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Though you cannot impart grace to your children, yet you may impart knowledge.


Amos and Hosea lived at the same time. Hosea was very upset by what awful judgments were ahead for Israel, but Amos also tells of what will happen to some of the nations surrounding Israel.

Amos not only heard the words of the Lord, but he saw them; that is, he saw what the words meant. This prophet is writing to the ten tribes before they were taken away captives; they've never been heard of since. They're known as "the lost ten tribes", and are here called the kingdom of Israel.

God kept a record of all the things which the enemies of Israel did. There are five paragraphs or divisions. Each one starts with the same words. "For three transgressions and for four". The number "three" tells us that God had enough proof. The number "four" in the Bible means that whatever is being spoken of, goes out in all four directions. Like east, west, north and south. In other words, it is for all. We call it "universal". You shall see eight separate judgments which are yet to fall on these nations surrounding Israel and Israel itself.

Amos 1:3-5 The first one is about Damascus. It was the capital city of Syria - the country to the north of Israel. God has not forgotten what that nation did to His people.

Amos 1:6-8 Next, Gaza: these days in the news, we hear a lot about the "Gaza strip". It was the centre of the land of the Philistines. They were the bitter enemies of Israel in the days of King Saul and King David, and they are again today. Of course the official leaders didn't like to have to listen to an ordinary herdsman (cattleman) bringing the Word of God to the nation (Read 7:10). However, God is not influenced by what the officials think.

Amos 1:9-10 City of Tyre. It has been conquered by three world empires in succession.

Amos 1:11-12 Now follows Edom. This was on the other side of the river Jordan. The Arabs are still fighting Israel. God remembers that they are guilty.

Amos 1:13-15 Ammon was very cruel. God does not forget. All this tells us that God has a perfect record of the complete life of every person.


Cynicism is ever the outward face of emptiness.

Amos 2

Amos 2:1-3 Next comes Moab. You remember its beginning. Gen. 19:30-37. Today's verses tell Moab's end.

Amos 2:4-5 Here is a surprise. Even Judah does not escape. Judah was a part of Israel. Notice what these people were guilty of. They paid no attention to God's Word! Are we careful about it? Do we read it every day? Do we obey it?

Amos 2:6-8 Lastly, the whole of Israel. They had no use for those who followed the Lord! What a terrible thing to be guilty of. God does not forget.

Amos 2:10 God reminds them of what He had graciously done for them. He tells them this to shame them!

Amos 2:12 Nazarites were any who devoted themselves completely to the Lord. Israelites enticed them to give up.

Amos 2:16 God's patience will come to an end concerning these eight different groups.


Remember, in order to have a man in Christ, it was necessary for Christ to be broken; but in order to have Christ seen in man, the vessel must be broken.

Amos 3

Amos 3:1-2 The Israelites are going to be punished in a different way from the others. The nearer a person is brought to God, the more careful that person has to be about his life.

God is telling those people that punishment was coming. But that a little remnant (verse 12) would be saved. Just like two legs, or an ear of a sheep would be rescued by a shepherd from the lion's mouth, so a few out of Israel would be saved in the future. Believers today are like a remnant. If you are believing God's Word your heart is filled with peace and comfort. Nothing can disturb you.


The value of the Bible does not consist merely in knowing it, but in obeying it.

Amos 4

Today's chapter is also instructive and helpful. God tells of small punishments which He has sent as a warning to Israel. But they would not take any notice. Count up the number of times in this chapter that He says "yet have ye not returned unto me".

Amos 4:12 So the final warning "prepare to meet thy God".
This chapter commences (and continues to the end of the book) to give the pleadings of God to His people, to turn from their wickedness, for He knew He could not bless them unless they did turn.


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