious power. But her complete destruction has come. Are we keeping separate from this wicked system? chapter 18:4.

Rev 16:21 The worse the punishment, the more men blaspheme and hate God. It does not turn anyone to Him. Men are unchanged, unless the Spirit of God, in grace, converts and saves. How patient God is!


Not past experience, but God must be known by a present faith. Ps. 78


A dreadful description of the religions of the western world in that time. Many people might say, "Surely not the churches in the world today". Well, you read this chapter slowly and carefully. Every unsaved person who is living when the Lord Jesus comes, will be left behind for these days. The religions of the unsaved will go on as they go on today. What does Scripture say to us today? Read 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. Do not forget that every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ will be caught away from this earth when He comes the first time. Most people know which city is built on seven hills - verse 9.

Rev 17:7 The religious power shall control the political power.

Rev 17:18 Western Europe will fight against God.

Rev 17:16 The beast is the head of the political power - the revived Roman Empire. The "great whore" is the religious organization.


Power lies in the earnestness and fervor of faith, which is but the simplicity and reality of faith.


This whole chapter is the laments of those who see the destruction of the religious power. She has brought great splendor and appearance of righteousness to the world. But it was hypocrisy. However, it well suited the unsaved, because they could go on in their sins while attending her religious services. They are sorry to see her destroyed.


Don't forget... faith has a world of its own. 2 Sam. 23:4


Rev 19:1-10 There is joy in heaven because punishment of evil is carried out. God is thus honored... the wicked, false religious system, the false bride is destroyed. The true bride is in heaven and is about to be displayed. While these awful things are happening on earth, a great event takes place in heaven. The marriage of the Lamb. The Lord Jesus is married to His bride (the Church of the New Testament) and who is she? Every sinner who has been cleansed by His precious blood, by the death of Christ, and since the descent of the Holy Spirit. What a wonderful day for us! This ends the second great section of this book. Now the last section.

Rev 19:11-21 The Lord coming in glory. These verses describe that event. He comes in rage, the lowly Jesus Who has been despised and rejected, will come as a conquering King and Victor. He is King of kings, and Lord of lords. At long last, He has His right place. Do we give Him this place in our hearts today?

Rev 19:14 "The armies" in heaven are not angels but saints - (we believers), they follow their Captain. This is the fulfillment of Enoch's prophecy (see Jude, verse 14).

Rev 19:19-21 A vast army, led by the beast (the head of the Roman Empire), gathers together to fight the Lord Jesus. All are destroyed by Him!

Rev 19:20 Who can paint in words the horror of such a doom (punishment)? This will be the punishment of two persons, one a Jew (see outlines on chapter 13, verse 11) and the other a Gentile (see 13:1), and perhaps both on the earth at this moment! "The lake of fire" - is a place, and not a condition, mentioned here for the first time.


Faith is the soul's outward, not inward look.


Rev 20:1-3 Satan is cast into the bottomless pit (not the lake of fire yet), for one thousand years (during the millennium).

Rev 20:4 The prophets Daniel and John see the same thrones; Daniel saw them occupied (Daniel 7:9), but redemption has taken place, so John sees people sitting on them. Those who were killed in the tribulation for witnessing for Jesus as well as we who are believers, will be living and reigning with Christ a thousand years over the earth, not on the earth.

Rev 20:5-6 Every other dead person will lie in his grave until the great white throne judgment at the end of the thousand years.

Rev 10:7-10 At the end of the millennium (thousand years) Satan is going to be brought out of the pit, and let loose for a little while. Even after seeing the Lord Jesus reign in righteousness for those thousand years, millions (without number), will turn back to follow Satan. But punishment will fall on them.

Rev 20:10 Satan the deceiver. If we could only realize how clever a deceiver he is, we would not be fooled by him so often today. And remember he is a religious deceiver. Here is his awful end.

Rev 20:11-15 Now comes the final judgment. Only the lost stand here. Be very sure you understand this. There is no such thing as a general judgment day for everyone to stand before God to find out where they are to go, heaven or hell. Those who stand here are they who have rejected God from Cain down to the last person born.


Faith is always the best reasoner!


Rev 21:1-8 These verses describe the eternal condition (after the 1,000 years) of the saved. Then the rest of the chapter comes back to describe the condition of the saved with the Lord during the millennium. We might have reversed these verses, but God has His purpose and it is always perfect. The name "God" is used only. All the work is completed and God is all in all - 1 Corinthians 15:27-28. What does all this do to our heart? Does it draw us away from this world to Christ? It surely should.

Rev 21:2 The bride even after 1,000 years, is going to be as fresh and beautiful as on the day of her wedding!

Rev 21:9-27 The millennium for the believers. We believers are going to be with the Lord, reigning over, not on the earth.

Rev 21:27 Not one thing is going to enter in which could spoil anything there!


Faith rests on God's estimate of the blood... not ours.


Rev 22:1-2 A description of the millennium.

Rev 22:3-5 A description of the eternal state.

Rev 22:6-21 The closing of the book. But before it closes, Jesus makes one more statement - "Behold I come quickly".

Rev 22:20 And once more. May we ardently reply also with these same words. For us He died, for us He lives, for us He comes.

Rev 22:21 His unfailing grace is our support and strength. And so the Bible ends. What treasure is ours! God's Word which tells us all we need to know. And which reveals all that God is, He is light and love. May we learn to know and love Him more and more.


by Norman Berry - 1911-2001
Published by Mario Persona

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