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The only biographical description Jesus gave of Himself is, "I am meek and lowly in heart" (Matt 11:29).

2 PETER 1, Verses 1-8

The second letter mainly warns against those who try to turn true believers away from following the Lord. Today there are many like this.

2 Pet 1:1-4 These are what every believer has, in Christ. Read them carefully.

2 Pet 1:5 Our side. Our responsibility (not to get the blessings, but because we have them). Verse 5 says "and beside this" like "For the very reason that we have the blessings" of verses 3 and 4, now we are to live in them. If we do not feed the old life (the old nature) it gets weak. Love, (charity) is going to be an important part of our life.


It is the Spirit, not the mind which leads a person to where Jesus is. Heavenly manifestation is so great, every other influence vanishes. Luke 2:8-16.

2 PETER 1, Verses 9-21

2 Pet 1:9 But if these things are not part of our life, then we cannot see far into the things of God. We look at the things around us.

2 Pet 1:11 If we are obedient believers, then we are going to be happy and waiting to enter heaven.

2 Pet 1:12-15 Peter was happy to remind them of these things, even although they knew them. And we need to be reminded over and over again. We forget so soon.

2 Pet 1:17-18 The transfiguration of the Lord in Mt 17.

2 Pet 1:19 The transfiguration made the prophecies of the Old Testament more sure to the believers. The morning star appears before the day dawns. In the Scripture, sunrise is the Lord Jesus coming in glory at the beginning of the millennium. But the morning star is the Lord Jesus coming for the believers before the millennium.

2 Pet 1:20-21 We cannot just take one part of the Scripture - we must put all together to get the full meaning. No prophecy is explained by itself. But don't forget that all prophecy has to do with this world.


Heavenly manifestation, not the mind, moved the wise men. Matt. 2:1-11


Now the warnings against the false teachers.

2 Pet 2:1 "The Lord that bought them" doesn't mean that they are saved people, though they might look like it, but that the Lord paid the cost at the cross so that they could be saved if they believed. Confused a bit? Matt. 13:44 & 45 may help. The Lord Jesus "bought" the world so that He could "redeem" some of the people in the world. Many people would be deceived by them.

2 Pet 2:3 But punishment would overtake them!

2 Pet 2:4-10 Examples of similar things in the past. Angels that sinned are still today chained and waiting for judgement. In the flood, the ungodly were not spared. Next Sodom and Gomorrah. It might have seemed at that time that these cities would go on forever, but judgement came.

2 Pet 2:9 The Lord knows how to deliver His own! We do not need to be concerned.

2 Pet 2:12-22 Description of men in powerful and religious positions today.

2 Pet 2:20 They are without excuse. For here it tells us that they heard the truth themselves, and rejected it. It would be far better if they had never heard it.

2 Pet 2:22 The dog and the sow (pig), unclean animals, show that these people are not saved.


It is not because a man is learned that he is capable of entering into the thoughts of God. Whether ignorant or learned, there is but one way... the eye to see what concerns Christ. Where Christ is firmly fixed before the soul, He becomes the light of spiritual intelligence.


Today's chapter is different. These people are looking around and thinking that because everything looks so steady and sure, it is going to go on forever. And people today are saying and thinking the same thing.

2 Pet 3:1-2 Sweet whispers of tenderness for us.

2 Pet 3:3-4 The unsaved scoffers, because everything seemed stable, said that the Lord would never come back and change things.

2 Pet 3:5-7 God reminds them (and us) that they were forgetting the flood!

2 Pet 3:8 Little things and great things are alike to the Lord. One day is like a thousand years to Him.

2 Pet 3:9 The Lord is not careless about His promise to come back. He waits because He does not wish anyone to perish.

2 Pet 3:10 This is referring to the Lord's coming to snatch away the unbelievers. (Just the opposite to the first coming).

2 Pet 3:11-18 Seeing all these things are going to come to pass, what holy people we should be!

2 Pet 3:17-18 We need to be very careful whom we listen to. And to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


by Norman Berry - 1911-2001
Published by Mario Persona

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