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What is the proof that I am really a student of the Word of the living God? It is that I am growing in righteousness, faith and love, in peace. 2 Timothy 2:22

Haggai 1

Our third book in this same time area... when some of the Jews came back to Jerusalem to be where the Lord wanted all Israel to be. In Ezra you were reading all the things that happened and also what they did in their work. This book of Haggai is telling us things which the Lord saw in the hearts of these same people at that same time. Interesting? It explains a lot about ourselves when we look below the surface of our circumstances and at our state of soul. Though they had begun to rebuild the temple (not the wall), after a while they grew tired, and also because of opposition, they started to work on their own homes. May Christ be the attraction of our heart, and if so, we won't slacken in our devotion to Him.

Hag 1:1 Haggai was the man to whom the Lord gave a message to deliver to Zerubbabel (remember him from the previous two books?)

Hag 1:2 When the people returned to their land, the temple was in ruins, and they set to work to rebuild it. But after a while they became careless, and the work stopped. So God raises up a prophet to urge them to go back to work, but they say the time isn't right.

Hag 1:4 The Lord notices that the people were living comfortably in their "ceiled" (like our word "ceiling") houses.

Hag 1:5 This was at the root of their carelessness.

Hag 1:6, 9, 11 The Lord controls your every circumstance. If He doesn't help, it doesn't matter how much energy we use.

Hag 1:13 Contrast. We can count on the Lord to bless when we obey Him. But we sometimes try to use the Lord as a convenience for our own selfish motives, and then we wonder why we are so spiritually poor, and don't understand the Lord's Word. The "Lord's messenger" spoke the "Lord's message". Use God's Word when speaking to people. There is power in it. If you look in Matthew 1:12 & 16, you will see who this man Zerubbabel is! What a miracle! This man didn't know that his faithfulness would be recorded in God's eternal book. Nor did he know that he would be the ancestor of the Lord Jesus as a Man on earth.


Only one chance to do His will; so give to Jesus all your days. It is the only life when you realize you have but one life.

Haggai 2, Verses 1-9

Haggai lived at about the same time as the first half of the book of Ezra. The interesting difference is that Ezra tells of the adversaries (4th chapter) but doesn't tell of the condition of the heart of the people; whereas Haggai tells of the state of soul of the people and not of the adversaries. The Lord allows the circumstances in order to draw our souls closer to Him. Then we understand.

Hag 2:3 The Lord reminds them of the glory of the first house; but in verse 7, He tells them of the future glory of "this house".

Hag 2:4-5 Beautiful promises. He tells them to be strong, and better still, He tells them why they could be strong..."I am with you". Eph. 6:10 is worth turning to.

Hag 2:6-9 They could look forward to a great future on earth... we look heavenward! Phil. 3:13, 20. In this first message, the Lord encourages the leaders to look to the Lord, not at the circumstances.


Every need of ours brings to us the loving ministry of the Lord. He came to Mary in her sorrow. He came to Simon in his despair. He came to Cléopas in his doubts. John 11:28, Luke 24:34, 24:15.

Haggai 2, Verses 10-23

Hag 2:10-17 God explains why they did not succeed in their work. They were in a bad state of soul. A real message for us. We need constantly to ask God for a tender conscience. When we go on carelessly, we lose our ability to understand spiritual things, and we drift farther away. When we have a tender conscience, then God lets us see some of the careless things in our life. If we confess and forsake them, then we begin to learn a little more. We grow in our soul step by step.

Hag 2:12-13 We are not made clean by association with what is clean, but we are soiled (contaminated) by associating with what is unclean. A good thing to remember.

Hag 2:1-19 If there is a pure heart toward God, He will bless us in our soul.

Hag 2:20-23 We are not to try to set the world right. Speaking reverently, if God has not set it right, we cannot. Here we see into the future... judgment is coming.

Hag 2:23 Zerubbabel becomes a picture of Christ. He was God's pledge (promise) that Christ would come. "I will make thee as a signet"; contrast this with the signet in Jeremiah 22:24.


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